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Australian Herb Society Inc. ... Denise Patterson, PO Box 110, Mapleton, Queensland, 4560, Australia; 07-54469243; FAX: 07-54469277; aherbsoc@hotmail.com ... the society endeavors to bring Australia a new concept, not previously attempted -- to spread the knowledge of our own beneficial plants that will ultimately lead to our survival

Australian Food Plants Study Group ... . Interest group; information. Sponsored by Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants Inc. (ASGAP)

Australian Lavender Industry ... The peak industry organization for lavender growers and users in Australia, whose purpose is to encourage the establishment of a vibrant and growing lavender industry outside France/Spain/Italy/Europe.  We also offer international membership to growers, also access to information via The Lavender Bulletin.  We have also developed specialized machinery for use in the lavender and herb growing industry from row formers, herb strippers to a relatively reflux free herb distillation unit designed using modern heat exchange technology.    

Australian Plants Society   

Australian Traditional-Medicine Society ...  Australia's largest professional association of complementary medicine practitioners 

Herb Society of North Queensland ... PO Box 314, Aitkenvale QLD 4814, Australia

Herb Society of South Australia ...

The Herb Society of Victoria ... PO Box 396, Camberwell, VIC 3124, Australia; +61 03 9505 6082 

National Herbalists Association of Australia ... The National Herbalists Association of Australia was founded in 1920 and is Australia's oldest natural therapy association. It has 1,700 members. It is Australia's only professional association of herbalists. It publishes the Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism. 

Queensland Herb Society ... purpose is to help introduce people to the many and varied uses of this group of plants ... motto is "Learning Through Sharing" and that is exactly what they do -- sharing their knowledge and experience with each other, the public and anyone who will listen ... the best form of sharing, though, is sharing a delicious herbal supper at the general meetings


International Society for Horticultural Science ... Kardinaal Mercierlaan 92, 3001 Leuven, Belgium ... aims to promote research in all branches of horticulture ... it encourages the development of international cooperation, bringing together scientific and technical professionals to stimulate, facilitate and coordinate research and scientific activities on an international scale

EHPM ... the European Health Product Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers association.


EDA Livno ... Stjepana II Kotromanjiæa b.b., 80101 Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina; eda-livno@tel.net.ba
We are a non-profit association in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of our activities is education for herb grower and picker,we attempt to encourage growing and processing of herbs into aromatic oil in Bosnia and search for market. 



Alberta Natural Health Agricultural Network ... Providing identity, marketing information, education and networking to our members, for the development of new crops within Alberta
Associated Ginseng Growers of British Columbia
... PO Box 241, Vernon, BC V1T 6M2, Canada; Email: panaxqas@junction.net  250-542-1816; FAX: 250-260-1882

British Columbia Herb Growers Association ... the purpose of the BC Herb Growers Association is to promote, facilitate and enhance herb growing ... this association was formed in 1997 ... joining will bring you networking opportunities with fellow herb growers as well as access to current market information, workshops and conferences

Canadian Association of Herbal Practitioners ... #400-1228 Kensington Road NW, Calgary, ALB T2N 4P9; 403-270-0936; FAX: 403-270-0799. A non-profit organization, founded in 1965. It is committed to being a voice for the professionals of Herbalism with its purpose to provide support, education and awareness for the profession and the public. Herbal Extracts, their quarterly newsletter, is a focal point for interdisciplinary communication between professionals and as an ongoing liaison with government agencies.

Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists ... The Village Arcade, 50 Cumberland St., Box 18, Toronto, ONT M4W 1J5 Canada; 416-961-9445; 888-340-4445; FAX: 416-961-5547;

Canadian Herb Society ... c/o Audrey Ostrom, Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, 5251 Oak St., Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1, Canada; 604-224-0457; FAX: 604-222-9613; A national non-profit association founded to provide accurate information, education, networking and representation for all those with an interest in herbs ... offers an organizational umbrella for the special interests of herb enthusiasts and a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas ... the society's mission is to share knowledge and promote the cultivation, use and enjoyment of herbs ... membership benefits include: quarterly journal, website, membership and resource directories, educational workshops, conferences, meetings and other events

Canadian Naturopathic Association ... This is a not-for-profit professional association representing the interests of naturopathic doctors and promoting naturopathic medicine throughout Canada. Its membership consists of naturopathic doctors, naturopathic medical students, suppliers of natural remedies for professional use, and the provincial naturopathic associations.

