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Acupressure / Acupuncture

  Acupuncture.com ... The Tao begot one. ... One begot two. ... Two begot three. ... And three begot
 the ten thousand things. ... (-Tao Te Ching) ... Here are some of those things

  Acupuncture-Health World Online

  Acupuncture Internet Resources

  The British Medical Acupuncture Society

Alternative Health / Medicine

 1HealthyWorld.com   1HealthyWorld is your source for the latest news and information in the field
  of Holistic,   Alternative, Complementary, and Integrative Medicine. Our goal is to provide everyone who
  is interested in holistic and self-care approaches for promoting optimal wellness and overcoming disease
  with the information they need and can use for immediate benefit.

  AHealthBreak.com....website of natural herbal remedies and articles on alternative health

  Alternative Diabetes--Provide the basic information to understand diabetes; Explain current
  standard practices for diabetes treatment; Present the wide range of alternative treatments for diabetes
  from around the world; Compile the latest research on alternative diabetes treatment strategies; Explore
  the interface between alternative/complementary diabetes; treatment and modern science and drug
  technology; Provide important information about nutritional supplements and natural products for the
  treatment of diabetes; Alert consumers to any known or potential interaction between drug/nutrient therapy
  and herbal therapy; Make available the best natural products for people suffering from diabetes;
  Provide opportunities to participate in clinical trials that can help; the advance of diabetes research
  and treatment; Provide links to other sources of information, research and products for alternative
  diabetes treatment

  Alternative Health News Online ... helpful alternative, complementary and preventive health news ...
  news and information that will keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings in this rapidly growing

  Alternative Mental Health... Your guide to the world of alternative mental health

  AMICBASE.database on natural antimicrobials

  The Arthritis & Glucosamine Resource Center A very informative site about arthritis and glucosamine.
  Over 100 articles on treating arthritis, the science backing glucosamine, a review of glucosamine products,
  an arthritis newsletter, tips to beat arthritis pain, and much more.

  ask Dr. Weil
... home remedies for common ailments

  The New Age Channel at BellaOnline.com "The Voice of Women" is a comprehensive New Age site hosted
  by Janet Boyer, and features original articles, interviews, book, music, and product  reviews,
  links, and more. Topics include auras, past lives, herbs, flower essences, aromatherapy,
  spirituality, consciousness and healing.

...The Breast Cancer Care & Research Fund .... Source for Unbiased, In-Depth,
  Reliable Breast Cancer Information

  Compassionate Heart Healing Center.....list of 150 links on various forms of alternative healing

  EssiacInfo...an interesting site filled with information about Rene Caisse and the formula she brought
  into prominence 

  FindHealer...Holistic Health Yellow Pages to find practitioners and links to 20,000 health related sites. 

  Green Medicine...The Medicinal Plant Working Group is part of the Plant Conservation Alliance (PCA),
  a consortium of ten US federal agencies and more than 175 non-federal cooperators working collectively
  on issues associated with native plant extinction and native habitat restoration. PCA also serves as the
  North American Plant Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission. The current chairperson
  of the MPWG is Pamela Hall, Division of Scientific Authority, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. 

  HealthAtoZ ... a comprehensive search engine for all medical and health related sites ... internet
  navigation tool and information resource in health and medicine ... exclusively catalogued by
  medical professionals who have a greater understanding and strong background in health and medicine ... 
   provides format and search capabilities for both medical professionals and consumers that save time,
  are comprehensive, and consistently maintained and updated

  Healthsites...Healthsites - your portal to medical and health information on the net 
  is designed to help non-medical people and doctors find reliable health related information in the UK.

  Hepatitis Website....directory of web-based hepatitis resources

  The Herb Encyclopedia...

