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Ask the Herbalist--Iridology

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I was told I have too much acid and that I'm not digesting oils. I was also told my entire spine is inflamed, all through iridology. First, what is your opinion of the accuracy of iridology and 2nd how can I change my diet to reduce the acid. Tomatoes, lemons, grapefruit? I've heard they turn alkaline in your body and I've heard they are too acidic.

ANSWER: I tend not to criticize any practice until I totally understand it. I'm still working on Iridology, but it has some merit. The eye's are the window of the soul, and I'm sure they can provide certain insights to different problems. However, I wouldn't base my treatment on just the word of an Iridologist. I would seek out a Naturopath if you can find one, as they are degreed and have studied this stuff for as long as a doctor. (Try to find someone who didn't get their degree form a correspondence course for obvious reasons)

Balancing the PH in the body will happen when you eat correctly and drink lots of pure water. I'm curious, does your spine feel inflamed? Are you exhibiting any symptoms, or do you eat well and feel perfectly healthy and this is the report you got?

I don't accept Iridology as a means to diagnose and they shouldn't be doing that. They aren't qualified. They may be able to see an issue with your spine, but for a confirmed diagnosis, you would need to seek the advice of a medical professional.

Avoid the baddies, like sugar, white flour, processed foods, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and load up on the goodies, fresh vegetables, (even tomatoes, lemons and grapefruit! They are all full of vitamin C and essential for your health and well-being) pure water, green leafy salads, nuts, the purest meat you can find. If you can get your hands on home grown or free grazing beef, great. Organically raised, even better.