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: I work with a woman whose husband has a rare clotting disorder and bleeds all the time with minor scrapes, etc. I am fairly new to herbs, but told her that dried yarrow made into a paste might help topically. any other ideas?

ANSWER: There's one great formula in the Traditional Chinese repertoire of remedies that I am quite sure will help.  I encourage you to research the formula named Yunnan Paiyao. It is perhaps in my view one of the principal and safest and most effective formulas in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can both use it internally or topically. It has the ability to either help clot when clotting is needed, or to encourage blood circulation to help with disbursing clots from bruises.

QUESTION: I occasionally get IBS and now is now of those times. I need a hemostatic herb or compound to address bleeding from the colon.  What is typically used?

ANSWER: Thank you for the inquiry.  Please read over the suggested cleansing diet that would help heal the bowel, as well as the gall bladder flush, best to do two times per year. This regime, will soothe and heal the bowel.  If all the people of our country did this, we would be able to prevent most diseases, including IBS and colon cancer, in most instances.   When your bowel does bleed, use the Chinese herb formula, Yunnan Baiyao, for no more than 5-6 days at a time, (more than that can cause adrenal exhaustion, it works so well for internal bleeding, many people tend to overuse it). This can be ordered from us,. or you can purchase it in a Chinatown, in a large city.
       Also use a really good quality, acidophilus , and also the caprylic acid pills, for bowel "good bacteria" for 3 weeks, at a time, every two to three months, more than this, is a waste of money.  Whatever foods are making the bowel bleed and irritable, should be eliminated from the diet.  The Life Force Fiber Food, is also essential in maintaining and healing the bowel, before and after occurrences of IBS, and will help prevent it. This blend has helped numerous people over 22 years of being sold for bowel and body maladies.