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QUESTION: I have searched the net for any alternative to radical surgery for benign sinus tumors with no luck! I had a MRI done and it show 3 masses, 2 possible inverting papillomas and 1 simple mucus retention cyst. I do have proptosis on the left eye but no other signs. My ENT Doc wants to due a radical surgery with a Crainial flap. I of course would rather not go through this surgery!! I have majorally changed my life style and have been on a diet of no processed foods, no sugar, meat, etc, I only eat raw or steamed veggies and have started with a homeopath. My question is, is there any herbs to help with shrinking these kinds of tumors, I am so shocked to find no info at all and my homeopath dooesn't really say one way or the other. I am currently taking to many things to list. Ha! Any advice you could have would be so very much appreciated. Thanks so much.

ANSWER: Here are some of the things you can try, there are many more if this does not help. I am sure you will get some help if you are religious in doing this:
- read the downloads, even though the tumours are in your nose, the rest of the body is involved by building unnatural cells, so you need to clean the body, of toxin, so it wants to grow only healthy cells
- take 100 mg, of pure COQ10, with 1000 mg Ester C, 6 times daily ( from us or a health store)
- do the cleansing as in this download, I am sending you, put castor oil packs on your abdomen, and on your nose, 4 nites a week
- look closely at what chemicals you are around, have been around, eliminate, toxic substances from your life, use natural soaps and cleansers
- you can get most of the supplements you need, including the Life Force from us ( this is our blend) we suggest this along with Tumour Time, also our blend