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Ask the Herbalist--Parkinson's Disease

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: My father-in-law has Parkinsonís Disease. We are looking for any help with his symptoms that we can find.  He has tremendous trouble walking, and with his balance.  We know of someone from our area that used herbal methods with throat cancer.  He is doing extremely well now.  We know there are no cures for this, but suggestions for relief to his symptoms would be worth more than words can say.  Thank you so much for your time.

ANSWER: One of the most important things to do immediately, is to take and do the following:

- COQ10, 100 mg, 2,- 4 times daily, with 1000 mg, Ester Vitamin C, each time, 4000 mg daily total
- no sodas and caffeine
- low red meat, lots of veggies, and fish, chicken
- alpha lipoic acid, 300 mg daily
- grape seed extract, 3 pills two times daily
Look at cleansing diet, and see what he can do, comfortably. Contact Rush University, Neuroscience Dept. call 312 563-2024. They are doing research, and ground breaking experimental treatments, and having some effect, that is dramatic, and less invasive, than deep brain stimulation, and other treatments.  We have herbal formulas, important for Parkinsons, like our Life Force Fiber Food blend, for gentle detox, and bowel health. PD patients, get poor bowel movements and bowel congestion. Also Giver to My Liver for the liver detox.  Let us know if we can help further.

QUESTION: I am trying to locate a Natural Remedy that may help reduce tremors in hands due to early stages of Parkinsonís Disease. Any help will be appreciated.         

ANSWER:   There are many things you can do. First off, contact Rush University in Chicago,, Dept of Neurology, and speak to them about the newest research going on for PD. They are one of the top in the world. They do less invasive gene therapies and suggest natural remedies too. Therapies are free, costs of travel they cover some of it. 
        Taking 1200 mg of COQ10 daily with 1000mg Ester C each time you take the COQ10 is extremely important, and is one of the best known treatments for PD. For example, take 1000mg C with 400 mg COQ10, three times daily. the C helps you absorb the COQ10. Use only 100% pure, COQ10, in gel cap is best, no fillers.  Be most interested in slowing down the progression of the disease, by using supplements, and doing what you can to help your body. Tremors is only a side effect. 
      Depending on your age, and health use the following without any harm to you:  exercise, like you are preparing for the Olympics, it will preserve you, and when they find a cure, you must be in good enough shape, to be one of the people they will give it to. They are very close to that now. 
-alpha lipoic acid
- zinc
-folic acid
- grape seed extract
- real bilberry fruit
- once or twice a week massage therapy; acupuncture, if you can
- chiropractic adjustments ( many people with PD, have noticeable improvements with adjustments, sublexations, make PD worse.
       Follow a clean diet, no soda, especially Mountain Dew. Most people with PD are addicted to it, for some reason.    If you want more info, let me know, I can give you a full consultation on what to do and how to do it, if you call, set up a phone consult, for a reasonable fee. There is a lot you can do. What I suggested above will get you started