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QUESTION:  I noted your kind offer to answer some "herb" questions on "Herbnet.com".  I'm interested in the growing regions of Hungary that have either cultivated or growing in the wild, of medicinal or fragrant herbs.  Ideally, an map showing the growing regions were the herbs grow.  Any hint or link that may contain this information would be most welcome.

ANSWER: Interestingly, I have had some dealings with this subject. There is a large amount of farming of herbs going on in Hungary, and some really great herbal stories.My best bet, would be to contact the Canadian Embassy in Hungary. The Canadian Government overseas, AID,  Import, Export, Trade Relations, are some of the very best in the world. In particular , the information the Canadian govt,. has on Agriculture operations of the different countries is superb, or they will know what Hungarian Department to contact.
Just Google Canadian Embassies, or Canadian Embassy in Hungary. It sounds like a lot of fun what you are doing!!

QUESTION: I am in the process of setting up an urban herbal farm. The space is about 60' by 40' and to make it feasible I was considering a turn key Hydroponic system. What herbs would you consider
growing. I live in Puerto Rico with plenty of sunshine yearlong and very hot days. The system would be in an environmental controlled greenhouse.

ANSWER: You live in the perfect climate as many of the herbs we all know and love come from the hot, humid Mediterranean area. If you can grow Basil year round, that's where I would start. Rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano and of course lavender. They like soil more on the sandy side. Not sure how they would do under hydroponics, but it's certainly worth a try! Tarragon is wonderful and of course, cilantro and dill. The lists are endless. If you plan to sell fresh herbs to the local restaurants, (a very profitable business) stop by several and ask to speak to the chef. Tell him or her of your plans and ask them which fresh herbs they use on a daily basis, or which herbs they'd like to have fresh but can't get. Then you've got a niche if you can provide those herbs.  Best of luck to you in your endeavors!