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 Cooking With The Herb Ladies! is the definitive guide for introducing cooks and gardeners into the world of cooking with fresh-cut herbs.
     Sandie and Catherine are partners in the enterprise known as The Herb Ladies which functions out of the Rochester (MN) Downtown Farmer's Market. Their goals are to inform and encourage cooks in the use of fresh herbs. To that end, they developed the Recipe of the Week for customers at the Farmer's Market. Each week they feature a new easy-to-make recipe using fresh herbs and in-season produce. Their focus is on updating familiar comfort foods as well as creating convenience for the very busy cooks of today. Free samples of the recipe are available for tasting as well as free copies of the recipe itself.
     Cooking With The Herb Ladies! includes the mouthwatering recipes featured all season at the Farmer's Market as their Recipe of the Week. In addition, the authors share their wealth of knowledge about fresh-cut herbs, from buying them to preserving them for use year round.
     Sandie and Catherine have 25 combined years of growing, selling and cooking with fresh-cut herbs.   You can order Cooking With The Herb Ladies! by visiting: www.freshcutherbs.com/shop/ 



Now you can have at your fingertips everything you need to know to start and operate  your successful fresh-cut herb business in one comprehensive guide! Growing and Selling  Fresh-Cut Herbs marks the first time that all this  valuable information has been assembled in one  place in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand  form. Both experienced and novice growers will  find this comprehensive guide an invaluable  reference tool. Concise descriptions, drawings,  photographs and step-by-step advice takes you  through planning your business, finding and  securing accounts, constructing and operating a  greenhouse, and growing herbs in the field and  greenhouse. Valuable information is included on marketing, packaging and doing business. Lead-time charts are included which show you how long it takes, on average, from sowing seeds or sticking cuttings to the first and subsequent harvests. This is user-friendly and features a 14 page glossary and an extensive index.

In this useful manual you will learn:


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