Canadian Wildflower Society ... 75 Ternhill Crescent, Don Mills, ONT M3C Canada

The Chi Kung Association of Canada ... 545 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, ONT M6C 1A3 416-653-4105.  Association for Chinese Medicine

Flower and Herb Growers Association of Alberta ... PO Box 75147, Ritchie Postal Outlet, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6E 6K1 ... the F.H.G.A.A. has four main functions related to the production of flowers and herb in Alberta: Education, Marketing, Networking, Research and Development

North American Native Plant Society ... Box 336, Postal Station F. Toronto ON Canada M4Y 2L7

Ontario Herbalists' Association ... The OHA is a dynamic organization for people interested in herbs. Members include professional herbalists, gardeners, herbal product manufacturers and retailers, organic herb growers and wildcrafters, as well as members of the general public that have a love for and interest in all things herbal. Education is the chief priority of the association and many of its activities are devoted to this end. These include herb walks, lecture series, and the annual herb fair at Toronto's Harborfront. The OHA also publishes its own quarterly journal, The Canadian Journal of Herbalism, to inform members of herbal developments. The OHA emphasizes the highest ethical and academic standards for its practicing members, serves as a liaison between herbalists and other healing professionals and works actively for the recognition and promotion of herbal therapy.

Ontario Homeopathic Association ... PO Box 258, Station "P", Toronto, ONT M5S 2S7; 416-488-9685; email: root@homeopath.com

Saskatchewan Herb & Spice Association ... Connie Kehler, PO Box 60, Belle Plaine, SK S0G 0G0 Canada; 306-694-4622; FAX: 306-694-2182; email: g.musings@dlcwest.com A producer driven association run by volunteer directors that are themselves in the industry.  


Association of Delegates of the Professional Organizations of Producers and Collectors of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the EEC ... 6 bd Marechal-Joffre, F-91490 Milly-la-Foret, France

European Confederation of Distributors, Producers and Importers of Medicinal Plants ... 23 Rue du Peintre Lebrun, F-78000 Versailles, France  


Medicinal Plant Association and Product Council ... Akos Mathe, Secretary, H-1118 Budapest, Menesi ut 44, Hungary; 361-185-1155; FAX: 361-237-1388 … involved in almost all facets of medicinal and aromatic plant business and represents the interests of both Hungarian and foreign partners getting engaged in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants in Hungary … they believe the aim to harmonize between home production and international standards can be achieved by providing wide ranging and up-to-date information both to members and foreign partners


The Central Institute of Medical Medicinal and Aromatic Plants ... is a premier institution pursuing R & D in Medicinal and Aromatic Plant (MAP), with expertise that matches international standard. The Institute is engaged in major efforts involving Bioprospection of medicinal and aromatic plants; conservation and molecular documentation of genetic diversity in medicinal and aromatic plants; screening of phytochemicals for their biological activity; conservation, genetics, breeding and genetic engineering, characterization and employment of genetic resources of medicinal and aromatic plants of economic value. 


Latvian Herb Grower's Association ... Raina Str.6-49 Kraslava LV-5601 Latvia; ivars@kraslava.apollo.lv

The Netherlands

International Hemp Association ... Postbus 75007, 1070AA Amsterdam, The Netherlands; FAX: 31-20-618-8758; email: iha@euronet.nl

New Zealand

Herb Federation of New Zealand ... HFNZ is an organisation set up to serve people with a serious interest in herbs. It publishes a newsletter four times a year and also publishes a booklet called "A Directory of Herbs in New Zealand." Every year "Dittany" a booklet of herbal stories and information is published. In addition to these publications the HFNZ has a seed bank, library and several members have herb collections. Every two years a national conference is held.  




