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Mad for Garlic: A Cookbook for Garlic Lovers ... is from Pat Reppert of Shale Hill Farm (Hearts & Tummies Cookbook Company, 1997, spiral bound, 153 pages; $9.95 ISBN: 1-57166-106-9). If you love garlic, you’ll love this cookbook. And the author is indeed one excellent chef (said from personal experience). But it’s not for the culinarily shy. You’ll find Garlic Fudge and Apple Cream Pie with Garlic along with Southern Garlic Spoon Bread and Hot Garlic Wings. As the creator of the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival, Pat’s an expert on all things garlic and this book will have your cholesterol lowered and blood pressure regulated by filling up on all that garlic.

The Madison Herb Society Cookbook ... PO Box 8733, Madison, WI 53708; paperback; 1995; 376 pages; $16.95. Can we ever get enough herb recipes to try? There's a real assortment here with tempting ideas for picnic and cookouts, herbal liqueurs and even treats for the bread machine. The recipes come from members and businesses in the community. Can't wait to try Chilled Seafood Lasagna with Herbed Cheese…..and that Walnut-Basil Lasagna.

Magical Gardens ... Magical Gardens (Patricia Monaghan; Llewellyn Publications, PO Box 64383, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383;1997; 1997; softcover; 161 pages; $14.95; ISBN: 1-56718-466-9) was one I particularly enjoyed. I love landscaping books that inspire you to get out and reform your garden. Here’s ideas for Bast’s Cat Garden (a necessity for me), a unicorn meadow, a Camelot Garden and Angel garden….enough to keep you planning for quite a while. Worth every penny!

Magnet Gardener ... One of the nice things in reviewing books is that you sometimes get sent rather unusual items that the publisher/author thinks might be of interest. Sterling recently sent me 6 little booklets they called "Magnet Gardener" which are on individual edible flowers (sunflower, tulip, chrysanthemum, rose, orchid and cactus). These would be lovely as additions to a plant gift and cover a bit of history, cultivation tips and a recipe or two. They’re small, 10 hard cardboard pages, $4.95, with a small magnet on the back. Cute gift idea.

Making Bentwood Trellises, Arbors & Gate Fences
Making Bent Willow Furniture
Rustic Retreats ... Spring will be here before we know it (I hope) and perusing these next 3 books will have you anxious to get out and start building. Another batch of books from Storey deals with building for the garden and you can get as simple or complex as you want. From the prolific Jim Long, the first one is Making Bentwood Trellises, Arbors & Gate Fences (1998, softcover; 155 pages; $19.95; ISBN: 1-58017-051-X). From where to find the material to detailed instructions on how to build these projects, you’ll find yourself scouring the neighborhood for cuttings to try your hand. And after you’ve built the arbor, you’ll want some furniture to put in it which you’ll find in Making Bent Willow Furniture by Brenda & Brian Cameron (1998; softcover; 139 pages; $19.95; ISBN: 1-58017-048-X). Whether it’s mirrors, chairs, tables, plant stands or baskets there are detailed instructions on how to make simple classic furniture (and some a little more exotic) using inexpensive willow. And for the really adventurous builder (not me), Rustic Retreats by David & Jeanie Stiles (1998; softcover; $19.95; 153 pages; ISBN: 1-58017-035-8) will give you detailed instructions on making 20 low-cost outdoor structures including a sauna hut, log cabin, wigwam, garden pavilion, tree house and more. Makes me really wish I was more handy with a hammer and had a yard with some room. Get ready for those display gardens this year with these three books. And if you’re feeling "carpenter challenged" tempt that significant male to participate.

Making Herbal Dream Pillows ... And in the same format as Linda’s book is Jim Long’s latest work (where do you get the time to write this stuff, Jim?) on Making Herbal Dream Pillows from Storey (1998, hardcover, 63 pates; $14.95; ISBN: 1-58017-075-7) With blends to inspire creativity all the way to helping travelers sleep, you’ll find one to suit yourself and every member of your family. Written in Jim’s inimitable style this book will guarantee you a variety of interesting dream experiences. And we all want the details of the "Romance Novel" dream.

