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Ask the Herbalist--Conditions Herbs Can't Help

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QUESTION: Hi I have a son with spastic CP age 9. Is there some type of herb that could
help his spasticity in his legs?

ANSWER: I don't know of any documented herbs that might help, however, you might
want to consider acupuncture. It is not painful and they have had some remarkable results. It's something to think about.

: I have a 14 year old son who is 4'11" He has always been the smallest child in his class.  His father is 5'4" and I am 5'6".  He has asked me since he was 8 if he could take something that could help him grow, at the time I was told of a herb that he could take but not until he reached puberty.  Now I can not remember the herb and he keeps asking me every day.  His father tells him to not worry about it when he is in high school he'll grow to 5'4 like he did.  Well this does not appease my son, he does not want to be 5'4" he wants to be tall like his brother who is 18 and 5'11".  I have explained to him that he will probably not get that tall but I would check into safe things he could take and exercises he can do.  His doctor has explained
about surgeries and such, but I do not want to go that route.  I prefer the natural alternative of herbs when ever possible.  He is very healthy and always has been.  Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

ANSWER: Brandon's final height has already been pre-determined and is programmed into his genes. Trying to change those things is very dangerous and ill-advised. There are no herbs that are going to give him instant height. 14 is a hard age and I know puberty stinks at times, but if he is healthy as you say, encourage him to eat well and exercise. Many young men do not hit growth spurts until they reach 18. It happened with both of my sons. Now they are both 6 feet tall. Of course, that runs in the family, but they were convinced they would be short forever.

QUESTION: I would like to have less hairs on my arms. I read about laser epilysion but
I would rather get rid of my hairs with the help of herbs.  Do you know which herbs help reduce body hairs???

ANSWER: There are no herbs that will target the hairs on your arms. Sorry.