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Ask the Herbalist - Cholesterol Problems

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: Lately I came to know through a test that I have cholesterol at 240. A friend advised me to use raw garlic and ginger before starting any tablet. I started eating I clove of garlic and approx same quantity of ginger with water early morning. After 1 week I am feeling little gas and pain in my stomach.  I read that itís side effect of garlic. Please suggest is it ok to carry on, or I should use it in better combination? Or itís not recommended at all. Thanks.

ANSWER: The ginger is what is appropriate that early in the morning for the purpose you state. Eliminate the garlic early in the morning and instead add 2 fresh cloves to your lunch and supper meals. Garlic seems to break down better with food.

: Could you please tell me what would be the ideal herbals for an elevated LDL (above the norm of 250) and a TSH to  exceed 26? 

ANSWER:  First of all, what is your blood type?  It will be important for you to know that, for me to help you with some suggestions.  In the meantime, take a look at the cleansing diet, and see if you can start doing any of it, until you find out your blood type.

QUESTION:  I have hypoglycemia and am using Licorice root for my blood sugar however I have major anxiety problems parasympathetic nervous system and need calming herbs to relax. I heard licorice root is a stimulant for CNS is this true?

ANSWER:  Can you clarify CNS?  We have an excellent herb formula, called, Essence of Peace. It has the herbs in it, to support, nerve health and well being. If you will follow, the mild detox program, and use the suggested herbs, you will see a huge change in your mental and physical health. So many of our foods, are processed beyond recognition, and full of toxic sugars and syrups, our country has an epidemic of blood sugar problems.