The Maybe Garden ... And now a book for future gardeners….The Maybe Garden by Kimberly Burke-Weiner (Beyond Words Publishing, 19350 NW Pumpkin Ridge Rd., Hillsboro, OR 97123; 1992; $14.95; hardcover) tells children that mother's suggestions can always be added to and enhanced to create something uniquely their own and…maybe a little more special.

The Medicinal Garden: How to Grow and Use Your Own Medicinal Herbs ... Anne McIntyre, Henry Holt, 1997, softcover, $17.95, 152 pages. How many people come into your businesses and want to know how to grow their own medicines? In the classes I give locally, most of the attendees want this type of information. And this little book makes the growing part fairly simple. The herbs recommended to grow are the safe ones and range from culinary medicines to wild ones like burdock. The medicinal information is extremely limited so you'd want to recommend another book (like Penelope Ody's) to give more specific data. But it will get people excited in taking some control back for their own health.

Medicinal Herbal Therapy: A Pharmacist’s Viewpoint ... Here’s an herbal from a different viewpoint: Medicinal Herbal Therapy: A Pharmacist’s Viewpoint (Steven G. Ottariano, Nicolin Fields Publishing, 1999; softcover, $19.94; 190 pages; ISBN: 0-9637077-6-0).  So many people are looking for specific dosages and this book will give them that….along with counterindications and possible interactions with prescription medication. A handy reference book to have on the shelf.

Medicinal Herbs in the Garden, Field & Marketplace ... Lee Sturdivant & Tim Blakley, San Juan Naturals (PO Box 642, Friday Harbor, WA 98250; 800-770-9070; naturals@bootstraps.com; softcover; 352 pages; $24.95; ISBN: 0-9621635-7-0. What you’ve all been waiting for….a book on medicinal herb production by someone’s done it. Hard to find. If you’ve read any of the other publications by San Juan Naturals you’ll recognize the format of interviews with people that are in the trade, which gives both the good and bad sides of the industry. And having heard Tim lecture a few times I can vouch that this is someone with the expertise to write this book. Great resource list and basic commercial cultivation information on a number of medicinal plants. Highly recommended and not even overly optimistic (read the interview with Marlin Huffman) which makes it even more useful

Medicinal Plants of the World ... by Ivan A. Ross (Humana Press, 1999, hardcover; $99.50; 415 pages; ISBN: 0-89603-542-5) is not for every reader, but it is an invaluable resource for the serious herbalist. For the 27 plants discussed you get every common name there is (and there’s more than you will think), every traditional medicinal use from each country it’s found it, the chemical constituents…all of them; and all the pharmacological activities and clinical trials information available. This is an excellent reference for all practitioners.

 Medicine From the Mountains ... Kimball Chatfield, Range of Light Publications (Box 2000153, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150); softcover; 1997; 219 pages; $17.95; ISBN: 0-9658001-0-5). It’s always good to have a plant guide unique to specific parts of the country and this one will be of great benefit to those living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains along with herbalists that want to incorporate plants outside their range. Profiles of 33 native plants that includes toxicity concerns, chemistry and dosages (a rarity in many books). Along with herbs we now like milk thistle and yarrow, you’ll find a few you may not have tried like Manzanita and Pipsissewa. Good addition.

Medicine Grove: A Shamanic Herbal ... Loren Cruden, Destiny Books (One Park St., Rochester, VT 05767); 1997; $14.95; softcover; 218 pages; ISBN: 0-89281-647-3 If using herbs for ritual appeals to your spiritual practices then this book offers an extensive materia medica that covers herbs for smudging, ceremonial herbs, offering herbs and psychotropic plants with properties and preparation notes. Beginners will especially appreciate the detail.

Medicine of the Earth ... Susanne Fischer-Rizzi, Rudra Press, PO Box 13390, Portland, OR 97213; 1996; softcover; 320 pages; $16.95; ISBN: 0-915801-59-0. This is a delightful change from many of the current books on medicinals, in large part because the author discusses plants that aren't often given extensive mention…plants like Herb Robert, Cowslip, Tormentil and Ground Ivy. But don't worry, there's coverage of popular herbs like Valerian, St John's Wort and Comfrey as well. Lots of folklore along with medicinal recipes. Recommended.

