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Ask the Herbalist -Abortion

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: First of all, I would like to applaud you on the fact that you are opposed to abortion and therefore refuse to recommend any herbs for that purpose. Secondly, I would like your advice, if possible. I was diagnosed with Gitelman Syndrome,"a rare inherited defect in the distal convoluted tubule of the kidneys. It causes the kidneys to pass sodium, magnesium, chloride, and potassium into the urine, rather than allowing it to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream." My nephrologist put me on Potassium Chloride supplements, as well as Spironolactone. Would you be able to recommend any natural, potassium-sparing diuretics to replace the Spironolactone?

: First, allow me to say that I am not opposed to abortion, but you are quite right when you say I will not recommend any herbs to be used for that purpose. I am very open-minded on that subject and generally I reserve my opinions to case by case. 

The problem that you are faced with is that herbal preparations with diuretic effects should be strictly avoided by people taking prescription diuretics, as the herbs may intensify the effects of the prescription drugs and lead to various cardiovascular side effects. 

Hawthorn berry, Yarrow and Yerba mate have been used for the purposes you seek, but I would encourage and suggest that you consult with your physician and with a local practitioner who can monitor your progress before beginning any new form of therapy.

QUESTION:  Are there any herbs that you reccomend for abortion?

ANSWER: No. I wish I could give you a better answer but the herbs that are strong enough to cause an abortion are strong enough to cause serious problems. The safest way to handle unwanted pregnancy is in a clinical setting where the risk of infection and other complications are handled with competency and compassion.


: As a student here in Philippines, I am undertaking investigative report as one of our requirements in our subject Journalism 103.  In line with this, I request to grant us a permission to get your opinion about regarding my topic which is about the herbal medicines are suspect as an abortifacients which means substance that induce abortion. What can you say about some of the herbal medicines which helps for abortion. In this connection, I assure you that all information concerning this matter shall be handled with utmost care and confidentiality that in return I would to expect from you. I do realize that your kind consideration would help us to put more substance on our chosen area of study.

ANSWER: I do not study the abortion herbs, although I have come across them. If you want to do this study, I suggest you look it up on Wikipedia, or talk to a local Elder, who has knowledge of herbal folklore in your area,  I am a believer in saving the life of the fetus, unless the mother is at risk, so I do not promote the use of those herbs as a form of birth control.

QUESTION: I’m currently in my 23 wk of pregnancy and I don’t want this child.  I found
out I was pregnant late and I want to use an herbal remedy to kill the fetus.  I don’t mind going to the hospital to have it removed.  Can you help me at all?

ANSWER: No, I'm sorry. That's against my Christian beliefs and ethics. If you want to kill your baby, there are lots of other avenues available to you. Sorry.

QUESTION: I am pregnant right now and seek to use herbal methods to abort the fetus.  It has been approx. 13 weeks since my last normal period and 11 weeks since the date of conception.  What type of herbs would you most recommend for abortion, and what are the risks that are involved?  I appreciate any feedback.  Thank you for your time.

ANSWER:  I've answered this question before on the site, but I'll restate my position. I cannot legally or ethically recommend herbs for aborting your baby. It goes against my personal belief system. Not only that, it is very dangerous. If you are bent on doing this, there are plenty of legal, medical alternatives available to you. Sorry.

 Can you tell me anything about safe herbs to use for an herbal abortion? Or direct me to someone who may...

ANSWER:  Cannot and will not participate in anything like that. Besides being unethical for me and against my principals, it could be very dangerous for you. My suggestion is that you seek professional guidance. Look in your yellow pages under crisis pregnancy.


Is there a safe herbal preparation I could use in order to terminate

I would not use herbs for this purpose. I feel it would be inappropriate, I am sorry. 

If you have read certain herbs have been used for this purpose that is correct; the problem involved is there is a short window of opportunity to use them. And, heavy doses are used which could harm you and the herbs involved will definitely harm the fetus and would have to be followed up by a formal abortion method if not successful in the first month because they are Teratogenic and Mutagenic.

I am not being judgmental simply answering your question, the choice as to abortion or life is yours alone.