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Ask the Herbalist--Preserving Herbs

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QUESTION:  I love to use FRESH thyme, rosemary, parsley, cilantro and chives.  I buy they fresh and want to freeze them so they stay fresh for a longer period of time or if I put them in a plastic bag and/or in water and then store in the refrigerator. Do you have a way that I can freeze these marvelous herbs?

I'm with you. Nothing is as wonderful as FRESH Herbs! Some herbs adapt to freezing better than others. Your cilantro, parsley and chives for instance, can be snipped and placed in vacuum bags in the freezer. (Those vacuum sealers are worth their weight in gold. I sue them for everything!) Or, you can mix the herbs with water in your blender and make ice cubes out of them for later use in soups, veggies, tea or sauces. Another great way to preserve herbs is by adding them to oil, or vinegar. But all herbs can be very easily grown in small pots in a sunny window and snipped as you need them. Just be sure not to let them go to seed. When you see little flowers forming, just pinch them back.