Medicine Women: A Pictorial History of Women Healers ... Elisabeth Brooke, Quest Books (Po Box 270, Wheaton, IL 60189-0170); 1997; softcover; $20; 127 pages. The history of herbal healing has always fascinated me and this beautifully illustrated book will give you needed detail on the women who paved our way. You’ll find inspiration as well as material for lectures. A nice gift for your favorite healer.

 MetroFarm : the guide to growing for big profit on a small parcel of land ... Michael Olson, TS Books, PO Box 1244, Santa Cruz, CA 95061; softcover; 498 pages; 1994; $29.95. OK, you really are serious about growing herbs (or other crops) but you live in the city (or the suburbs or even out in the country). This book may be just what you need. This book has everything from business plan to selling the product. Even has a section on feng shui for land layout. And there are stories of people that have made the decision and lived happily to tell of it. If you want to see more check out their site at http://www.metrofarm.com.

Miracle Medicines of the Rainforest ... Dr. Thomas David, Healing Arts Press, One Park St., Rochester, VT 05767; 1997; softcover; 143 pages; ISBN: 0-89281-746-1. If you're into alternative treatments for cancer and AIDS you may be interested in this book. It's a botanical treatment based on a wide number of plants to create what the author calls a CoD Tea that he's used with amazing success. He gives brief profiles of the various plants used along with a large number of case histories. Very interesting reading.

More Herbs You Can Master ... From the author of Herbs You Can Master comes a new volume of More Herbs You Can Master (Carol R. Peterson, Mountain Garden Publishing, 1999, softcover; 253 pages, $17.95; ISBN: 0-9639620-1-9).  If you enjoy knowing everything there is about a specific herb you’ll love this book.  Think you know about Lemon Verbena?  Have you ever made lemon verbena bread?  Or Apple Crisp with Lemon Verbena?  We all know salad burnet as a cucumber substitute but do you know its medicinal uses?  Great reference book to add to your herbal knowledge.

Mother Nature’s Herbal ... Mother Nature’s Herbal by Judy Griffin (Llewellyn Publications, PO Box 64383, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383;1997; 372 pages; softcover; $19.94; ISBN: 1-56718-340-9) will give you an extensive overview of a variety of plant based healing modalities including flower essences (Judy’s specialty), essential oils, herbal remedies, diets, teas and more. With information on growing as well as using plants, you’ll customers will enjoy this one.

Mother Nature, MD, Eric Meyer, Prentice Hall Press, 2001, softcover, 298 pages.  Most of my friends are like me, we rarely go to the doctor, even when we probably should.  But we’d like to have some idea of what to do when we feel some dis-ease.  This handy guide will give you hundreds of suggestions on dealing with everything from asthma and hay fever to measles and ulcers. Filled with lifestyle changes, nutritional suggestions and herbal remedies, this book is a must for everyone’s medical bookshelf.  Looking for tips on preventing varicose veins?  Curious about copper bracelets?  Grumpy from your baby’s teething pains?  You’ll find answers here.

Mrs. Reppert's Twelve Month Herbal ... Bertha Reppert, Remembrance Press, 120 South. Market Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055; 1996; softcover; $17.50 ... Susanna calls it a "bathroom book"…..I think an herbal "Simple Abundance" book sounds better. Whichever, here are 365 days of herbs with recipes, folklore, herbal healing and gardening tips and quotes from one of the "elders" of the herb industry. (Sorry, Bertha, but you are J ) A great way to start 1997 (posted 1996.11.01)

Mugworts in May: A Folklore of Herbs ... Linda Ours Rago, Quarrier Press, 118 Capitol St., Charleston, WV 25301; 1995; softcover; 121 pages; $14.95. It's different than Kathleen's because it's a compilation of herbal charms, poems, quotes, along with a compendium of magical herbs. Just imagine what you can create using quotes like "Thyme and thyme and thyme again, Help us dance like fairies can."

