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Ask the Herbalist--Hemorrhoids

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I am 21 years old.  I have external hemorrhoids in its early stages. I have so many fears that
they will get bigger even though am on the medicines for about a week and no improvement so far. My doctor gave me  suppositories and told me to apply hot water mixed with salt on my anus daily. Can I lift weights  after I have healed, and if so how long should I wait.

ANSWER: The weightlifting may have been the cause of your problem in the first place. I don't know how much weight you are lifting, but please be very careful and make sure you are lifting correctly. Too much straining can cause the hemorrhoids to grow larger.  A simple remedy is to make a compress of witch hazel extract. You should be able to get this at the pharmacy. Put it in the refrigerator so it stays cold. Put some on a cotton cloth and apply directly to the  area. It will be quite shocking, but will help relieve the swelling and constrict the veins. Also a salve made of St. John's Wort and comfrey root would be very helpful. I don't know if you have herbalists in Jordan, but if so, they should be able to make this up for you.


I have had hemorrhoids for many years- It started when I was pregnant with my
second child. Used to be that it would come and go but for the last year or
so it is almost constant. 

Answer: Hemorrhoids are a sign of prolapse in the body, prolapse of the tissues affected and others such as uterus, bladder, colon etc. Prolapse signs of the circulation system include, spidery veins, varicose veins, prolapse leads to stagnation in the body.

Prolapsed tissue needs corrected or it will only lead to other problems, such as what you are experiencing now.

What has changed in the past year or so, gained wieght, went on herbs, meds or supplements, problems with going to the bathroom, started lifting weights, changed to a sitting job, had multiple births, etc. Do you have any other signs of stagnation, swollen abdomen, breast, cystic diseases or vascular integrity loss, varicosity or spider veins?

The problem with treating symptomology is you (in general) are not getting rid of the cause.

But here is what has traditionally been used for symptom relief:

Get as many colorful fruits and vegetables in the diet, the dark blues, purples and reds help to increase vascular integrity.

More water is good, don't use chemical laxatives (herbal or otherwise) a stool softener used short term while you getting through this will help lessen grunting and forced muscular evacuation of bowels which help to create the hemorrhoids.

Have you tried sitz baths of astringent herbs such as Yarrow, Latin named: Achillea millefolium; Sage, Latin Named: Salvia officinalis; Bayberry, Latin Named: Myrica cerifera; Oak Bark (white, red, black), Latin Name: Quercus species, Q. alba, etc; Yellowroot, Latin Named: Xanthorrhiza simplicissima or Witch hazel, Latin Named: Hamamelis virginian. Witch Hazel combines nicely with Calendula for hemorrhoids. Witch Hazel is the main ingredient in Tucks. These herbs actually tighten the tissue and stop bleeding.

For an herbal sitz bath make a very very strong tea of the herb (strain well) then add it to bath tub or sitz bath tub and sit in it. I would try to do this several times a day.

You could add some flesh/tissue soothing and repairing herbs such as Fresh Plantain, Latin Name Plantago major (broad leaf plantain) or P. Lancelatta (Narrow leaf) a common yard weed, find a clean source no chemicals used on it (i.e. herbicides or insecticides) along with fresh or dry Calendula, Pot Marigold, Latin Named: Calendula officinalis which are specific for this condition also fresh Chickweed, Latin Name: Stellaria media 

(The gathering tip above applies to all fresh wildcrafted herbs!)

Additionally teas made with the following have been known to help with prolapse: 

Lady's Mantle, Latin Named: Alchemillia vulgaris, A. Mollis - good for hemorrhoids, spider veins, painful legs, urinary incontinence, pelvic fullness feeling, dysmennorhea or increased menstrual bleeding. Usually occurs if 3 or more births or multiple miscarriages or abortions have occurred this is not uncommon in women. For prolapsed uterus Raspberry leaf, Ladies mantle, Partridge berry and White pond lilly increase tonicity.

Sheperd's Purse, Latin Named: Capsella burse-pastoris for prolapsed uterus with heavy bleeding use with Lady's Mantle.

Raspberry Leaves, Latin Named: Rubus idaeus, are great herbal medicine for uterine tone, strengthens muscle integrity, helps bring it back into shape.

Figwort, Latin Named: Sacrophularia nodosa, S. marylandica useful for chronic swollen hemorrhoids, chronic stasis of blood such as hemorrhoids use with Horse chestnut, can be used orally and externally as a poultice for hemorrhoids.

Collinsonia, Stone root, Rich weed, Latin Named: Collinsonia canadensis 
useful for recent hemorrhoids, within last year or so, for old hemorrhoids combine with Figwort and Horse Chestnut

White Pond Lily, Latin Named: Nymphaea odorata useful for pelvic tissue or organs that have lost tonicity and generally with prolapsed bladder, rectal, hemorrhoid (use internally and as a sitz bath) with Horse Chestnut, Figwort and Collinsonia

Horse Chestnut, Latin Named: Aesculus hippocastanum Great for venous congestion and stagnation with poor vascular integrity and tonicity, additionally good for hemorrhoids, varicosity's and rectal irritation. Use both topically and orally to strengthen capillaries, veins and arteries.

The Chinese herbs

Chi Hu \Ji Who\, Bupleurum, Latin Named: Bupleurum species such as B. chinensis, B.falcatum or B. scorzonerflorum used to maintain upright qi, used for prolapse with Codonopsis or Astragulus or Atractylodes (if excessive dampness), prolapsed rectum, bladder, hemorrhoids. Good Chinese herb

Dang shen, Codonopsis, Asian Bellflower, Latin Named: Codonopsis tangshen, C. pilosula used for collapsed or prolapsed hemorrhoids and additionally increases WBC and RBC production.

Huang Qi, Yellow Leader, Astragulus, Latin Named: Astragulus membrananceus (beware of Hediscarum being used as a substitute, there are other species) used for prolapse - hemorrhoids, uterus, rectum, bladder and additionally builds immune reservoir.

Xuan shen, purple majestic figwort, Latin Named: Scrophularia ningpoensis, S. murilandic, S. oldama useful for big, congested and bleeding hemorrhoids.