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Ask the Herbalist--Detoxification/Colon Cleanses

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QUESTION: I'm trying to clean out the blood stream.   I was wondering if I could take dandelion root, burdock root, enchinacea and devil's claw root all at once without having side effects.  Or is taking just dandelion root enough for a detox? Also, thinking about replacing devil's claw root to cat's claw root for arthritis.  Thanks.

ANSWER: The Dandelion and Burdock should be all you need. They work better and faster in extract or tincture, 15 drops of each. If you are making infusions, I suggest you drink 4 to 5xs day, for 3 days. A 48 hour fast would certainly help here also.  For arthritis deep tissue massage works as does acupuncture, and a Chinese linament named Yin Tee applied topically. You may also want to apply 10 minutes with a cold pack to the area and then 20 with a heating pad.

QUESTION: I was doing an herbal cleanse and I took some pike root and cleaners root. Immediately after drinking the cleaners root my lips and part of my cheek sole up. The next day I drunk some activated charcoal and then my gums became enlarged. Two weeks later they are still like that and I am living weight. Why is this affecting my digestive system. The more I eat the more weight I  lose.  Please provide with some insight on this situation.

ANSWER: I truly cannot answer why this affecting you so, but I can say that for whatever reason the herbs you mention are not the correct ones.  If you are trying to do a cleanse, then you must fast for 48 hours drinking only Dandelion root tea and fresh water. If hunger overtakes you, you may eat yogurt. Dandelion and Burdock are the two best herbs for this.  

From what you say your digestive is out of whack.  After your cleanse, I suggest you avoid: Red meats, pork, white sugar, all dairy and all fried foods.  Enhance your diet with plenty of fresh fish (in particular salmon and mackerel), eat plenty of fresh garlic and onions daily, honey, brown rice, fresh raw or steamed vegetables and fresh fruits. Eat small meals, even if you must eat 5 times a day and masticate your food well.   You may drink Chamomile tea with your meals to help in digestion.

QUESTION: What are the best three herbs for detoxing the human body and even for parasites.

ANSWER: There are quite a number of herbs that are great to detoxify the system, my choice of the top 10 are: Dandelion root, Burdock root, Gentian root, Milk thistle, Red clover, Psyllium seed, Wormwood root, Nettles, Cascara Sagrada and Senna.

QUESTION: I am 33 years old and just had my second child 4 months ago. I received 1 Depo-Provera shot a little over a week ago. After I received the shot, I read about all of the horrible side effects surrounding this method of Birth control. Since then I have been looking in to different ways to detox this synthetic hormone from my body. I have been consuming herbal teas (Chamomile & Red Raspberry Leaf, organic) taking a vitamin supplement (Womenís Blend 2) trying to change my diet and started using the sauna. Is there any particular product I might try that works better then what I have been doing? I have not experienced any side effects from the shot yet, except menstruation delay. I am trying  to minimize or eliminate the possible side effects. The possible hair loss is really scary.

ANSWER: As far as we are concerned perhaps the best combination to rid the body of toxins is adding to an infusion of Green tea, 15 drops extract of Dandelion, 20 drops extract of Burdock and 10 drops extract of Red clover.

Extracts and tinctures work better and faster.  Sweeten only with a bit of honey and drink 2-3xs per day for 7 to 14 days.

  My Mom is 78 years old and her MD said her Spleen was enlarged and her lymph nodes were swollen according the CAT Scan that was done. He said she can go see a specialist or come back to him in six months for more testing. I am hoping this is not cancer. Are there any herbs she can take to help these symptoms. Anything you can suggest to help the spleen, lymph nodes and liver?  My Mom did not drink or smoke her whole life. She has taken a lot of medication most of her life. She was diagnosed with pet mal seizure (epilepsy) and had her thyroid removed many years ago.  She currently takes Synthroid, did take Dialantin and Phenobarbital (for over 35 years). Now she takes Lamictal and a drug from Canada Clozabam.  I know these drugs have finally attacked her organs.