My Favorite Herb ... Yes, I’m a sucker for cookbooks.  And I’m really a sucker for cookbooks from great chefs and restaurants.  So when I saw My Favorite Herb, (Laurel Keser, Callawind Publications, 1999, softcover, 240 pages; $19.95; ISBN: 1-896511-12-0) I got really excited.  Here you’ve got great chefs using common herbs in some awesome (yeah, I still pretend I’m young) recipes.  Does “Sun-Dried Tomato Crusted Snapper with Fennel, Artichokes and Lemon Balm” sound like your normal herbal cookbook?  Or maybe you’ve had a hankering for “Couscous and Wild Mushrooms with Guajillo—Red Pepper-Mexican Mint Marigold Sauce?  . You’ve got to buy this one.  It’s really great if you have any kind of herbal palate at all.


National Gardening Association's Dictionary of Horticulture ... Penguin Books, 375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014; 1996, softcover; 830 pages; $16.95. Everyone needs some good basic reference books on their bookshelf and this is one that will make you seem at least a little intelligent to your customers. There are over 15,000 entries describing every gardening term, planting methods, equipment, a complete index of common and scientific names of more than 10,000 plants and a current USDA Hardiness Zone Map. And there's pronunciation help as well. A reference book this inexpensive and complete should be on your shelf.

The Natural Beauty & Bath Book ... Natural body care is becoming a major category in books recently. The Natural Beauty & Bath Book, (Casey Kellar; Lark Books, 50 College St., Asheville, NC 28801; 1997; hardcover; 144 pages; $24.95; ISBN: 1-887374-48-5) is filled with herbal suggestions for every part of your body. Most of these are extremely simple and don’t require you to surf the web looking for exotic ingredients. Nice color photographs but I wish they’d included sources of where they found some of their bottles.

Natural Body Basics ... Dorie Byers, Gooseberry Hill Publications, PO Box 251, Bargersville, IN 46106. 1996; softcover; 80 pages. Lots of recipes here from everything from lip gloss to hair care products to skin care products. There are even a number of deodorant recipes for those that have decided to forego commercial preparations. Customers will enjoy it and it's a basis for a series of classes.

   Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy, John Boik, Oregon Medical Press (315 10th Ave North, Princeton, MN 55371; softcover; 521 pages)  Not for the beginner but essential for the practicing herbalist, this book covers the research on natural remedies for cancer and tumor reduction.  The nature of cancer is explained which leads into how and why these natural remedies can work.  Excellent text.  

The Natural Pregnancy Book ... Aviva Jill Romm, The Crossing Press (PO Box 1048, Freedom, CA 95019); 1997; softcover; 242 pages; 0-89594-819-2. Filled with everything you'll need on dealing with pregnancy from conception to birth and written by a midwife/herbalist that's been in practice since 1983. There are recipes, exercises, rituals, remedies and a great reference section at the end. If you're pregnant or planning on becoming so, get this book.

Natural Prescriptions for Women ... from the Editors of Prevention, Rodale Press, 1998; hardcover; 558 pages; $29.95; ISBN: 0-87596-433-8. Non-drug suggestions for everything from Cellulite and stretch marks to pregnancy and labor. Not just herbs but nutritional suggestions, exercise ideas and general lifestyle changes to help you take control of your own health. Easy to use reference guide that really does have some clever ideas. I liked one that gave you the miles-per-hour beat of popular songs to get you into the walking mode and prescriptions for the Harried (which most of us are). Recommended. (Though you’ll probably be able to get this at Sam’s Club and Walmart within 6 months).

Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats Herbs for pets is an ever increasing interest for consumers and the books just keep coming on the subject.  Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats by C.J. Puotinen (Keats Publishing, 1999, softcover, 244 pages; $14.95; ISBN: 0-87983-827-2) will make you want to never buy pet food again.  The emphasis is on making your own herbal products for your pets so don’t expect sales of tinctures to increase as a result of your customers purchasing the book.  Lots of great information at a very reasonable price.   

The Naturalist's Herb Guide ... Sally Ann Berk, distributed by Workman Publishing Co., 708 Broadway, New York, NY 10003; hardcover, 1996; 246 pages. A nice little herb guide covering around 300 herbs with very basic information including color photos of about 75 plants (wish there were more). An occasional recipe or remedy. Good mail order source list at the end.

Naturally Healing Herbs ... Carly Wall, Sterling Publishing, 387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016; 1996; softcover; 144 pages; $12.95. This is an interesting little book dealing with making tonics of many types: blood purifying, strengthening, energizing, alterative and renewing. Each herb discussed has its reported benefits and tonic usage----how to make and how much to take (which you don't get in a lot of other literature). This will be of interest to consumers, especially those just getting into herbal medicine. Makes things fairly simple.

