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Ask the Herbalist -Hiatal Hernia

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QUESTION: I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia last year.  I have the occasional chest pain, breathing issues and of course acid reflux.  It was recommended that I take slippery elm (tea and caspule from) to help ease my symptoms.  The first day taking the tea, I started to feel more burning in my esophagus and around the hernia area.  Is there anything that I can do to help get rid of these problems?

ANSWER: First off, take a very close look at your diet. It is a long story, of how, most of the population of this country has acid reflux, due to the dead food we eat. It is corn syruped, over sugared, chemicaled and preservative full. Even if you eat, "healthy" unless you combine the foods properly, as you get older, it is likely you will get acid reflux.

I suggest you buy the book off of Amazon.com, “Food Combining Made Easy.”  Also, 1/2 hour before you eat, drink, 1/3 c of aloe vera juice, sip it to start with.  I suggest using our herbal blend, Soothe ( with tumeric added), at the same time, 1 tspn, in water, or diluted juice, 1/2 hr before eating, or during the day if you have more symptoms of discomfort. The herbs I am suggesting, will, soothe, calm, and reduce the inflammation of the tissues involved, and coat the digestive tract with mucilogenic properties from the herbs in the formula. Please read the downloads so that you can understand what you can do to alleviate your suffering and heal your body, if you are willing to do the work. It is likely the herbs won’t help you , or not for long, unless you learn how to feed yourself, in a way, that is caring for the hernia, and the digestive juices, that need to be there at the right times, for the right types of foods.  Most people also have a bacteria, in the gut, they are finding, that also is a problem, and doing the cleanse , with follow up on herbs to assist the friendly flora, will get rid of it eventually. You will know, as the body will feel whole, and no discomfort from foods.  It does take commitment to do this. We are used to getting a drug like Prilosec, that takes away the symptoms right away, but the problem is still there, in what and how we eat, now the symptoms are masked by the drug.  We look forward to being of service to you, if you have any more questions, or wish to order some of our blends. (downloads: gall bladder, life force, cleanse, castor oil, oil pull)