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QUESTION: Hi there, I'm trying to find a natural remedy for ADHD and it's proving hard to find an herbalist/doctor that accepts insurance and I can't exactly give out $100's of dollars. I don't have any allergies and no health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. I'm wondering how it would benefit if I tried ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, and a ginseng supplement. I see these herbs sold alone and figured I could create my own herbal formula using these three products? I see so many formulas available that have a combination of herbs and such but it always contains the same amount and same suggested dose for everyone.
       I know everyone is different and some have good results with smaller doses of medicines etc. and others need a higher dose. I've been on prescription meds including those for ADHD and know the importance of adjusting doses of medicines and things till you find what dosage is found most effective for each person. I would like to know if these three herbs (I will buy the capsules) can be combined without any adverse events and reactions?
        Also how much of each of these herbs is the maximum amount considered safe? Like for example it's recommended not to exceed 6, 200 mg tablets of ibuprofen in 24 hours and that's what I'm looking for concerning the ginkgo, gotu, and possibly ginseng if these can be used together. One other thing is I read it's not recommended to take a ginseng supplement for an extended period of time without consulting a doctor or professional. ADHD is a continuous problem, and it's been a problem I have dealt with all my life. ADHD meds stimulants helped for a few years but now the side effects are too much to deal with. I'm desperate to find an alternative treatment so I can have a quality of life I had at one time when the stimulants helped.
        What would you as an herbalist and someone who specializes in herbal products suggest concerning the use of a combination of the herbs gingko, gotu, and possibly ginseng capsules (the ones found in Walgreens or a vitamin store) in an attempt to try to control my ADHD. Can I use a combination of these herbs and if so to what extent can I adjust the amount of each product till I find the right amount that works for me, what would be considered a maximum dose a day since it seems each supplement is sold at different mg amounts. Thanks!!!

ANSWER: First off, there must be a reason your body is doing this, besides genetics,  that is a factor , I am sure. It could have been vaccines, toxins, poisons, chemical exposure, stress, etc.  One of the best things to do, is have a clean diet, and detox. Learn how to deep breathe, take herbs and laugh lots. Enjoy nature, and not watch much TV. I suggest the herbs you were thinking about could be used. I caution them from a source other than a good health store, as they likely arenít the highest quality ( though some health stores arenít, there are some really good brands too). You could take the first two in higher amounts in a blend, and the ginseng, in a lesser, or move it around, until you find what works for you.  I do not suggest taking more than 4-6 capsules of any of them, per day, keep it at 4-6 per day.  Clean diet, no sugar, use whole grains, you arenít allergic to, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, organic meats, herbs, and cleansing, and I bet you will feel a whole lot better.  Read the downloads and see what you think. You will feel better.  We have a herbal blend called Essence of Peace, you can take a little, or more, and it is non toxic. It has been very helpful to ADHD and other related conditions.  As with any changes, consult your physician, to see if you can handle the diets, and lifestyle changes.