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Eleanor's Herbs

Two herb cookbook, handy 3 1/2 x 5 size, 58 easy recipes each  with emphasis on low fat and nonfat ingredients: " Herbs, Herbs, Herbs: Cooking with Fresh Herbs" and “Crazy for Basil: Cooking with Specialty Basils (Or Any Basil You Love)” for $5.95 each (+ 6.5% tax in MN) + $2 shipping, retail; WHOLESALE information on request or at www.eleanorsherbs.com  See website for free recipes plus info on herb and nature photo note cards


The cookbook called Herbs, Herbs, Herbs~~Cooking with Fresh Herbs , includes 58 easy recipes emphasizing fresh low fat and nonfat ingredients.   It comes in a handy 3.5x5 inch size with sections for:
There are also sections giving tips to simplify preparation and for freezing the freshness in when you have a surplus of fresh herbs.  An index by herbs at the end of the book can help you find a recipe for whichever herbs you have available.