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QUESTION:    On June 2009 I got surgery for removed Fibroids in my uterus. On May 2011 I went to see my doctor and  through Ultrasound it shows that I have a small fibroid and my uterus have increased to 11C. Currently am using dynapham product such as chlorophyll, ganoderma, maharani and ginkgo.Can you advise if this is the right combination or any advise of how I can use so that I can be cured and be pregnant?

ANSWER: Good to hear from you. In treating uterine fibroids it is extremely important to avoid the following foods and herbs:

Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, alcohol and beer, pork, chicken, liver, heavy red meats, white sugar, wheat, cheese, sodas, and chocolates, sour cream, all dairy, all foods containing additives and/or preservatives and all fried and greasy foods.  With this disease it is much better to eat organically grown foods.

Please remember to avoid estrogen containing Birth Control Pills and Hormone Replacement Therapies.

A healthy diet includes fresh cold water fish (salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, tuna), honey, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, lentils, pinto and other beans, raw or steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, and proteins with a minimum of animal fat since most animal products contain estrogen, which enlarges the fibroids. Drink plenty of fresh water daily.

This is a good Uterine Fibroid Tea: To a decoction of Bupleurum root and Sparganium in equal parts add a small piece of fresh Ginger root.
Combine herbs and water in a pot and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer for a few minutes. Turn off heat and let sit for about 15 minutes. Then add 10 drops of extract or tincture of Agnus castus and 15 drops of extract or tincture of Dandelion. Sweeten only with honey and drink 3xs day.
Tinctures of Raspberry leaf, Yarrow and Wild Yam may also prove useful.

It is very important that you supplement with a good multi-vitamin multi-mineral one containing all 22 amino acids. Add 1,000mg Vit.. C 2xs day and 1 tablespoon daily of Omega-3 fatty acids and 1 tablespoon of Evening Primrose Oil.

The following treatment given by the famous psychic Edgar Cayce has been of help to many women:

Castor oil packs Rub Castor oil on your stomach and cover with plastic. Place a warm towel on top of the plastic. Rest in this way for 1 1/2 hours, 3 times per week.

Maintain a low-level regimen of exercise. I suggest you obtain from your local library books or videos on T'ai Chi Ch'uan, 15 minutes twice a day would be of great help to you.


QUESTION: I am approaching 39. My husband and I have a 20 year old daughter. I became pregnant  a second time when my daughter was then 2 years old. I aborted that child with a D & C. We tried to get pregnant 1 year later after that. We have been trying for 17 years and I still cannot get pregnant. I have been diagnosed with 3  uterine fibroids, 1 on the left side, 1 posterior behind the uterus, and 1 on the right side. The size ranges from 2cm- 5.65cm.   I had a laparoscopy and the doctor said my tubes are clear and normal.   I had a recent vaginal ultra sound which showed that my right ovary is attached to my uterus, the left  ovary is normal. Just until recently my new GYN physician suggested that maybe I got an infection after the abortion then later developed adhesions.  Can I be helped? What can you recommend that will help my situation? I really want to have more children before it is too late. Thanks so much

ANSWER: I hope I can be of help, but it isn't a short answer I can give by email. There are resources for you to consider to shrink your fibroids. Look for my book, Herbal Remedies For Women, Prima Publishing, 1996, and read the section on fibroids. Put into place as many of the nutritional recommendations as possible. The herb formula in that section calls for Black cohosh, which has changed its name from Cimicifuga racemosa to Actaea racemosa. It also calls for Blue Cohosh, Caulophyllum thalictroides. In your case, I'd recommend not using that. instead, exchange Blue Cohosh for Red Root, Ceanothus americanus, an alterative herb that improves lymphatic and immune functions, especially in the pelvic organs.  

