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Ask the Herbalist-Bloating

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: Iím a little bit concerned what side effects can be produce by mixing: B Complex, milk thistle, ginger, omega 3, collagen and artichoke. Iím feeling a bit swollen!

ANSWER: I suggest eliminating the B-complex, the collagen and the artichoke.  Re-introduce them one at a time and see if there are any bad reactions.

Whenever I eat my stomach bloats and I get a very bad pain in my abdomen. It does
not seem to matter what I eat because it happens every time. The doctors I have seen
cannot seem to tell me why this is happening and I am getting frustrated. Is there
anything I can take that may help? I am miserable for a couple hours after I eat and
then the pain seems to go away.

ANSWER:  It is hard to give a complete suggestion for you, not knowing much about you. If you are a woman, I would suggest, you get the cervical blood test done, CA-125, to make sure all is well in the cervix.
              And even if  you are a woman, or a man I suggest the following to you:
- download and read the suggested diet and cleansing sheet, make a serious effort to continue to care about yourself, and make the changes both mentally and physically you will need to cleanse and heal your body
- not drinking with your meals, and learning how to "food combine" will be an important part of this, so that your body has the right kinds of digestive juices to move foods through without discomfort, and to get the most nutrition, eating compatible foods, look up food combining on Amazon.com, and buy a book on it, if you are having trouble email back, and I will suggest, it is a whole other topic to discuss, and is a major contributor to your after dinner discomfort.
- it is possible you have candida in your digestive tract , parasites, or other toxins
- get the herbs and supplements you will need to make a change in your body
- do have a sauna at least 2 times per week, as long as your blood pressure can handle it, rinse with cold water after, and vigourously towel rub skin or skin brush, in circular motions
- do put castor oil "packs" on your abdomen, nightly, this will help draw out the toxins, and move the stagnations, and inflammation there, along with the clean diet
- start right now, to drink, 1/4 c, sipping, 1/2 hr before each meal, organic aloe vera juice, this will immediately begin to help the stomach and release mucous and toxin from the gut, gently
       If you would like to order the herbs and get more info, please do call


I have a question regarding dandelion and nettle seed in helping eliminate fluid retention in the body such as upper back, legs, hands, and face, etc. Fluid retention due to chronic kidney disease
What I would like to know is how long does it take for these supplements to start working? What amount should you take with a  body weight 125lbs? & if there are any serious side effects to be aware of?
Thank you for taking the time to help me. I enjoy reading the answers to the questions!

ANSWER: Dandelion and nettle are wonderful as diuretics, but they are not a cure all. You also need to ensure that you are eating correctly, cutting out the salt, exercising and most importantly, drinking plenty of water. Most women assume because they are retaining water, they should stop drinking. Nothing could be further from the truth. Make sure you are well-hydrated.
I personally prefer teas, but capsules are OK as long as you can verify that the herbs in them are organic. If not, I'd go to the health food store and get some good organic tea. Follow the directions on the bottle. For teas, I usually suggest 3-4 cups a day for 3-4 months if you are trying to work on a particular issue. Keep in mind, that if you don't have a total wellness plan, your results may not be what you're expecting. Herbs are not some miracle cure that you can take one time and still keep putting garbage into your body. It needs to be a total wellness lifestyle if you truly want to change things.

I find that I'm bloated a lot of the time, and I can't figure out why.  I eat very healthy, but for some reason I retain a lot of water. Is there any vitamins I can take to get rid of this? Also, are almonds good for you? I know they have a lot of protein, but is there anything that bad for you in them? I have almonds pretty much everyday, could that be the problem??? Thank you... I look forward to hearing your response.

Are you certain the bloating is water retention? Are you noticing any swelling in your fingers and ankles?  My favorite herb for water retention is dandelion.  To help you with this, you need to eliminate salt from your diet. Try herbs or "Mrs.. Dash" on your food instead. Drink unsweetened Cranberry Juice every day. Also, you need to be drinking plenty of water. If we aren't getting enough fluids, sometimes the body will "retain" so it has enough to function. So don't think because you're retaining water, you should drink less! Drink plenty and flush your system out. I have a special tea I make for water retention if you're interested.  E-mail me with the word ORDER in your subject line for more info.   In answer to your other question, yes, almonds are very good for you. Taken in moderation of course. They have a lot of fat. Unless of course, you are allergic to them. Many people have an allergy to nuts. But if you have no adverse symptoms, then eat up! That is, unless your almonds are in a chocolate bar!!

Yes I do have gas that buildings up and will not release.  There is no heartburn associated with this at all.  No there is no water retention but there is one thing I did note,  when I drink water I do get a lot of
bloating.  Strange huh?

Hmmmm. Have you seen a doctor at all about this? I think I would check with them to ensure it is not a gall bladder, hiatal hernia or peptic ulcer. The following herbs are helpful with bloating: cinnamon, gentian, horehound, dandelion and caraway. Any of these herbs taken in a tea 3 to 4 times a day may provide some relief for you.