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QUESTION: I currently live in Colorado and have been researching how to become an herbalist. It has always been a passion of mine, I make a few little things for home use. I am looking for a way to expand my knowledge and my overall goal would be to make and sell tinctures, salves, ointments etc in a small shop. My questions would be; is it actually legal to make and sell holistic products in the U.S.? Are there any online schools that could give me the knowledge I need to open a business like this? And what are the best states to practice something like this? Also are there any licenses or degrees needed to make and sell products? Any information you have would be so helpful.

ANSWER: First things first. I strongly encourage you to obtain 2 books "Carrers in Alternative Medicine" and " Planning Your Career in Alternative Medicine" Amazon should have them both, or your local library can obtain them for you.  Next is your decision which branch of alternative medicine you wish to practice. My sincere advise is to learn them all, and then choose.  Last, but certainly not least you need to check the laws in the state of Colorado as well as any local or county ordinances there may be there.

You do not per se need a license to make the products, but in order to sell them in Colorado you need to consult with a local authority near you. The most progressive states to practice I would venture to say are: California, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York, not necessarily in that order.  There are several online schools I can suggest, but we first need to know what are of alternative medicine do you wish to concentrate on; thus, the books, you can write me at any time you have made a choice and I would love to help you further.

QUESTION: I have a question about Herbology. I would like to become a herbalist in the future but at the same time i don't. Does Herbology require over seas college? Does it require a lot more work than a Dentist?

ANSWER: There are several branches of alternaticve medicine, so my first suggestion is to obtain form your local library a book titled "Carrers in Complimentary Medicine", if they don't have it I am sure they can order it for you free of charge. 

Depending on the field of practice you choose it may take a lot of work and perseverance, but then again everything in life does. It does not take overseas study there are many fine schools here in the US.   

The important part is that is whether you are going to love what you intend to study. I can tell you this, the financial rewards are not all that great in this field, but the personal gratification of being able to help someone is priceless.

QUESTION: I'm a practicing herbalist in Eugene, OR, and just got accepted to the MHSc (herbal medicine)program at the Australian College of Phytotherapy. I was curious if you had ideas on specific scholarship  resources in the herbal medicine field. Thanks for your time

ANSWER: I do not have any specific resources for scholarships, but suggest that you obtain a book named Careers in Herbal Medicine. I believe it may contain what you seek. Your local library may have it or they may be able to order it for you.