ANSWER:  Thanks for your query.  There is a great deal you can do for your mother.  It seems her body is overloaded with toxins caused mainly by the prescription drugs she's been taking.  But also by her diet.  Fried foods are hard for the body to digest, as are chocolates as they often have paraffin in them.  There are so many toxic additives in our food today that if you're buying most of you food from the supermarket you can't avoid their toxic effects.  A thorough body cleanse would aid her tremendously and I recommend you do it with her.  Instructions attached.  It may seem like a lot of work but it is well worth it.  If you do it with her, you will be able to support her better. 
      Order our "Life Force with Triphela" as it is an excellent aid to a cleanse.  It is also good for all systems and organs of the body and added to the cleanse, will do a great deal toward bringing your mother's body back to good health.  She should also have lots of raw vegetables, organic when possible.  Raw vegetable juice is very good.  Carrot is the favorite.  However, you should add lots of greens to it for added health benefits such as spinach, parsley, cabbage, celery, kale, chard, beet tops, endive, etc.  Be sure she's getting enough good water too.  Google The Water Cure.  Also she should use a good whole natural salt such Celtic Sea Salt. 
        She should have regular massage as it helps move the lymph.  Castor oil rubbed in her arm pits and in her groin at night would help break down blocked lymph.  Castor oil packs on her abdomen at night, too. Soak a square of soft wool in castor oil and place it over her abdomen, cover it with plastic then pull on snug underwear to keep it in place. 
              She should be exercising more.  A rebounder is good gentle exercise she can do easily at home and will also help move the lymph.  Using the Life Force powder will really help move the toxins out.  Ask us for "Liver Up" to help energize her liver in particular and body in general.  Our "Greens Mix" would also be good for her general health. 
           A liver cleanse would help her a great deal and it isn't mentioned in our attachment, so I will give you the details here.  It may sound weird but it works.  Years ago I had a very enlarged liver from hepatitus.  I lived with a very low life energy and wondered what was the matter with me.  I did the liver cleanse I'm going to tell you about and when I was done, my liver was normal and I felt fantastic.  The body will heal itself if we give it a chance. 



There are large veins running between the lower bowel and the liver. While excess consumption of coffee can be damaging to the liver, coffee taken into the lower bowel and held for 20 minutes to half an hour will actually flush toxins. A liver swollen by toxins and hepatitis has been shown by barium x-ray to decrease to normal size after 5 cleanses using this method. You can test your liver yourself by forcing your fingers up under your ribs on the right side. Usually this will feel sore if the liver is in any way enlarged or toxic. 
       Items needed; coffee, catnip tea, enema bag, timer or wrist watch, petroleum jelly, several old towels. If you are easily affected by the caffeine in coffee, I suggest you begin this in the early morning. Also, you will need to do this 5 times, every other day, which means the entire regimen will cover a 10 day period. Mark your beginning day on the calendar.
          Before you start, examine the enema bag and nozzle. Make sure the clip works properly to stop the flow of liquid when necessary. Check the nozzle for rough or sharp bits and file it smooth if necessary. A nail file works well. Lubricate the nozzle with petroleum jelly. Lubricate your bum with the petroleum jelly, too. Just the anus, though. No need to get carried away.
        First, make about a quart of fresh coffee, ordinary strength. Do not use decaffeinated or flavored coffee. Just plain ordinary coffee, no sugar, no cream. Set the pot aside to cool.
         Next, make the catnip tea. 1 heaping teaspoon catnip herb to one cup boiling water. Let steep for 5 minutes then dilute with 2 cups cold water. Strain and set aside.
          Get yourself settled in tub or on bed. Place the rolled up towels under your hips. That is so you will be able to retain enough of the coffee for it to work well. Have somewhere to hang the enema bag or have someone help you. Be sure you can reach the on/off clip. Insert the enema nozzle well into the anus then loose the clip and allow the liquid to flow slowly and gently into the lower bowel. You can control the flow just by crimping the hose with your fingers. When your bowel canít hold any more, hang on for about 5 minutes more then go to the toilet and evacuate. Do this 2 or 3 times to cleanse the bowel well. When you can see the liquid is reasonably clear, dump out whateverís left of the tea, strain the coffee and fill the enema bag with the coffee.
        Lie down again, tucking the towels again under your hips and slowly fill the bowel with the coffee. Take in as much as you can without causing discomfort as you will want to keep the coffee for half an hour, if you can. Itís nice to have a book to read while you lounge around here. Take note of the time. Really try to make it to the half hour although 20 minutes will do if thatís all you can manage. When the half hour is up, go to the bathroom and evacuate. If thereís slight liquid to evacuate, donít be alarmed. Itís not unusual for the body to retain the coffee, especially if you nod off and forget the time.  And thatís all there is to it. Repeat in two days for 5 times all together.

