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QUESTION: Is drinking 6 grams of herbal products safe at the age of 17? I just recently found out what herbal products can do. All my life I have been overweight and lazy. Iím not talking about chubby, Iím talking about obese. I recently lost weight and I stand 5í8Ē,175 pounds. Iím still a little chubby, but I look like a stick. Iím planning on going to the gym for two months and taking protein and creatine together since my muscles are weak and little. Most of my friends (young and old) are more manlier, taller and stronger than me, but they were always skinny and played basketball. I recently did some research and found herbal products to boost my testosterone and HGH levels and to boost my energy levels tremendously. Now after I finished my two month workout, I will play a lot of sports. Baseball in the spring basketball in the summer football in the fall and winter and track swimming wrestling, muay thai boxing and jujitsu all year long. I want to drink ten different pills to better myself which will equal to 6 grams. The list of pills are

tongkat ali
Horny Goat Weed
Muira Puama
Tribulus Terrestris Extract
L lysine Amino Acid
L argenine Amino Acid
L glutamine Amino Acid
L-Ornithine Amino Acid

Now is drinking 6 grams of herbal pills daily safe? I already have a plan in place to take them and I know to eat before drinking them and Iím going to drink protein after each practice. Do I have to take breaks before I start a new cycle? I have a little knowledge of what boosting HGH and testosterone can do but I want to know the full knowledge behind it. Can it make me taller? Will it widen my chin and jaw? Can it make my feet hands face and head grow. I really want to be 6 4 to join the special forces so it can be easier to me. But I donít want to be 6í 4Ē with short arms or short face or small head or anything else that doesnít go with being 6í4Ē. I know this is a lot of questions but I'm always being nagged about things. I look like a wimp. It will be helpful to explain what these hormone do and to answer each and every question so I can know what Iím doing.

ANSWER: This is a Pro bono site to provide general information, but I will try to answer your long series of questions

I will say this you are a young man and certainly not in need of Longjax, Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed), Tongkat Ali is not really safe, Muira Pauma and Tribulus are both used for lack of libido, something which I am sure at 17 you do not suffer from. The amino acids are okay.  Drinking 10 different pills will not make you "better". What will make you better is perseverance and stick-to-it-ness. I think you are on the right track all you need now is to use good judgment.

This would include eating a diet that will help in the areas you want and keep you healthy, so eliminate from your diet white sugar, pasta, all dairy, pork and all fried foods.  I suggest you eat plenty of fresh fish, brown rice, honey, fresh garlic and onions, chicken, turkey, red meat only 2 times per week, yogurt, plenty of nuts, fresh peas (great for protein), broccoli, carrots, eggplant, squash, tomatoes, wheat germ, fresh raw or steamed vegetables and plenty of fresh fruits. A protein drink sounds good, and so does juicing, 6 fresh carrots and 1 stick of celery juiced together are a great healthy drink.

A safer way to boost your testosterone is drinking Sasparilla infusions (teas).

By the way, nothing is going to make you taller or widen your chin or jaw, but education and knowledge will make you powerful in ways you my young friend cannot yet imagine.  I hope I have been able to help.

QUESTION: I have started to take flower pollen extract (379 mg) and saw palmetto  for chronic non-bacterial prostatitis , it seemed to be working but after taking three tablets a day for 20 days  I started to have headache and to be lightheaded , grinding on my teeth because of headache , I found out it was because of the supplement but did not show up till after 20 days, i changed the produce with one that will have the flower pollen extract only (graminax)  I still have the headache, can you please advise, thanks.

ANSWER: Unfortunately, Saw palmetto side effects may include: mild headache, mild abdominal pain, nausea, and dizziness. If these side effects occur, lower the dose or stop taking the herb.

As to the pollen here's a good link:

QUESTION: i have been browsing the internet to find any natural ways to enlarge my penis. The most common term i came across was JELQING. I have read many articles on it and came to know that jelqing may DAMAGE my penis in many ways...i want to know how safe is jelqing!!!  Also I want to know if massaging my penis with mustard oil will help in enlarging my penis.

