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QUESTION: We donít have cable TV but while taking a daughter (who recently received her certificate as a Master Herbalist) to college in August, we stayed at a hotel and were able to watch one of your shows. You showed us how to make a remedy for sore muscles using mountain arnica, castor oil and peppermint oil. Would you please share that recipe with me again?
         Is there a place where we can go to get the recipes for the remedies you show on cable? I loved your show! If we had cable it would be one of the top shows on my list to watch!

ANSWER: Thank you for your interest in the show, "What a Relief," on the Veria network, available through DISH and Verizon FIOS. You are able to get that recipe for sore muscles and all the recipes from other shows, along with excellent information on all topics of holistic health, at www.veria.com
         Best wishes to your daughter on receiving her certificate.