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Ask the Herbalist--Antibacterials

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QUESTION:  What herbs are best for fighting bacteria?

ANSWER:  There are a lot of herbs for fighting bacteria, and one of them, is Sumac berry, it is very good. Other herbs are garlic, sage, ( Natives use the sage as a cure all for most problems, including bacterial infections), rosemary, thyme, myrrh. Acacia is also very good, and is used best in powder form, or as a tea.   It also depends on what type of bacteria it is that you are wanting to take care of.

QUESTION:  My husband has suffered from a highly antibiotic resistant infection which is resistant to all antibiotics. The bacteria he contacted from his job at the coal mine, seven years ago, is from human feces infested water and is called, Enterococcus Facialis, which can be life threatening.    I've tried everything I've read about and heard about to help him for years, but he still suffers greatly in both legs from reoccurring infection after being treated for many years with antibiotics. He came close to having his left leg amputated three years ago and now it's traveled to his right leg.  Is there any herbs or natural treatments that will kill Enterococcus Facialis completely and permanently?   Thank you so much for any information you may be able to give us.

ANSWER:  Thank you for the inquiry, and sorry to hear about the trials of your husband.

I suggest that you do the following:
- read the downloads of doing a healthy, PH balanced diet for him
- use a lot of berries in his diet, both dried and fresh, as food, and as a nurturing tea ( we have Berry Good herbal tea, that would work well for him, and tastes heavenly as well) berries are high in anti oxidants, and proanthcyadins, and will help his immune to grow strong and over all health to improve
- use our liquid Paris Sights tincture to help kill the infestation, and restore his natural balance
- use the Life Force Fiber Food, as suggested and the Green Mix daily
- use COQ10, 100 mg, 6 times daily, with 1000 mg vitamin C each time ( if he gets diarrhea, reduce vitamin C to 500 mg, each time) also at the same time, take two pills of the best Omega 3 6 9 supplement you can find for him.
Do this along with putting castor oil packs on him, 4 nites per week, to encourage rejuvenation and detox of the internal organs.