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Ask the Herbalist--Unknown Conditions

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QUESTION: Periodically I have shooting pain in my inner thigh area where the leg meets the groin. It is episodic in that it will happen for a few weeks and then stop for a few months and then return again. The pain is strong enough that it doubles me over.  My physician can't find any reason for the pain. Any suggestions for herbs that might relieve this?

ANSWER: A mysterious pain that doubles you over and has no diagnosis is not a matter for recommending herbs. I am sorry, Ron, other than a soothing lavender oil massage or warm castor oil pack to relieve inflammation, I do not know what will relieve the underlying problem until we know more. I encourage you to seek a second opinion, even visiting an urgent care center the next time this occurs.


QUESTION: Can you please recommend some herbs for my conditions: Vertigo, Dizzy, low blood pressure/orthostatic hypotension, memory loss, fatigue, vision problems/red eyes, anger/frustration, shortness of breath.  I've played baseball all my life.  I am now 38 years old, and all of a sudden this year I cannot see the ball, cannot hit the ball, and feel totally awful out there. Very frustrating.  Obviously I cannot take anything that lowers blood pressure because it is already too low.

ANSWER: I am sorry to hear of your frustration. Toxins, stress, emotional trauma, lack of self love, and other factors, may have contributed to this state. A path of positive influence, and positive thinking is best for you. Listen to the video Harmonic Wealth.
I suggest the following:
- let me know your blood type, and what type of foods you are eating? sugar, white flour, processed foods, fresh healthy foods, etc?
- what meds are you on?
- in the meantime, take a look at the sheets on the download page, If you are playing ball, you may not be able to fully cleanse, but you could follow the PH diet, and make sure you are getting optimum, health building foods, that agree with your body type.
- start taking immediately the following herbs, which you can order from us, we can ship anywhere in North America
- bilberry fruit pills, 3-  3 times per day the first month, then 3 two times per day, thereafter, 6 days a week, brain, and memory, eye fog ( this really works if you do it)
- lycii fruit pills, take little beads, 3 times daily as directed, memory and eyes
- astragalus pills, 3 two times daily
- our blend, Essence of Peace, calming but focusing of energy, before games or athletic events, proven for stressed out race horses, who need energy, and stress relief, while still performing at peak, Causes peaceful sleep, good for ADHD, and
- Alkalinizing Green mix, energy, eyes, mood swings, 1 tspn, 2 to 3 times daily in juice or water
-Manogsteen Juice, anti oxidant blend, with Acai berry, several oz per day
- flower essences, Bleeding Heart and Holly, for anger and self love, take one to two times daily, or as needed prior to stress or when going to other places, where you feel uncomfortable, deep breathing, visualization of peaceful surroundings, or success for what you want, as a healthy outcome
- go to a good chinese acupuncturist, in the local Chinatowns, of where you are, and get acupuncture, as often as you can
- massage therapy, once a week
- walk barefoot, in dirt , sand, gravel, grass, as often as you can, it will ground you and help  you to get in touch with the lack of familiarity with yourself, the earth, and your life, it will energetically help you , and energize you, stress and toxin, cause one to loose the natural electrical currents from earth to  humans
Let us know if we can serve you or if you have any questions