QUESTION: I want to do a colon cleanse and am looking at Dual Action, Colonix, and Ultimate Colon Cleanse. I also have Bentonite and psyllium husks now. Not looking for one which is too expensive. First time doer.  :) Would like one that is most effective. Can you help? They all look inviting. Thanks 

ANSWER: We have been manufacturing a wonderful cleansing product for 25 years. It is called Life Force Fiber Food. I am sending you the downloads of how to do a cleanse, according to our expertise, and info, on the products, and what all you can do for yourself, whether you use our methods or not, this whole regime is pretty great for being complete, easier than most, and gets right to the bottom of toxins, heavy metals, and clearing for your body. See downloads. (Downloads: cleanse, gall bladder, life force, castor oil, oil pull)

QUESTION:   I feel great . I have completed the cleanse program and have continued on with a very good diet. Thank you for your generosity and your assistance. Do you suggest to continue with the Fibre Food  and Giver to my Liver for maintenance. Is one teaspoon a/day in a glass of water enough? I managed to find again and contact the herbalist who had originally told me about the Native American Indian herb that shrinks tumors and fibroids. The name of the herb is chaparal.  Anyway she put me in touch with an acupuncturist who also uses western techniques for diagnosis purposes such as blood and hormone testing. So I have decided to give that I try. He was very pleased that I had gotten a 'head start' by doing the cleanse etc. He suggested I not take dairy and also avoid wheat products.   I'll contact you again if I still feel I want to put together that 'fibroid cure' formula that I had originally asked you about. Perhaps I can do that in conjunction with what the acupuncturist/herbalist here has to offer.  Thanks again for getting me started on the right track. I can't say I enjoyed doing the cleanse and drinking all that fibre food but it certainly got results.

ANSWER Thank you, we are grateful to have been of service.


I would like to know if there is a herb out there that will clean my liver out?

ANSWER: My favorite herb for liver cleansing and rejuvenation is Milk Thistle. I have a custom blended tea that combines several tonic herbs for the liver. Go to my website, www.allgoodegifts.com and go to the Herb Shoppe under TEAS. Select Custom blend and in the checkout comments section, put "Liver cleanse Tea"

I am a 47 year old female.  I will like to detox my body. How to do so? I have circulation problem, and AM taking vitamins C, E and B12. Is therE anything I am doing wrong?

ANSWER: True detoxification should only be undertaken with the help of a medical practitioner. If not done correctly, it can cause serious problems and even death. It begins with a fast, working down to a diet of only fresh greens and water, then only water. It should take at least 1 week to get to that point.
        Then a detoxifying herb blend is taken. You can find these in your local health food store as cleansing or detoxing blends. After 3 days (usually over a weekend so you can stay home,) begin to reintroduce foods slowly, starting with only fresh, living greens. Keep taking your vitamins. If you are taking any medications, consult your doctor since a fast and cleanse can have adverse effects with some medications.