  Herbs.startwebseite List of herb resource sites

  HIV Resources...Information on nutrition and HIV/AIDS; Food safety; Fun food games; Research
  abstracts; Home HIV testing; and Complementary therapies. Read information about the HIV ReSource
  Review newsletter too 

  Inner Journey Health and Wellness .. iridology and herbology

  Mexican Home Remedies ... as a service to the community, KPIX television in San Francisco has added
  a Mexican home remedies bulletin board to its web site ... you may post your remedios caseros
  (home remedies) or read the contributions of other visitors, automatically

  Michael Moore's Homepage ... by far the largest site of purely original herb and botanical
  medicine information on the entire web ... 95M of herb files ... over 1,100 plant photographs and illustrations. 
   ... ALL his teaching manuals, eclectic, naturopathhic and thomsonian manuals, lab sheets, patient
  intake forms, etc. ... the complete revised Culbreth's Materia Medica ... 'Ellingwoods' Therapeutist', the
  electric publication from 1909 to 1916 on loan from the late library of Dr. John Bastyr

  Mind/Body Consulting Services....The focus of our site is to provide as a public service information
  about various complementary healthcare practices and procedures as well as self-help materials related
  to work addiction.

  National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine...A new Internet-based database
  offers access to more than 220,000 full-text articles, abstracts and references on complementary and
  alternative medicine.

  National Institute of Clinical Research
... a physician owned and managed clinical research
  organization specializing in pharmacology & toxicology studies, stage I through IV clinical trials ... also
  offers Ph.D. level clinical data collection & data management and manuscript preparation

 Sumeria ... a collection of resources for exploring alternative ideas in health, science and spirituality

Alternative Health / Medicine - Veterinary

  AltVetMed -- Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine ... acupuncture, chiropractic,
  herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutritional therapy & other alternative modalities


Agriculture, Botany, Ethnobotany, Gardening, Growing, Horticulture

  Agricultural Research Service: Phytochemical & Ethnobotanical Databases

  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ... Canada's Ministry of Agriculture Home Pages

  AgWeb....The ultimate agricultural research directory

  American Indian Ethnobotany Database

  Australian Gardening & Horticulture Correspondence Schools ...  

   Beneficial Botanicals: Offering evidence-based information and botanical
    products of useful plants for practical application in the areas of medicinal treatment, nutritional benefit,
    ornamental use, and wild crafting.

  Botresearch USA - a botanical research organization specializing in the development of protocols for
  the micropropagation of herbs in the Lamiaceae/Labiatae family.

  Center for Economic Botany

  Chile-Heads Home Page ... almost everything you might want to know about chile peppers is

  City Farmer....Urban Agricultural Notes

  Dr. GreenFingers....This website is different to all other gardening sites.  It is based on a hospital theme
  and is, informative, funny, fast loading and colorful.   The site is made up of 'wards & departments'.   In
  the operating theatre you can learn how to plant a tree, do tree surgery, divide plants and even transplants! 
  The site now includes some online video gardening tips for you to view. 

  Dried Flowers Galore.... is a growing community of dried flower enthusiasts,
  from dried flower novice to dried flower expert, who are willing to share their dried flower experiences,
  knowledge and all their dried flower expertise

  Ethnobotanical Leaflets.
contains a web journal of current articles, book reviews, research notes,
  ethno news & happenings, Galleria Botanica, meetings, and information on careers and policy. The current
  issue contains eight articles, featuring such plants as barley, Brazil Nut, Ephedra, Ginkgo biloba,
  Cyperus papyrus, Reishii mushrooms and St. John's Wort. There is also an archive back to Fall 1997.
  Interesting reading. This is published irregularly by Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Don Ugent, Editor.

  EthnoMedicinals Home Page
... a page dedicated to the transfer of information on the use of herbs and
  other natural products in biochemistry, pharmacology, and traditional medicine

  Farm to Garden Services....From seed to supper, resources for the grower, educator and

  Findhorn Foundation...The Findhorn Foundation is at the heart of a constantly expanding and
  diversifying community, which consists of approximately 450 people in the local area, and thousands of
  friends and supporters from around the world. The role of the Foundation is to practise, teach and
  demonstrate the links between the environmental, economic, social and spiritual aspects of life.

