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Ask the Herbalist--Blood Pressure

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You sound perfect for knowing if the Arjuna tablet (planetary herbal formula 550mg) I took just before I started to exercise using 5-8 pound weights and then Pilates would cause my blood pressure to sky-rocket and my body to shake uncontrollably.  After an hour of this I called 911 and EKG was fine, blood pressure 167/112 when my normal is 118/67.  I could only think it was the Arjuna as I had not taken anything else that was different.  I did take Hawthorne 300 mg a few hours before.  It was a very frightening experience.  I have carotid stenosis mostly from  many years of smoking.  I have quit.  And high hereditary cholesterol without medication for too many years though now on a statin.  I am 65 year old female.  5'6" and 120 lbs.  What do you think happened to me?  I would be so very thankful for your answer. 

ANSWER: I suggest just using the Hawthorne, but in extract, 15 drops in an infusion of Green tea 3xs day. Extracts work better and faster.  Stop the Arjuna.  Hawthorne is better, safer and much more documented as to efficacy.

QUESTION: Can you suggest something for high blood pressure?

ANSWER: It important that you follow a good and proper diet. The best remedy I know of for the heart is Hawthorn berry extract or tincture. I suggest adding to a cup of Green tea 30 drops 3xs day. Sweeten only with a bit of honey.

QUESTION: I am trying to maintain a good blood pressure and avoid having full blown diabetes. I am not taking medication for either. Can I take Dandelion root and garlic at the same time without any problem?

The capsules I have are 500 mg of garlic and around the same mg for the dandelion root.   

Thank you for your help

ANSWER: Yes you can, but keep in mind that adding fresh garlic to your diet is better and that extracts or tinctures work better and much faster than pills.

QUESTION: After reading the site, I see you're favorite seems to be dandelion tea.  Does this have side effects?

Twice now, doctors have prescribed diuretics in addition to my high blood pressure medication.  Twice now, I have found myself in so much pain that I can barely stand long enough to take a shower.

With HCTZ I hurt all over.  But it got the fluid out.  But I was in so much pain, they had to stop it.  Now, they're giving me Spironolactone and after a week of this, my back hurts so much, I'm in tears.  The lower back and abdominal pain is intense.  The upper back pain is tingling in the shoulder blades.

So are there herbals that won't cause the side effects of these drugs? 

ANSWER: Actually for being safe Dandelion is my favorite, as are Burdock and Red clover. Others that are good are Goldenseal, Stinging Nettle and Yarrow.

Drink plenty of fresh water daily. Eliminate the use of salt, if you must use salt use Kosher salt, it contains only 12% sodium,  versus 25% in regular salt. 

In the final analysis though, I still would suggest in an infusion of Green tea add 15 drops of extract or tincture of Dandelion. Sweeten with a bit of honey and drink 3xs day. 

To help with the back pain you may want to try 25 drops of essential oil of Eucalyptus in your warm water baths, you may also add a handful of Epsom salt.  Alternating heat and cold packs may also prove of help.If taking Spironolactone you must avoid potassium, remember this is a synthetic steroid.

QUESTION: I have a question for the herbalist. I am taking a Blood Pressure pill (Cozaar 25 mg). What herb tincture can I take for water retention (from bp pill?), obesity & diabetic neuropathy that is safe for prolonged use. Corn silk? Dandelion? Dandelion seems to cause acid indigestion (I have GERD). Trying to loose weight. 

ANSWER: Thanks for writing. The 5 herbs that I would personally choose are as follows: 

  Dandelion

  Bearberry

  Yarrow

  Cleavers

  Corn silk

All of these herbs are diuretics. Since nutrients can also be lost through urination it is important that you consume plenty of fruits and steamed vegetables as well. The loss of water also needs to be balanced by drinking plenty of fresh water.

: While I was searching information concerning tinctura Gingo bilobae, I many times met your name as a renown herbalist with large experience in this field. I would be very grateful if you would spend a while answering my small question. With my low blood pressure and continuously cold palms and feet, I decided to take tinctura ginko bilobae (5:1) because the other ethanol free tablets, here in Poland, are made from extract with acetone as dissolvent. So, as I am not happy with long term use of ethanol I thought that if it make sense to heat my tinctura to make ethanol evaporate? The problem is wheater all active chemicals will be still there to help me?

ANSWER: Evaporating off the ethanol alcohol of herb tinctures including a 5:1 Ginkgo biloba product, will remove most but not all the ethanol. It will leave most, if not all, the active constituents intact, so if this method is working for you, continue in confidence. If, however, the potential blood thinning properties of Ginkgo do not seem to improve your circulation, another cardiovascular herb that you might consider adding is Hawthorn (Crataegus species), many of which are on the market in alcohol-free forms, and without acetone as a solvent. Let me know what you find?

: I am currently on 25 mg of hydrochlorothiazide for mild high blood pressure but no other medications and no illnesses. Is it safe for me to add hawthorne berries along with the medication?

ANSWER: There is a beneficial herb-drug interaction between thiazide diuretics and hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha and other species) provided you have good monitoring by your physician. So, yes, it is safe to add berries to your daily regimen. By the way, Hawthorne is the author, Hawthorn the herb has no final e. Just the schoolteacher in me...


QUESTION: My husband has high blood pressure. He had stints put in about two years ago.  the blood pressure medicine the doctors give him make him feel tired, lightheaded, etc. He is not on any medication at this time. He just refused to take the blood pressure medicine,  What herbal remedy would lower his blood pressure without all the side effects?

ANSWER: This is an indepth question, and one not easily addressed, if you want it addressed with effectiveness. There is many solutions to the problem, it takes desire and will power to do it.  Look over the diet, oil pulling, castor oil packs, and cleansing sheets in this download, on this email.  Herbs I suggest he takes are the following:
- 100 mg of Ubiquinol, COQ10, 4-6 times daily with 1000 mg of vitamin C each time, Ester C
- hawthorn berry pills, 3 two times daily
- bilberry fruit pills, 3 two times daily
- do the cleanse, change the diet, and castor oil packs on abdomen
- take the Life Force Fiber Food, one tspn, 3 -6 times daily while cleansing, or if not cleansing, 1 tspn 2 times daily
- take no flush niacin pills, one per day
        We have these herbs, and can supply you with what you need to make the cleanse and change of diet a success.

QUESTION: I have been trying to find out which herbs for tea are NOT diuretic.  Most sources only make note of some that are. I love to drink tea, but have been advised not to have any that would interfere with blood pressure meds. One source said even lemon peel is diuretic. I'm at a loss here, and any information you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

We have a formula, that is compatible with blood pressure meds, and many other meds. It has been on the market for over 22 yrs, and works with many conditions, and is mild. It is not diuretic. although it has diuretic properties in it. It is what I call "an intelligent blend", it knows what your body needs. Although it has lemon peel in it, it is less than 3% of the blend. This formula is great for high blood pressure, and is suggested. We have a tea, made out of Berries and herbs, that is mild and not a heavy diuretic. It is called Berry Good. There are several downloads that will help with diet suggestions, and cleaning of the body, gently.