Externally, hot castor oil packs have sometimes been found to help women shrink their fibroids, though there is little scientific validation for this. Directions for using this treatment are also in my book. There is also a section on improving fertility, the stimulating formula for the luteal phase being the more specific to your question. You could alternate between these two herb formulas. The first two weeks of each cycle, roughly from your period on, use the formula that assists in changing the underlying fibroids. During the second two weeks, approximately from ovulation to the next period, take the formula for promoting healthy fertility. this network has many good herb companies that sell individual organic herbs or you can look for one that combines extracts for you. Other good resources for information are Botanical Medicine for Women's Health, Aviva Romm, Churchill Livingston 2010, and Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Tori Hudson, McGraw Hill, 2008.

Four keys: 1) Please tell your new ObGyb. what you are trying, 2) give it 6-9 months before reassessing, 3) discontinue the herbs if you do become pregnant, and 4) trust your own wisdom about how these feel in your body from week to week.

: I am a 29 year old and was diagnosed with moderately-large sized uterine fibroids in August 2009. They sometimes cause pain. I have not noticed a change in menstrual bleeding (I have always been heavy) since the diagnosis.
          As of the middle of February 2010, I am taking a 1:1 tea blend of Burdock root, Motherwort, Chaste Tree, Nettles, and Red raspberry with the hopes of removing excess estrogen from my body and thus shrinking, or slowing down the growth of the fibroids. I am taking 2 cups of tea per day.
        The herbalist stated that the tea should not affect my already regular menstrual cycle. I was wondering the effect, if any, the decreased levels of estrogen would have on my libido.
        Any additional information you can provide would be appreciated.

ANSWER: The fibroids are not increasing your bleeding yet may have been growing slowly for so long that your history of heavy bleeds may be in part explained by their presence. Most North American women over age 19 have some degree of leiomyoma due to xenoestrogens in the environment, personal medical history, and other co-factors. It is common for an herbal medicine approach to use herbs that promote liver function, to aid the breakdown of relative excess estrogen. Your tea does this. The herbs may also assist in blood sugar balance and other hormonal influences such as growth hormone (GH) on uterine fibroids.
          There is no clear evidence that the combination will affect your libido, though there is anecdotal information from herbalists that Vitex (Chasteberry or chaste tree) may reduce women's sex dive. Since I don't know if you are experiencing changes or seeking to avoid changes to your libido, this may not present a problem for you. At two cups of the 1:1 combination, I would not expect a change. Yet everyone is an individual, and if there is an unwanted reduction in sex drive, consider having your herbalist drop the Vitex from the formula for two or three months.
          There are other reasons why you might experience a change in libido, such as your fibroids, occasional pain, and effects of possible long term stress. To reduce their size or symptoms external treatments to improve pelvic circulation are often added to internal cleansing, such as you are using. Castor Oil Packs, massage, pelvic floor exercises, physical exercise, and elimination of refined carbs and sugars from the diet are often seen in treatment plans for women with uterine fibroids.
               Please let me know if this hit the mark with you, and good luck in shrinking them. Be patient yet proactive in changing your body to its perfect health.

QUESTION: I have fibroids in my ovaries and I will like you to suggest any herbs that can help me get rid of them and will help me get pregnant, because of this situation I will hardly see my period it wil pass 6 and 7 months before I see it and I only see it if a doctor prescribe something for it.

ANSWER: I was thinking you may have Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease? It is cysts in the ovaries, or fibroids in the uterus, or both?  Either way, the following downloads, will help you get your period back, and rid your body of the cysts, or reduce the fibroids.  I suggest you take the following herbs in pill form as well as the suggested herbs in the downloads. The herbs will clear the stagnation, inflammation, and soften the uterus so that it is receptive to the egg. Changing your diet is very important. Making sure you don't have refined foods, and sugars is extremely important:
- kelp, 2 on rising
-dong quai, 3 at 6 PM
-slippery elm bark, 3 at 6 pm
-Symetry Pre Natal Vitamins as directed
        Please let us know if we can send you these herbs, or if you need any assistance. There are several downloads for you to read. Castor oil packs on the ovaries, and on the abdomen are very important.
(Downloads: Cleanse, gall bladder, life force, castor oil, oil pull)