  Florida Wildflower Showcase
... dedicated to wildflowers and the beauty that is found in nature

  Friends of the Trees Society ... dedicated to doubling the world's forests ... this involves doubling the
  area covered by trees; doubling the number of trees; and, most importantly, doubling the weight of the
  world's forest biomass ... mission is to inspire, enable, educate, and assist people to live in harmony with
  forests and trees ... to publish positive visions of a sustainable world and strategies to get there ... there
  are solutions to world deforestation and the Society describes them through publications, courses and
  events ... operates at local, regional, national and international levels

  Garden Domain...British gardening site

  Garden Guides' Herb Guide ... tips on growing a variety of herbs, medicinal and culinary uses of herbs,
  an herbal remedies guide and information on the use of herbs during pregnancy

  Garden Notes ... for gardeners to talk to other gardeners, young and old

  GardenersNet....a gardener's community

  Gardening Launch Pad...This list is friendly to the Home Gardener. Make The Gardening Launch Pad
  your starting point for all your electronic gardening needs. Number of gardening links 4556, 95% of these
  links are content links not commercial links 


  GardenSeek....a comprehensive directory on gardening of all types

  Gothic Gardening ... "A Garden of roses and ivy and posies. A brush of willow, and spiders,
  and omens.  Venture outside and see what you'll find. If you dare."

  Green Web Gardening ... a meeting place on the web for the sharing of ideas and knowledge on
  gardening from around the world

  Foraging.com....Foraging and ethnobotany links page

  HerbMentor.....A unique place to learn about herbs.  Take a tour.....

  HortiPlex... The HortiPlex database boasts having 93,000 records; 74,000 links; 50,000 taxa; 42,000
  cultivars; 11,000 images/image links making it one of the most complete sites of its kind. The site is
  query-driven, returning infomation about species, genera, families and common names. Species records
  have links to the national-level databases, such as USDA's Plants site, EthnobotDB, and the
  TAMU-BWG Digital Library, to name a few resources. If you have registered, you may add your
  comments and/or images. HortPlex is on GardenWeb.

  iloveplants.com...a down-to-earth, easy-to-use directory of over 5200 links in over 100 categories of
  plants and garden items

  Kudzu - The Vine...Kudzu is perhaps one of the most terrifying success stories of introduced alien plants --
  a veritable ecological epidemic in the southeastern US. Growing by up to a foot a day, it overtakes and
  covers canopies. Images of kudzu overtaking trees, equipment, houses, and even barns are dramatic
  evidence of the problem. A pretty plant, it has no known enemies in the US. Until a biocontrol is introduced,
  it will continue to spread. The shade it produces is dense enough to kill trees..

  MedPlant...The Website allows you to: submit and view news, documents and links; link to other
  medicinal plant websites; work on documents with colleagues from around the world; and participate
  in discussion forums (online or using email only!).  You can submit a resource in any language (although we
  appreciate an abstract in English!). We are very excited to present this resource to you and trust it will
  become a useful tool for you and other organizations working in the field of medicinal plants around the world.

  National Agricultural Library.....AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access) is a bibliographic database
  of citations to the agricultural literature created by the National Agricultural Library (NAL) and its cooperators. 

  National Herb Centre
....a plant centre and shop, herb display gardens, children's activity area, nature
  trail, licensed Bistro and Deli-Cafe

  Natural Life...This page is dedicated to urban gardening. If you have a site concerning gardening,
  vermiculture, composting or seed exchanges 

  Nature's Best Masked Flower Images...Flower images for Photo Garden Design Programs and Web Use.
    Encyclopedia of Plans.  Praying Mantis Information

  NeoFlora....The world's largest plant data base...With over 38,000 entries, you'll find everything from trees
  to tropicals. Can't find something you're looking for? Let us know and we'll add it.  NeoFlora is
  so comprehensive, it can even provide you with information down to a ZIP code level. Also because
  other experts, like you, are constantly sharing their experience with us, our data continues to grow.

