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Ask the Herbalist--Avascular Necrosis

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QUESTION:  Do you have any information about Avascular Necrosis treatment,

ANSWER:  Avascular necrosis (also called osteonecrosis, aseptic necrosis, or ischemic
bone necrosis) is a disease that results from the temporary or permanent loss of blood supply to the bone. When blood supply is cut off, the bone tissue dies and the bone collapses. If avascular necrosis occurs near a joint, collapse of the joint surface may occur.

Avascular necrosis may occur in any bone, but most commonly occurs in the ends of a long bone. It may affect one bone, several bones at one time, or different bones at different times. Although avascular necrosis may affect both genders and all age groups, it most-commonly occurs to people in their 30s and 40s.

What causes avascular necrosis?
Avascular necrosis may be the result of: traumatic causes - injury, fracture, or damage to blood vessels
non-traumatic causes - long-term use of medications, such as corticosteroids, or excessive, long-term use of alcohol

Several Chinese herbs have been used to treat avascular necrosis. They include:
Astragalus membranaceous - root
Carthamus tinctoria - flower
Angelica sinensis - root

Since this involves the bones and the blood circulation, I would also look at burdock and dandelion for the blood and nettle, and oats for the bones. Making a tea or a tincture of these herbs will provide the easiest method for ingestion.

If it were me I would gargle with them.