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Ask the Herbalist--Hearing Problems

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: Good afternoon!  I have ringing in the right ear for about 3-4 years now. Can you offer any suggestions?  I have been to an ENT and he said there is nothing they can do.

ANSWER: There are several things you can try to help alleviate your problem. All of them natural alternatives.  First off, take a close look at your diet, make sure it is as natural and healthy as possible for your blood type, and body type. ( look up info on this at amazon.com).  Please read the download, on some suggestions to clear your body of toxins, and to clean up your diet, if you have not already done that.  Castor oil, heated, put a couple of drops in the ear, and rub gently, beside the ear, and down the side of the neck. If you can get someone to rub on the shoulders, do that as well, and both sides of neck to spine, twice a day if you can. Especially before bed. Use Gingko Biloba, 3 capsules, 2 times daily, and use 3 Bilberry, pure fruit pills, 2-3 times daily. Use raw veggie juices, as much as you can also, as part of the live enzymes your body needs to maintain and grow your health.

Is the a herb to help minor hearing loss from age?

ANSWERS: Hearing   loss can be caused by a number of things. Allergies can be responsible for   hearing loss with wheat, dairy and sugar being the most common triggers.   More than   one third of people over 65 experience hearing loss, but surprisingly, it is   more often a result of a change in blood supply to the ear than merely old   age. Gingko,   hawthorn berries, cinnamon and ginger are helpful in increasing circulation.
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Has there been a recorded cure for suffers of the Meniers , labyrinth and or ringing in the ears by a herbalist ....... the general practitioners usually send the patient to the ENT's and forget about you
.....  usually prescribed is Serc ,Cinarizine and Meclizine  .... any advice you have will be greatly appreciated

ANSWER: The following herbs have been used in the past for this condition.

GINKGO, Latin Named: Ginkgo biloba helps to increase circulation to cerebral and peripheral regions and has been helpful with ringing in the ears.  The contraindication would be vasodilative headaches or migraines.

BLACK COHOSH, Latin Named: Cimicifuga racemosa normally associated with Female Reproductive issues has been used by native Americans for ringing in the ears.

In Europe MISTLETOE, Latin named: Viscum album is used in the treatment of this condition. The caution with this herb is to start with very small amounts, 5 drops of tincture or less.

In China SESAME seeds, Latin Named: Sesamum indicum are used to treat this condition.  Sesame seeds can be added to the diet, grind the seeds fresh before use or chew thoroughly.

Autopsy of patients diagnosed with Meniere's disease show edema in the labyrinth of the inner ear so diuretic herbs may be helpful.

If the person is a smoker, cessation of this habit is indicated and has proved very useful in the correction of this condition.

I was just at a doctor for ringing in my ears , my hearing is 100% ,but I always have ringing tones . He suggested to take ginkgo 120mg. . I need to know if this has any side effects or if it is not compatible with other products such as ma huang.

ANSWER:  Tinnitus is the medical term for ringing in the ear, it can be continuous or intermittent and the noise might not be exactly described as ringing. Many people experience tinnitus occasionally for a minute or two. For some it it terribly annoying and must be resolved.

This ringing can be caused by exposure to loud noise, ear obstructions, ear infections, abnormal bone growth in the ear, head injuries, or heart and blood vessel disorders.

For some the cause cannot be found or treated

one herbal remedy which has been successful in some case of Tinnitus is Ginkgo

Suggested doses of 60 mg to 80 mg three times a day have been proven effective in test studies, for alcohol based extract tinctures 40-60 drops up to four times a day has been used.

Additional areas to consider are avoiding loud noises, nicotine, aspirin, caffeine, and alcohol.

Ginkgo is contraindicated with blood thinners, severe hypertension, bleeding conditions, and additionally safety in young children, pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease, however, has not been established.