  North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service ... Horticulture Information Leaflets -- Commercial
  Specialty Crops

 North Carolina State University ... information on growing culinary and medicinal herbs ... includes pictures
  of herbs currently under study, calendar of events, and links to other relevant websites

  Northern Pond ... a complete garden design service available, including CAD layout and digital
  photo-based pictorial representations of first, fifth and tenth year ideal growth patterns ... specialize in
  small private gardens, water features, and hardscape in stone and wood

  Ohio State University

  Plant Facts...  This site features a "Factsheet Database" answering plant-related questions using data
  from 46 different universities and government institutions across the United States and Canada with over
  20,000 pages of Extension fact sheets and bulletins. There is also a database of horticulture programs
  in 40 university departments across the United States with pages related to admissions, degree
  requirements, career opportunities, research projects, and online courses.

  Plant Genome Data and Information Center ... The World Wide Web Agricultural Genome
  Information Server (AGIS) is a product of a cooperative effort between the Department of Plant
  Biology, University of Maryland, College Park, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National
  Agricultural Library's Genome Informatics Group (GIG) in Beltsville, Maryland, USA ... funding is
  provided through the USDA, National Genetic Resources Program ... this server consists of genome
  information for agriculturally important organisms ... at present, this encompasses mostly crop and
  livestock animal species ... however, since all genome information is potentially valuable to our users
  we have information related to non-commodity species as well ... also included are a number of databases
  that have related information, e.g. germplasm and plant gene nomenclature data  

  www.plantlives.com is the home of Plant Biographies and is an encyclopedia of plants and their
    interrelationship with man and the planet, their usage, practices, history, influence and unusual
    properties - from Xerxes to the present day.

  Plant Pathology Internet Guide....is a subject oriented internet resource guide for plant pathology,
  applied entomology, and all related fields. On these pages you will find plant pathology related internet
  sites and more useful resources.

  PlantStress.Com is an informational site on the various stresses on plants, presenting news,
  announcements, events and white papers on various stresses, including drought, salinity, heat, cold, mineral
  deficiency and mineral toxicity. This is an encyclopedic site that is very well organized and
  amazingly complete; it approaches the level of a knowledge environment.
  This is highly recommended.   PlantStress.Com was created by Dr. Abraham Blum, Scientist Emeritus
  of The Volcani Center, Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), Israel Ministry of Agriculture.
  The site supports MSIE only, with users informed that "Problems are expected with Netscape" (which
  accounts for ~30% of academic browsing).

  Purdue University New Crop Resource Online Program ... profiles of new and specialty crops

  Raintree's Tropical Plant List...

  R.E.A.P....REAP International is a nonprofit organization involved in rural and youth activist
  development, homestays, tourism, volunteer programs, information transfers, internships and high
  school exchanges at Lake Baikal and Moscow, Russia.

  Sustainable Agriculture Databases.... 

  Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) ... the communications and outreach arm of the
  Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program ... SARE is a
  U.S. Department of Agriculture
-funded initiative that sponsors competitive grants for sustainable
  agriculture research and education in a regional process nationwide ... SAN is dedicated to the
  exchange of scientific and practical information on sustainable agriculture systems using a variety of
  printed and electronic communications tools

  Texas A&M Herberia

  UBCFarm...to provide academic and practical leadership in the areas of agro-ecological design,
  community planning and development in a manner that benefits past, present and future community
  members, be they citizens, planners, designers, developers, managers, leaders, foresters or

  The Vetiver Network

  Wealth of the Rainforest - Pharmacy to the World ... this website will not only educate you
  about the problems but show you effective ways in which you as an individual can positively affect your
  life and health while positively affecting the rainforest