ANSWER: Sorry there is no way except surgery that may help you.  Accept what God has given you and make the best use of what you do have.

QUESTION: I have a couple of questions.  My doctor has told me that my testosterone is low. He suggested injections. I have concerns about side effects and the need to continue these injections.  After doing some research on the internet, I have read that L-Glutamine, Ashwagandha, and zinc are good for increasing testosterone.  They also prevent testosterone from converting to estrogen, which accounts for most of the negative side effects in men.  My questions are:  Do you agree with this Information?  Would you suggest these supplements?  If so,  what amount should be taken?  I have a high stress job. I have read that Ashwagandha and Passion Flower are good for reducing stress. My concern is that my job requires drug testing.  Do you know if any of the supplements I have mentioned in this letter would cause a false positive on a drug test? I appreciate any advice you can offer.  

ANSWER: Yes, I do agree. Would I suggest them only after I evaluated the person and their individual needs. Otherwise, I can say that using the correct form, the right amount and the proper dosage they are safe. 

There is no problem as to a false positive. Now, if you were to use the extracts or tinctures which I might add are better and work faster, you may test possible if tested for alcohol usage. 

Other supplement that will help are: Sasparilla, Chinese or Korean ginseng and Maca root. Passionflower is very helpful to "lift the spirit" and relieve stress. 

As to the dosage and frequency, that is something that is not possible to tell you without knowing more or us doing an evaluation and creating an individualized treatment plan for you. I suggest you try the recommended dosage and get back to us if that is not working out for you.

QUESTION: I have started to take flower pollen extract (379 mg) and saw palmetto for chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, it seemed to be working but after taking three tablets a day for 20 days  I started to have headache and to be lightheaded , grinding on my teeth because of headache, I found out it was because of the supplement but did not show up till after 20 days, I changed the produce with one that will have the flower pollen extract only (graminax)  I still have the headache, can you please advise, thanks

: Do not take supplements on an empty stomach. You may one to eliminate one or the other to help identify the culprit.  I suggest you use the extract of bee pollen instead of the pill; or in the alternative the extracts of both. By the way extracts and tincture work better and faster.

Make an infusion of Dandelion or Green tea and add 5 drops of the extract of Saw Palmetto and 10 drops of the extract of Bee pollen. sweeten with a bit of honey and drink 2-3xs day


QUESTION: I have been studying for years about herbal medicine. I have a few questions that I would appreciate your help with.

How long can a person use Foti ( polygoni multiflori) I use it for graying hair due to stress. It's great but can I use it for months or should I stop and cycle it maybe 1 month on 1 month off.  Also I wanted to know the same about milk thistle and yohimbe.

I am looking for a good herb to help with panic attacks and depression and the yohimbe works fantastic.
Any advice you can offer will be appreciated.

ANSWER: Thank you for your kind words and for studying herbal medicine. I know of no time restriction for taking Fo ti, or Ho Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum). Milk Thistle has a similar safety profile for everyday, long term use in normal dose ranges. 

Yohimbe is another matter. I am happily surprised to read that it helps you with panic attacks. This is not one of its main indications. Normally, herbalists tend to consider its use on a regular basis with caution. Rich in alkaloids, Yohimbe is best used only 1-3 days a a time as needed or desired, then allowing a break of several (3-8) weeks.  There is a wide variation between individuals and their responses to natural products. I'd recommend you find alternatives such as breathwork, acupressure (points you can work by yourself as needed), or herbs such as passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) for your panic attacks. Then, you might keep yohimbe for those occasional times it works when other techniques do not.

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your timely response. I do appreciate the info. I do have one more question. 

About 10 years ago I was put on certain medication for panic attacks ( paxil, Prozac , etc) these drugs had some side effects and I'm a little embarrassed to say but I started "arriving quickly" if you know what I mean. This by itself can CAUSE a panic attack lol but I studied hard to figure our its cause and cure. 