Portuguese Association of Herbalists ... APARD - Associação Portuguesa de Alimentação Racional e Dietética ... Rua de Sao Sebstião da Pedreira, nº 110 - 5 Andar, 1050 Lisboa, Portugal; +351 (01) 357 24 99; fax: +351 (01) 357 24 98


R.A.M.A.P.G.M. - ROMANIAN ASSOCIATION OF MEDICINAL & AROMATIC PLANTS GROWERS & MANUFACTURERS ... 176, Bd. G. Moroianu, Sacele, Brasov, Romania 2212, Tel/Fax: +40 68 273 766, E-mail: dlazurca@deltanet.ro  A national non-profit, professional and scientific association, founded to promote the interest of its members, environmental friendly cropping, organic cultivation and processing, to provide accurate information, education, networking and representation for all those with an interest in medicinal and aromatic plants, to facilite internal and international collaboration between our members and the members of similar associations.


CENTRE TECNOLÒGIC FORESTAL DE CATALUNYA, Àrea de Productes Secundaris del Bosc ...Pujada del Seminari, s/n, E-25280 Solsona, Spain; 34-973-481752; FAX: 34-973-481392 

South Africa

Botanical Society of South Africa, The


Andolu Medical Plants Research Center ... 26470 Eskisehir, Turkey 

United Kingdom

Aromatherapy Trade Council ... The UK Trade Association and authoritative body for the specialist aromatheray essential oil industry ... promoting responsible marketing of real aromatherapy products and consumer safety. 

British Dried Flowers Association ... The British Dried Flowers Association is a small but dedicated group of specialist growers, all of whom have built up an extensive knowledge of the production and marketing of dried flowers and are in touch with the latest design-led trends.

British Herb Trade Association ... The BHTA is a trade association for anyone involved with the commercial production of herbs. This embraces the whole herb market from the provision of seeds and young plants, the final products or providing materials to make this possible. As a trade association we work on behalf of our members to address many of the issues that affect the trade market of the herb industry..

British Herbal Medicine Association ... The British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA) was founded in 1964 to advance the science and practice of herbal medicine in the United Kingdom and to ensure its continued statutory recognition at a time when all medicines were becoming subject to greater regulatory control.
Essential Oil Trades Association Ltd. ... The Secretary, 61 Clinton Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 1AS, England … trade association

European Herbal Practitioners Association ... The EHPA website represents professional herbal practitioners  throughout the EU. Our aims are to ensure the continuation of professional herbal practice as a modality in its own right into the 21st century:

The Herb Society ... The Secretary, Deddington Hill Farm, Warmington, Banbury OX17 1XB UK; 44-1295-692900; FAX: 44-1295-692004; email: email@herbsociety.co.uk  An educational charity, registered in the UK, with members worldwide ... it encourages interest in all aspects of herbs -- gardening & design, culinary, conservation, folklore & history, crafts, and herbal medicine ... it is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about the healing properties of herbs and their use in the community and the support of further research into the healing property of herbs ... membership includes 4 issues of Herbs and the members' newsletter Herbarium, as well as reduced rates for Herb Society events and discounts at participating nurseries and herb gardens ... Herb Society Online is a cyber monthly with articles, herbal remedy recipes, and future events

International Federation of Aromatherapists ... 204 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 England; 0181-742-2605

National Herb Centre ... Warmington, Nr Banbury, Oxon, OX17 1DF UK; +44 (0) 1295-690999; FAX: +44 (0) 1295-690034; email: info@herbcentre.co.uk Set up in 1997 by Peter Turner, owner of Lighthorne Herb Associates, in collaboration with the British Herb Trade Association ... the aims of the Centre are to promote, research and develop the growing and processing of herbs in the UK ... the Centre is funded by a membership open to both professional growers and amateurs ... research and development at the Centre is coordinated by Dr Rosemary Cole

National Institute of Medical Herbalists ... 56 Longbrook Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 6AH, England; 01392-426022; FAX: 01392-498963 … established in 1864 and is the oldest body of practising medical herbalists in existence today … membership is by examination after completing a four-year course of training

Soil Association ... Sixty years pioneering organic farming, championing human health ... the UK's leading environmental charity promoting sustainable, organic farming and championing human health and the UK's leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming. 

The Violet Society ... an Internet based organization for anyone with an interest in Violets or Sweetviolets in the Genus Viola ... their web site is the place to visit for all things connected with this wonderful herb with edible, highly fragrant flowers and leaves




The Herb Growing & Marketing Network
Maureen Rogers, Director
PO Box 245, Silver Spring, PA 17575-0245
717-393-3295; FAX: 717-393-9261