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Ask the Herbalist--Lice

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I work for Healthy Start with the Pediculosis Anti-Louse Program (P.A.L. Program) in our elementary school system.  I was wondering if you could suggest some natural herbal ingredients that would be compatible to use in a mixture to treat and/or repel head lice?  Any suggestions you could make would be greatly appreciated.  I was hoping to start with something like eucalyptus oil but I don't know what would be an appropriate ingredient or any of the ratio's.  Our goal is to stay away from pesticides .  The lice seem to be building quite the resistance. 

ANSWER:  These are some herbs that have traditionally been used.

ANISE, Latin Named: Pimpinella anisum
CINNAMON, Latin Named Cinnamomum zeylanicum
ROSE GERANIUM, Latin Named Pelargonium graveolens
HYSSOP, Latin Named: Hyssop officinalis
MASTIC, Latin Named: Pistacia lentiscus
ROSEMARY, Latin Named: Rosemarinus officinalis
SASSAFRAS, Latin Named: Sassafras albidum
TEATREE, Latin Named: Melaleuca spp
THYME, Latin Named: Thymus species

Many times it was the essential oil or infused oil that was used. 

Safety Caution:  When using essential oils always dilute with a carrier oil.

This was a remedy I found, in the Herbalpedia CD-ROM version.

For lice treatment: 2 oz vegetable oil, 20 drops tea tree
oil, 10 drops each of rosemary, lavender and lemon oil.
Combine ingredients. Apply to dry hair and cover with a
plastic bag or shower cap. Wrap the head in a towel.
Leave on for 1 hour. Then put shampoo on dry hair to
help cut the oil. Work the shampoo into hair, rinse,
shampoo again and rinse.