I figure out that an over active sympathetic nervous system causes the premature climax and by relaxing it and increasing the parasympathetic nervous system things will work just fine. 

Through trial and error I managed to come up with 4 herbs which I THINK do this ( I say think because I bought then for a friend who had psoriasis and we found another cure called Do Gro growth stimulating oil which worked fast ) 

The herbs are Dandelion , burdock, milk thistle and artichoke. This was last year and pardon the description but I was like steel for more than an hour.  I was also using the yohimbe so do you think it was all the herbs or one in particular that had that effect?  I stopped all the 4 listed herbs and the "minute made" symptoms returned after 2 weeks. Recently ( January) I started a cleanse by Nature's Way called Thysillin Daily cleanse and I was back to "steel" ... It contained dandelion, milk thistle and artichoke. If you know which herbs causes this relaxed stated with confidence and POWERFUL erections that last could you please let me know ? Even if you know of another herb not listed that can help I'd appreciate your expertise.  I do know that the supplement I use with yohimbe also has tribulus and macca and epimedium.  Also if you know of any herb that is good for increasing testosterone for building muscle I'd love to know your thoughts. Thank you so much for you time and your help and I do look forward eagerly to your reply. 

ANSWER: I think you are doing fine with your trial and error "find." The herbs you are taking will help clear compounds from your system, and it may be, though I cannot be sure, that the Milk Thistle blend is reducing unwanted side effects of the Paxil or similar anxiolytic prescription. None of these herbs is noted for ED specifically.These cleansing herbs are also good for clearing chronic skin conditions such as your friend's psoriasis, usually in conjunction with diet change and Dead Sea Salts or similar natural psoriasis treatments. The Yohimbe blend with maca and other herbs for "performance" is probably less of a problem than pure yohimbe, as maca is also a food and not a major safety concern. It is probably the combination of all these rather than just one plant. I do not know the Do Gro product.  

I will research this further and reply again if I find something specific or unusual about your program of self-care, but if you are feeling well on this combination of herbs and your physician is also happy with your overall health, I do not know of any reason to change what is working for you.

Herbs to increase testosterone is not well researched though marketing claims for many products would have us believe so. If you are interested, there is also a What A Relief! episode on building muscle and men's fitness. You might look into viewing that from Veria's archives or getting a copy of the recipes


I'm going to start taking Saw Palmetto and Pygeum in powder form
for prostate health (mix it in morning drink) how much powder should I take and how many times a day?

ANSWER: Traditional uses of these herbs could be in a dosage of 1/2 tspn, of Saw Palmetto and 1/2 tspn of Pygeum, 2-3 times daily, suggested 6 days a week, and in a month, see how you feel, and if any desired results, then you could increase to 1 tspn of each a couple of times daily. 
You will know if your body likes it or not.  Every 2-3 months, stop completely for one or two weeks. Doing 6 days a week, and stopping every so often allows your body to gain the most benefit.

QUESTION: Please send information! I have had chronic prostatitis for almost 10 years.
I am 59.  Why do  you say to avoid cinnamon if there are prostate problems. Others
I have read recommend  cinnamon to enhance blood circulation, which should
aid the prostate.

ANSWER: Since you didn't give me the context of the answer on prostate issues and cinnamon, I have to assume that I was referring to prostate cancer and not just prostate problems. Cinnamon, as well as the ginsengs, cordyceps, ephedra, epimedium, sarsaparilla and horsetail contain high amounts of a chemical called betasitosterol, which has been shown to encourage the growth of prostate cancer cells. Those suffering from or recovering from prostate cancer should avoid these herbs. Of course, if they encourage the growth of those types of cells, I'd imagine you'd want to avoid them anyway. That's why it's dangerous to self medicate. Just because an herb has certain qualities, (Others I have read recommend  cinnamon to enhance blood circulation, which should aid the prostate.)
doesn't mean that other considerations can be forgotten.


