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Ask the Herbalist--Nausea

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: Iím suffering from all-day nausea from a drug called Lamictal.  I was wondering whether there is anything I can do or take in the naturopath world of herbs to calm this symptom.  I donít want to get off this drug or decrease the dosage because itís helping my depression immensely.

ANSWER: My suggestion is that you drink fresh Ginger root infusions (teas) as often as needed. If the nausea you think may be caused by emotional problems or upsets, I suggest infusions of Lemon balm. Another herb or tea that will be useful is Peppermint. Chamomile is helpful to digestion and is also another great sedative for the stomach.

You may want to do this: Make an infusion of Chamomile or Ginger root and add 15 drops of extract of Lemon balm. Sweeten only with honey and drink as needed. Extracts and tinctures work better and faster.

QUESTION: I am taking a trip via plane on Friday and I tend to get really motion sick.
I do not  like taking drug type medicines, and wondered if there is an herbal choice I can use?

ANSWER: My personal favorites for nausea are a nice ginger and peppermint tea. If I'm traveling, I like to get the pickled ginger that they serve  with sushi ( you can find it in the grocery store in the international foods) and take that with me. I just nibble on a piece and it works wonders. Bon Voyage!