Nature Printing with Herbs, Fruits & Flowers ... Laura Donnelly Bethmann, Storey Communications, 1996, hardcover, $22.95; 90 pages. Whether it's a new class that you want to offer in your shop, a new skill you want to learn for yourself or a new way of creating that you can sell, nature printing may be just the ticket. Very easy-to-follow instructions. If anyone tries the body printing let me know what the response is…..hmmm…would be interesting at herb festivals as a substitute for painting a child's face.

Nature's Aphrodisiacs ... It seems like the interest in Viagra has spilled over to the herb industry in big ways. If I see one more ad for "Herbal Viagra" I’m going to throw something. It’s spilled into publishing too because there’s been an assault of books on Aphrodisiacs. Nature’s Aphrodisiacs by Nancy L. Nickell (Crossing Press, PO Box 1048, Freedom, CA 95019; 1999; softcover; 192 pages; $14.95; ISBN: 0-89594-890-7) is a well researched study that delves into what helps increase libido and, even better, why. Before you send for that next advertised potion or before a customer comes to you with a question to increase performance get this book for a reference.

Nature's Pharmacy ... The heading on this book “Break the drug cycle with safe, natural treatments for 200 everyday ailments” will sell this book without you even lifting a finger.  Nature’s Pharmacy (Lynne Paige Walker & Ellen Hodgson Brown; Prentice Hall; 1998; softcover; $15.00; 414 pages; ISBN: 0-7352-0122-6) covers things from head lice to PMS.  And you’ll get homeopathic, herbal and dietary options compared with the conventional drug therapy.  Answers a lot of questions for your customers (and maybe for you).

Nature’s Prozac ... It’s unfortunate that this subject seems to be all-consuming recently, but if you or your patients suffer from depression, anxiety and stress you may want to pick up the next book. Nature’s Prozac (Judith Sachs, Prentice Hall, 1997; softcover; 502 pages; $14.95; ISBN: 0-13-887654-1) is filled with natural alternatives to prescription drugs and not just taking an herbal substitute (though there are some of those). Divided by specific ailments (insomnia, anger, confusion, etc), you’ll find ideas on meditation, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, exercise and more. Excellent reference book but sad that millions need material like this.

Never Enough Thyme with the Herbs ... Linda Kosa-Postl, Garden of Weeden Publishing, 5826 Robe Menzel Road, Granite Falls, WA 98252; softcover spiral; 1995; 235 pages; $15.95. I love books like this that segregate the recipes by which herbs are used. It's so helpful when you're trying to put together handouts for "Herb of the Month" or a theme day meal. And there are some unusual ones like Bible Cake….the ingredients are listed as verses in the bible and you have to search them out. (That could be an interesting class). The kind of odd little cookbook customers (and herb fanatics) love.

No Thyme to Cook Herbal Gourmet ... Carla J. Nelson, Herb Gatherings (10949 E 200 South, Lafayette, IN 47905-9453); spiral bound; 105 pages; 1997. The title was enough for me….I have no time (though there is quite a nice bed of thyme in my front patch). Lots of suggestions on using commercially available products and amending and enhancing them with herbs for a totally new look. The Thymely Pate looked interesting with…..Baby Food Ham and Beef. Now how many times have new mothers wondered what they could do with some of their excess baby food…..now you know. If you want foods that are quick and herby try this book.

If you’re an herbal enthusiast in the Northwest (or really anywhere), here is a book for you.  The The Northwest Herb Lover's Handbook : A... by Mary Preus (Sasquatch Books, 2000, softcover, 226 pages) covers 50 different herbs with basic information on usage and cultivation.  A book that beginning enthusiasts will enjoy.   

Nutrient Use in Crop Production ... Growing herbs (and all plants) takes some knowledge on plant nutrition. And this recent book might give you just the information you need.  Nutrient Use in Crop Production (Zdenko Rengel, Food Products Press, 1998; ISBN: 1-56022-061-9)  This book covers the use of fertilizers, soil and plant testing programs, nutrient management and more.  Serious growers will find this book beneficial.

