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Ask the Herbalist - Broken Bones

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UESTION: I have a question for you.  I remember hearing you tell a story about a product you had 
for broken bones.  About two weeks ago, I broke my leg and had to have surgery.  I am desperate to get this healing and would truly appreciate any ideas you may have.  Thanks for your time.

ANSWER: I am sorry to hear that you broke your leg.
I suggest you  do the following:
- take our formula, Cannon Blast, designed to help speed up the healing of broken bones and damaged tissue
- also take one half  vile , of the Yunnan BaiYao, morning and nite, with the  red pill that is in the vile taken at nite, this ancient Chinese blend is wonderful for added repair, and anti arthritic properties once it has healed, the injury will be less likely to be a problem , as the years go by.
- we carry this along with our own blend.  Eat a healthy diet, that is alkaline,
like the one on the download of this email.  (Cleansing Program)
Thank you get better soon.

A doctor prescribed GNC homeopathic arnica for my broken foot, I would like to
know if arnica in some natural form externally on my foot would be more

ANSWER: If the physician is trained in Homeopathic remedies I would not want to question his advice, I will assume he knows why he wants you to use the remedy, but in general to answer your question Homeopathic remedies theoretically work differently than a whole plant remedies. 

One indication for Homeopathic Arnica is person feels bruised or sore from a sprains, injury or fall or is used to prevent shock.  The whole plant extracts of Arnica  is used in many trauma oil formulations, and is great for bruises and contusions.

A plant which is nicknamed knitbone is Comfrey, Latin Name: Symphytum officinale and is appropriately used for bruises, scrapes, broken bones, torn muscles, ligaments & tendons.  A poultice of the smashed plant would be applied topically to the affected area. 

I am assuming you have a cast on your foot so applying a poultice of either arnica or comfrey to the affected area would be difficult.  You DR may be using the Homeopathic remedy because it can be taken internally and the use of the whole plants Arnica and Comfrey internally is a controversial approach today. 

You may want to use a Homeopathic remedy of comfrey and or Arnica.