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Ask the Herbalist--Lupus

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QUESTION: I was wondering what herbs are good to help my flare ups of rashes on my face from Lupus?  And maybe what things may cause them? I usually eat vegan foods. Thank you.

ANSWER: I suggest you do a cleansing diet, and also take herbs to help wtih the flareups. I suggest there is an internal, or environmental influence. A plugged gall bladder, and toxic bowel can contribute, as I am sure you are aware. Taking COQ10, 400 mg to 800 mg daily with up to 4000 mg vitamin C daily will help you tremendously.  Also any fruits and berries, high in ployphenols, would be very helpful, to alleviate symptoms, and stop outbreaks. Noni, mangosteen, pomegranite, etc. We have a Green Mix, that is wonderful, and has many of the above anti oxidants in it, also our mild detox, Life Force Fiber Food.

Do you have any suggestions as to an herb for SLE? 
(systemic lupus erythmatosis) 

ANSWER: Without knowing all the facts here are some areas to think about.
Medicinal Mushrooms are used as an amphoteric to the immune system. Amphoteric herbs normalize function, so if it is overreacting they calm, if it is underreacting they stimulate. This classification is not found in western medicine only in the herbal realm. 
The medicinal mushrooms in use today are Chaga, Maitake, Shitake and Reishi (Gano derma). Additionally a non mushroom the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herb Astragalus is also amphoteric to the immune system.

Astragulus, Yellow Leader, TCM named: Huang Qi, Latin Name: Astragulus membrananceus - immune amphoteric 

Chaga, Birch conch, Latin Name: Inonotus obliguus - immune amphoteric

Maitake, Hen of the Wood's, Latin Name: Grifola frondulosa or Lentinula elodes

Reishi mushrooms TCM named: Lang Chih \Ling Ja\, Latin Name: Ganoderma lucidum(Red-best- on oaks), G. sinensis(black), G applinatum(huge artist conch), G. Tsugae(grows on hemlock tree), G. oreganensis

In addition 

Licorice root, TCM named: Gan Cao, Latin Named: Glycorrhiza uralensis has been traditionally used as an immune amphoteric herb

Gotu kola, Latin Name: Centella asiatica, Traditionally used with Sarsparilla for inflammatory and/or autoimmune conditions which have effected the connective tissue or skin. Can be used topically and internally.

Sarsaparilla, Latin Name: Smilax species, S. bono-nox is the North American species, Sarsaparilla is used for inflamed conditions of the skin. Skin conditions that are red, hot and inflamed. This herb binds with toxins in the gut to carry out of body

Amla Fruit, Amalaki, Latin Name: Emblica officinalis used for autoimmune conditions such as Lupus, where there is degeneration of muscle. In addition this herb helps strengthen hair, nails, bones & teeth. 

Picrorrhiza, Latin Name: Picrorrhiza kurroa is used for lowering histamine response, reducing inflammation in inflammatory disease states such as Lupus.

Hawthorn, Latin Name: Crataegus oxycanthoides, C. monogyna besides being a great heart tonic herb has been successsfully used for connective tissue conditions including Lupus. 

You may want to increase elimination using Alterative herbs: barberry, oregan grape, red clover, cleavers, poke, adler,