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Ask the Herbalist - Surgery

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I'm going in for arthroscopic knee surgery soon.  I have heard of so many cases of RSD affecting people after surgery and I am wondering if there is anything you recommend vitamin or herb-wise to take the week before surgery..

ANSWER: An ancient and very valuable herbal from China, that was developed for gunshot wounds, trauma and surgery, is called Yunnan Pai Yao. You can get the pills in Yunnan Pai Yao, from us or from your nearest China town, or Chinese herbalist. Take it two days before the surgery, and for 10 days after. You will heal very quickly, not much bleeding, and general over all recovery, very good. It will also help you to be less arthritic, as the years advance.
     Also take, 3 bottles total of Dr Christopher’s, blend, Tissue and Bone, it is wonderful for knitting the body back together. These two herb blends together are best , one short term, one longer term. Also make sure you eat lots of fish, high in Omega, it will help the repair also, and fresh fruit, nuts, seeds. Get acupuncture, if you can, it will be the best for you and your knee.

QUESTION: Hi, my mom (in her mid 70's) had foot surgery a week ago and she is complaining about a bad metallic taste in her mouth.  I was wondering if there are any herbs that she can use to either take the taste away or at least decrease it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

ANSWER: Sometimes with surgeries, and depending on what was done, it can upset our body, or leave chemical residue in our bodies.  The herb cilantro, is one of the best for detox, and pulling heavy metals out of the body, I suggest you go to the grocery store, and purchase the fresh herb, and put it in saldads, fresh on top of soups, etc, as much as you can. Also we make a blend with cilantro, and other complimentary herbs in that detox the liver, and is dynamically good, for this type of support. It is called Giver to My Liver. Let us know if we can help further