  Wild Flowers


C.A.R.E. -- College of Aromatherapy Reflexology & Eyediagnosis ... operates a college and 3 clinics
  in Australia ... headed by Catherine Chan ND (known from Radio/TV and her success in treating patients
  from as far as Europe) ... her specialty is infertility ... visit their web site to request help with
  challenging conditions ... take advantage of the service and purchase recommended products locally

  The Fragrant Harvest ... exploring India's aromatic traditions

Ayurvedic Medicine

  About Ayurveda ... Ayurveda is a holistic healing science which comprises of two words, Ayu and
... Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge or science ... so the literal meaning of the word
is the science of life ... Ayurveda is a science dealing not only with treatment of some diseases
  but is a complete way of life


  Alternative Beauty--Herb resources and recipes for herbal cosmetics, natural perfumes, beauty tips,
  remedies and culinary delights as well as herbal magic, herb legend and lore

Chinese Medicine

  The Chinese Medicine Sampler ... if you'd like to learn more about Acupuncture or Traditional
  Chinese Herbal Medicine before spending money on an office visit, this site is for you ... here you can
  discover how Oriental Medicine applies to you personally and familiarize yourself with it's basic
  concepts ... they provide a mock diagnosis according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine ...
  your intake form will be evaluated by a USA national board certified M.S. in Oriental Medicine ... there is
  also a   Library which contains the information necessary to understanding the results ... after completing
  the process you will have much more information upon which to base your healthcare choices ... the library
  is free ... there is a $15 fee for the mock diagnosis

  The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine was set up in 1987 to regulate the practice of Chinese
  Herbal Medicine (CHM) in the UK. We now represent over 350 fully qualified Chinese Herbalists. Along with
  the professional bodies of the other main alternative and complementary therapies of acupuncture
  and homeopathy we are working towards official recognition of all practitioners.

   Traditional Chinese Medicine-Nature therapy Medicine Health.. s an authoritative website which is
   about Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nature therapy, Oriental medicine, Medicine, Health for
    researching and communicating.

  Traditional Chinese Medicine




The CODEX Alimentarius Commission is an international committee created in 1961 by the World Health Organization of the United Nations. This site has a focus from the consumer point of view.


The Butterfly Web Site

Environmental Medicine

Environmental Medicine ... the medical discipline which studies and assesses the effect of environmental factors upon individuals with particular emphasis on the effect of foods, chemicals, water, indoor and outdoor air quality at home, work or school ... it considers each patient as a unique individual exposed to a unique set of circumstances and needing an individualized therapy



Environment, Earth Stewardship

Bioneers.org offers solutions and strategies for restoring the Earth. Rich with articles, action initiatives, chat rooms, resources, and extensive green links. The Bioneers are visionaries who share innovative solutions including ecological farming, biodiversity, health and environment, plant medicine, cultural restoration, restorative development, and more. Members receive 10% discount on annual conference
registration, workshops, sampler audiotape, free newsletter, and networking opportunities.

Rainforestsite.com...help save the world's imperiled rainforest habitat.

Health Care Resources

  American Cancer Society

   American Heart Association

   American Lung Association

  Burzynski Research Institute ... conducting clinical trials of antineoplastons in the treatment of cancer ... 
  antineoplastons are non-toxic substances that have shown promise in the treatment of difficult brain cancers,
  low- and intermediate-grade non-hodgkins lymphoma, and many common solid cancers

   Centers for Disease Control & Prevention



   Healthwwweb ... internet Medical and Health Care resources

   Mayo Health O@sis

   Mioti....Our primary goal is to provide physicians, dentists and their staff with a reliable source to turn to when
   seeking medical resources on the Internet.