QUESTION: I am a 65 yrs old male and I see all the ad's on TV about enlarging your penis size by 25%. Is there a natural herb that can have the same effect. I have a feeling what they are trying to selling you does not work.

ANSWER: Unfortunately, that, the "miracle wrinkle cream" and the "lose weight while you  eat anything you want with no exercise" claims are all just that - CLAIMS! What you have is what you have and although during an erection, you will increase size, there's no way to increase the length of your penis any more than there is to increase the length of your leg.

QUESTION: My friend bought me some lovely organic herbal tea at a health food store. Problem is: it is intended for pregnant women, and I am a man.  However the ingredients, which I researched, all seem to be pretty beneficial, regardless of gender. I have listed the ingredients for you, but the question is: these can't *harm* me because I'm a man, right?

ingredients: red clover, red raspberry leaves, nettles, skullcap, peppermint

ANSWER: Actually, the herbs you've listed are beneficial no matter what your gender. So drink up and be well! (If you start craving strawberries or experiencing morning sickness let me know!)

: How can on treat prostatitis with herbs,

ANSWER: The herbs to help you that I can suggest are saw palmetto berries, cornsilk, parsley, ginger root, nettle root and burdock root. Avoid American ginseng, ephedra, cinnamon, sarsaparilla and Siberian ginseng.  I do have a tea that I make to help with prostate problems. If you're interested, please e-mail me with the word ORDER in the subject line for more information.


  I have been diagnosed for having a varicocele, I want to know if there are some herb to cure that varicocele.

  I am assuming you have been to a doctor for this condition and diagnosis if not, go see a urologist or your primary care physician for a referral.

Lumps in the testes can be caused by many things, eliminate the life threatening chronic possibilities with a accurate diagnosis. One friend had been told he had this condition but it was only a sign of a bigger problem in his heart and circulatory system. I am not trying to scare you simply asking you to be careful and mindful of your health, because only you are truly responsible for your health.

If it is a Varicocele, this is defined by modern medicine as a varicose vein in the testes, if you are asymptomatic your doctor may advise doing nothing, if it is a cause of discomfort or infertility he may suggest surgery.

There are herbs that are used traditionally for varicose veins. They include:

Nutritional herbs such as Blackberry, Cayenne pepper (add to foods), Calendula Flowers, Hawthorn berry, Elderberry, Bilberry/Blueberry, Nettle Leaf, Lycium fruit

Astringing and toning herbs such as Collinsonia, Blackberry (as a bath), Witch Hazel (as a bath, external poultice), Butchers Broom and Horse Chestnut (both internally and externally)

Under the food and supplement category I would suggest choosing your foods by color, the purple, blue and reddish colors indicate health, and the bioflavonoids contained in these fresh foods help strengthen vascular integrity thus helping with varicosities.

Nutritionally I would look for bioflavanoid supplements along with Zinc and Vitamin C and E.

See my other answers online about varicose veins.

I am currently taking Full Spectrum Saw Palmetto, 160 mg, 1 tablet twice a day
Total 320 mg per day.

It has been recommended that I take 900 mgs 4 times a day.  Do you have any information on this, such as Brand Name. effectiveness for enlarged prostate, and could this be harmful?

ANSWER:   Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, White Sage and Collinsonia is a great herbal combination for BPH

I'm a 45 years old, and I've been treated by my doctor for over a year for Chronic Prostatitus. Despite all the antibiotics, and the exploratory surgery, nothing has helped me.
Generally, what herbs would you recommend that one can take to help alleviate the pain and disease itself?

ANSWER: I would use the following herbs for Prostatitis:

Saw Palmetto
White Sage
Nettle Root
Uva Ursi (short term)

Corn Silk, Marshmallow and/or Couch Grass for a soothing demulcent to UT (i.e prostate)

for pain and antiinflammation
Gravel Root
Hydrangea (not the house plant or cultivated variety)
Chaste tree berry (maybe helpful for the pain also)