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Ask the Herbalist--Body Odor

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QUESTION:  I am a 26 year old female and I have a Body Oder problem. I have tried many different things and nothing seems to work permanently. Usually I feel hot inside. Even when my external limbs are cold. In the winter time my external body is so cold that it makes me want to cover up but then my internal body starts feeling really hot. I can feel the heat especially on my back.  So if I try to put a sweater on I start sweating
and the BO begins (So I usually wont). My armpits get really hot and moist. However I
don't sweat a lot. My pits just start smelling funny.  I think my problem lies with this
internal heat but the doctors that I've been to all just give me something to stop the
moistness on my armpits.  This never works. Please help!

ANSWER:  You are correct, inner heat is a result of the problem brewing.  I suggest you avoid all inflammatory foods. Read the book "You on a Diet,", and look at the download I am sending you for the suggested diet and cleansing.  You problem lies I believe, in your diet.  The Life Force Fiber Food will gently cleanse you, and the Greens mix, will detox and clean up the inner inflammation, and remove toxins. You will smell good, do not give up on that. It is easy to do, and will take some time.
            What you put in your mouth has direct effect on what is happening in your body.  I also suggest you get a skin brush, and skin brush prior to bathing in a clockwise motion, heading downward, to move the toxin to the abdomen area. This will help a lot, and will beautify also. Do saunas and hot springs as much as you can to sweat it out.  Drink Yarrow tea, 3 to 4 cups per day for about 10 days, you will sweat a little more, but while you are doing a clean diet, it will move out the garbage in your system quicker. You can dilute it, drink it cold, and enjoy it. Then drink herbal teas that are green, and or colorful.