   National Institutes of Health

   National Library of Medicine ... access to Medline, the world's most extensive collection of published
   medical information, is now available to the public over the Internet courtesy of the National Library of Medicine ... includes recent and reliable medical information to better inform the public and aid doctors in treating patients ... use "PubMed" -- a search engine -- for finding your way among Medline's 9 million journal articles

   Passport to Health Directory ... directory/search engine for health & fitness related links

   PharmWeb ... information provided by international professional organisations for patients and health professionals


Healthy Living

American Dietetic Association

Better Bodz ... where the science fiction of fitness and nutrition is replaced by honest, scientific fact

Betty Crocker

FitnessLink ... whether you're an exercise enthusiast, a fitness professional, or a "newbie" to fitness, FitnessLink provides the resources you need to get fit and stay fit

Global Health & Fitness ... on-line guide to healthy living and optimal fitness ... one of the most comprehensive health and fitness programs to be found anywhere

 Global Nature Life ... exploring lifestyles for a healthy life and death

Health & Fitness Free Forum ... free health and fitness offers ... also free health and fitness news and advice, where their content is 100% unduplicated and delivered fresh every weekday ... offers are updated monthly, so get them before they get away!!! ... only good to US and Canadian residents

Health and Fitness Network ... search engine with over 500 health, fitness, sports, nutrition URL's

Health Education Alliance for Life and Longevity ... alliance of resources to assist people in their quest for enhanced meaning, purpose, balance and well being in their personal and professional lives ... to educate and empower people with information and tools to create and maintain wellness ... and to present objective information needed to make informed health care choices and protect freedom of choice in medicine

Health World On-line

Natural Land ... one of the leading sites in natural living with thought provoking content, daily breaking news from around the globe, interactive discussion forums, and thousands of pages devoted to the exploration of health, gardening, cooking, nutrition, fitness, weight loss, healing, organic living, herbs, and more 


  Parents Place

  Parent Soup

  School of Self Reliance

  Personal Growth from SelfGrowth.com-- SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information
about Personal Growth on the Internet.  

  Shape Up America ... great CYBERKitchen!

  Sherry's Creations ... easy herbs, herbal soapmaking, health and herbs and healthy cooking

  The South African Natural Health Network ... South Africa's on-line community for Natural Health ... this is the meeting place for all areas of Natural Health Care and Healing in South Africa ... a place to come together with each other ... a place to explore, discover and promote Well-Being and Healthy Ideas

  USDA Food & Nutriton Information Center

  Joyce Vedra: Top Shape, Top Fitness ... free monthly newsletter ... her evolving bio, videos, and books

  Veggies Unite

Herbs, Herbalists

  American Herbal Pharmacopoeia--The primary goal of the AHP is to produce authoritative herbal
  monographs containing accurate, critically reviewed information on botanicals which can provide guidance in
  the appropriate use of herbal therapeutics.

  Arcana Dragon's Lair ... a herbal practitioner and author/translator of medical litterature situated in   
  Copenhagen, Denmark ... author of herbal monographies

  Botanical.com ...Home page of "A Modern Herbal", A hyper-text version of A Modern Herbal, 1931, by Mrs. M.
  Grieve. Over 800 varieties of medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic herbs, including economic properties, cultivation
  and folk-lore.

  Curry Club

  Growing Basil Blog 

  Healings From the Good Earth ... by the 'Cheerokee Lady' -- Lelanie F. (Stone) Anderson ... this site
  contains Herbal Tidbits on the history and usage of Native American Medicinal herbs ... biopage on Lelanie ...
  and historic myths and legends in regards to Mother Nature and the Good Earth

  Henriette's Herbal Homepage

  The Herb Garden ... herbal information and links

  Herbage ... the Herbage database was collected from books and online sources

  The Herbal Encyclopedia ... properties and uses (both medicinal and magickal) of various healing herbs

  Herbal Hall

Herbal Information Center

Herbal Lore and Remedies ... information provided to educate you and entertain you and open the door to a noble, user-friendly arena


   HerbMed...an interactive, electronic herbal database that provides scientific and general information on the biochemical action of herbs. A project of the Alternative Medicine Foundation, Inc., HerbMed includes a searchable interface, as well as a manual option for browsing the HerbMed database by plant Genus. From _Achillea_ (Yarrow) to _Ziziphus_ (Jujube), the HerbMed database provides detailed information on each herb's biochemical action, the mechanism of action, and warnings for human health. Of special interest to
researchers will be the hyperlinks to abstracts in PubMed (reviewed in the July 18, 1997 _Scout Report_), providing published evidence of the scientific information contained in this database.