Nutritional Herbology ... Mark Pedersen, Wendell W. Whitman Co., 302 E. Winona Ave., Warsaw, IN 46580; 1994; softcover; If you didn't get the original book in 1987 then you need to add this one to your medicinal library. Only place you're going to get such comprehensive nutritional profiles of most medicinal and many culinary herbs. You'll also get the chemical constituents and water weight loss when dried. A necessity.


One River ... Ever since my trip to the Peruvian Amazon I’ve become fascinated with ethnobotany and those that spend their lives in search of medicinal plants. One River by Wade Davis (Simon & Schuster, 1996; hardcopy; 537 pages; ISBN: 0-684-83496-0) was a book I first encountered when I went to a testimonial for Richard Evans Schultes, who is really the main character of this journey. Wade was a student of Schultes and the slides of his time in the Amazon touched every romantic notion of adventure I had. Whether you want a real life adventure to fill your evening or are fascinated about our search for plants in the jungles of South America this book will be hard to put down.

If you’ve ever heard Gail Edwards speak (and she’s been a hit at 2 of our conferences) you know that her love for plants comes from deep within her. Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing...    (Ash Tree Publishing, 2000, softcover, 245 pages; $13.95; ISBN: 1-888123-01-X) is an herbal in the Wise Woman tradition is a very good reference book for the novice that shows the true meaning of herbalism as part of our history and useful today for home health care. 113 herbs covered along with recipes and lore.  Your customers will love it.

Opium Poppy: Botany, Chemistry and Pharmacology ... L.D. Kapoor, PhD, Haworth Press Inc., 10 Alice St., Binghamton, NY 13904-1580; 1995; hardcover; 326 pages. This is one of the most extensive monographs I've seen on a specific plant and you will find everything you could want to know about one of the oldest medicinal plants in history (including cultivation and harvest). Very complete bibliography at the end of each chapter. Fascinating book for the serious medicinal herbalist.

The Organic Pages ... Whether you’re an organic grower or someone looking to buy organic, you’ll want a copy of The Organic Pages, a resource guide from the Organic Trade Association. It’s free is you join the OTA or is available for $44.95 for non-members (OTA, PO Box 1078, Greenfield, MA 01302; 413-774-7511; 270 pages; spiral bound; ISBN: 1-881427-99-4). It’s indexed a number of ways: growers, distributors, suppliers; certifying agencies; manufacturers and support services. If you’re organic you should consider getting listed here as well. Good resource guide if you’re looking for specific commodities as well.


Pacific Women’s Herbal Gathering ... If you can’t make the conference circuit, proceedings and tapes are the next best thing to being there. The Pacific Women’s Herbal Gathering talks are now available from the 1997 and 1998 events. The feel is more Wise Woman than technical but the information is solid and the format is professional. Available through Spinster Publishing (PO box 30522, Seattle, WA 98103, 206-783-8912; spindleweed@cwix.com)  

Partner Earth ... Pam Montgomery, Healing Arts Press, 1997; softcover; 159 pages; $12.95; ISBN: 0-89281-741-0. As soon as I saw the author's name, I knew I'd be impressed by the book. And I was right. If you're open to devas and plant spirits you'll find this book both warmly familiar and well-written. With exercises to enhance your sacred relationship with nature along with directions to make flower essences, you'll enjoy your time with the author.

Perfumes, Splashes & Colognes ... Nancy M. Booth, Storey Publishing (Schoolhouse Road, Pownal, VT 05261); 1998; paperback; $14.95; 171 pages; ISBN: 0-88266-985-0 If fragrances call you then this new book from the owner of Gingham & Spice will give you lots of information on creating your own perfumes and colognes. This is also a good book to use as a basis for workshops on blending and creating fragrances. Loaded with recipes you’ll find hard to resist trying. Good source list at the end.

Persuading on Paper ... I’ve got every book Marcia Yudkin has written and each is excellent. Persuading on Paper (Penguin, 1995; softcover; $12.95; 326 pages; ISBN: 0-452-27313-7) If you’ve got a business, you’ve got to write copy….for a newsletter, a brochure, a catalog, something. I’ve turned over almost every page and marked it up with notes. There are so many suggestions for not only writing but understanding your audience, getting a focus on who and what you are and so much more. This is a must for everyone of you!!!

