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I would like to know what herbs I could use 4 jock itch and any other boy

ANSWER:  Infections on the skin are a sign of other issues, poor diet, poor absorption, lowered immune response, diabetes, poor circulation. I would find out what is causing your fungal infections and correct it and they will cease to be a problem. 

Fungus on the feet can be treated with Tea tree essential oil or Thyme essential oil, the Thyme oil needs to be diluted before applying to the skin. The Tea tree does not. 

Green Black Walnut shells are antifungal, make a strong tea of them and apply to feet. This will stain the skin. 

Fungus of the genital area is harder to treat because the skin is tender and sensitive. Powdered Coptis would probably work but you would want to test it on a small area to see what your reaction is. Goldenseal would be the same but it is an endangered species and very expensive. 

Probably the best choice would be Usnea, Old man's beard, Latin Named: Usnea barbata. Use a tincture internally and topically, this is alcohol based and may burn on contact, again try a small area first to see results or side effects. 

A mashed mixture of fresh Plantain leaves, Fresh or dry Calendula flowers, Goldenseal (or Coptis) and Usnea would be soothing and effective.