   Herbs & Herbalism - Healing with herbs. Healing is a place for all matters of healing, body, mind, and spirit.

   Herbs for Health ... lots of herbal information

   Howie Brounstein's Home

    The Hypericum & Depression Home Page ... dedicated to St. John's Wort

    Kathie's Herb Page ... the main goal of this page is to teach the novice herb gardener about the various uses
    of herbs

   KavaRoot.com ... information about Kava Kava root, a great natural stress fighter

    Kombucha Home Page

  Medicinal Herb Research ... research on crop production, genetics, germplasm improvement, micropropagation, and protection of medicinal herbs carried out at the Southern Crop Protection and Food Research Centre (SCPFRC) of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

    Phytopharmacognosy ... this web site has details of their international network of experts on medicinal and aromatic plants -- especially focusing on the scientific aspects of herbal medicines ... also includes the research activities, contract research and consultancy work of Dr John Wilkinson ... he is senior lecturer in phytochemistry and pharmacognosy on the herbal medicine BSc degree program at Middlesex University, and is head of the phytochemistry group, which specializes in herbal medicine research

Holistic Medicine

The Holistic Internet Community ... HIC provides a place for everyone to exchange information and congregate to promote a healing understanding of our relationships to each other, the world and the cosmos ... a place for you to locate the resources and tools to live a balanced life, and to find support during the difficult times along the way

  Natural Healers...an educational resource for people interested in studying the natural healing arts. If you are
  considering becoming a licensed massage therapist, naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, acupuncture physician,
  or other type of practitioner, you'll find NaturalHealers.com a great source for information on schools, programs,
  and certification and licensing requirements.

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy for Everyone...we are providing lot's of information for the general public as well as for professional homeopaths. Some of the services we are providing are Discussion forums, chat rooms, expert medical opinion, monthly poll, email and personal messaging facility, education center, an international directory of homeopaths, web resource listings, seminar listings etc. This is an interactive platform where homeopaths and students of homeopathy can share their ideas and can also post their papers.

Homeopathy Home Page ... a central 'jumping-off' point and aims to provide links to every related resource available

Natural / Naturopathic Medicine


  Natural Medicine Online ... an interactive physician's guide to clinical research that brings together the most
  respected names in the field of natural medicine ... this site is a continuation of the Natural Medicine Journal

  Naturodoc ... this site could help you navigate through some strange subjects in Natural Medicine ... these
  might be ancient sciences, that many in our culture are recently aware of ... others might be so new they are
  just coming out from research laboratories

  Naturopathic Medicine Network ... mission is to promote public awareness about Naturopathic Medicine; to
  promote and support Natural Health Care; to cooperate Naturopathic Medicine with other health professions; to
  integrate Naturopathic Medicine related information and references; to support communication between
  Naturopathic Physicians


  Center for Food Safety and Nutrition

  Gourmet Time... dedicated to the cook who enjoys gourmet and specialty foods. This is your one stop site for
  recipes, coupons, gourmet food products, and difficult to find specialties.

  U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)



  Teatime ... a new look at tea


  Vinegar Connoisseurs International ... extensive collection of materials on vinegar ... vinegar recipes ...  
  electron micro-graphs of bacteria which make vinegar ... copies of Pasteurs original writings and drawings on
  vinegar, in French ... copies of wood block prints from Japan ... paper made from vinegar



The Herb Growing & Marketing Network
Maureen Rogers, Director
PO Box 245, Silver Spring, PA 17575-0245
717-368-6360; FAX: 717-393-9261