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Ask the Herbalist - MRSA

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QUESTION: I think what you do is great in every way. I would like to be an herbalist myself but don't have the slightest idea how to go about it. An online certificate is probably my best route but I am not sure how credible they are. Alright, to the real question. My daughter has been battling MRSA infections on her skin for a year now and I wanted to know how you treated toddlers with this issue. I am pregnant and am afraid that my infant will suffer this too. I don't know if it's the vaccines that are making it impossible for her to defend herself against these monsters or not. If you feel it wise to not vaccinate, what alternative treatments do I have for treating polio and diphtheria and the like? Right now mainly I wanted to detox my daughter somehow to get rid of these recurrent infections. Your advise is much appreciated.

ANSWER: Many thanks for your compliments. I try hard to help as much as I am able.  First, if you wish to explore becoming an herbalist, I suggest you ask your local library to obtain a book for you named "Careers in Alternative Medicine" or "Careers in Complimentary Medicine".  You should vaccinate, but you must make her immune system strong.  To detox her, the best herb is Dandelion root. I suggest infusions of the Dandelion root 2-3xs day. Sweeten only with a bit of honey. Drink for 3 days.   

You should eliminate foods that stagnate the system, such as: White sugar, pork and all fried foods. Go easy on the dairy. Dairy creates what we in Chinese medicine call Dampness in the system.  To supplement her immune I suggest Astragalus root,. Take 3 roots and make a tea. It has no taste so she should be okay with it. Sweeten with honey and drink 2xs day.  Start after the detox is done. 

I suggest also that you add fresh garlic to all her foods. No herb can match garlic for anitmicrobial action. 

Other very useful herbs are Pau D’Arco, Coconut oil and Oregon grape root.  One last suggestion is that you yourself drink the Astragalus root teas. It is quite safe and it will help tonify and supplement your immune system and that of your unborn child.  I hope this helps.