Phytotherapy in Pediatrics ... Heinz Schilcher, distributed by Medicina Biologica (2937 NE Flanders St., Portland, OR 92732); softcover; 181 pages; 1997; ISBN: 3-88763-026-2; $35. Treating children is an area in itself. And treating children with herbs is an area rarely covered in great depth in most of the better books on herbal medicine. This book will fill in the blanks and offer many suggestions of treatments effective for infants and young children. With references to the Commission E Monographs you’ll know what contraindications to be aware of as well as dosages (a difficult one with toddlers). A necessity for your medicinal library.

Plant Alkaloids: A Guide to Their Discovery and Distribution ... Robert F. Raffauf, Haworth Press, 10 Alice St., Binghamton, NY 13904-1580; hardcover; $69.95; 1996; 279 pages. Alright, this book is not for everyone…..but those that are involved with plant chemistry including those prescribing herbal remedies will find this an extremely useful text. Look at it as a dictionary…here are the plants, here's what was found. Many of the plants described come from the rainforest.

Plant List and Cultural Guide ... Jane's Herb Farm (042 State Road, Webster, NY 14580) has come up with a great plant list and cultural guide that she originally prepared for her customers and is now willing to sell to others. It gives details on 795 herbs & perennials that are hardy in zones 5 and 6 including height, description of plant and recommended growing requirements. Everything is cross-referenced in both Latin and English. Cost is $11.88 which includes postage and is spiral bound making it easy to use.

Plant Nutrition Manual ... Growing herbs (and all plants) takes some knowledge on plant nutrition. This recent book might give you just the information you need.  Plant Nutrition Manual (J. Benton Jones, Jr., CRC Press, 1998, hardcover, ISBN: 1-884015-31-X) gives the basics of plant nutrition in detail (including micronutrients) and covers methods of plant analysis and tissue testing. Serious growers will find this book beneficial.

Plant Spirit Medicine: The Healing Power of Plants ... Eliot Cowan, Blue Water Publishing, Box 726, Newbert, OR 97132; softcover; 185 pages; 1995. This is a fascinating book on the shamanic practices of healing with the spirits of the plants. The ancient way of healing has always been to work on curing the psyche and spirit as well as the body and using plants for this type of medicine is part of the tradition. Filled with stories of contemporary shamans as well. Fascinating.

If you’re looking for information on those endangered medicinal plants that United Plant Savers (UPS) is laboring to save, Planting the Future : Saving Our... (Rosemary Gladstar and Pamela Hirsch editors, Healing Arts Press, 2000, softcover, 310 pages) This is one of those books you really have to have for your library if medicinal plants are an interest.  It’s filled with so much material on these scarce plants that you’ll find it an essential.  Highly recommended. 

Polish Herbs, Flowers & Folk Medicine ... Sophie Hodorowicz Knab, Hippocrene Books, Inc., 171 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016; hardcover; 1995; 107 pages; $19.95. I find books like this fascinating and there's so few available. Each herb discussed has the Polish name, folk uses and recipes. There's a lot of history and an extensive section on gardening in Poland. Detailed bibliography if you want to continue the research. If you're of Polish heritage you have to have this book……and if you're interested in folklore this will be a wonderful addition to your library.

Portraits in Oils: The Personality of Aromatherapy Oils and Their Link With Human Temperaments ... Philippe Mailhebiau (C.W. Daniel Company LTD VALIGN="top"., 1 Church Path, Saffron Walden, Exxes, CB10 1JP, UK; 1995; softcover; $19.95; 298 pages). The subtitle is: The personality of aromatherapy oils and their link with human temperaments. Now my more scientific based friends will shoot me for this but I liked it…a lot…but then I tend to temper my scientific bent with more esoteric leanings. Lots of interesting folklore too.

Potted Gardens: A Fresh Approach to Container Gardening ... Rebecca Cole, Clarkson Potter, hardcover; 1997; $27.50; 191 pages. OK, I admit that I have a very small yard. Much as I enjoy gardening I've learned that a large yard takes up more time than I can give. But that doesn't stop me from wanting it to look like I garden. So this book really appealed to me. Dozens and dozens of ideas to make a patio, deck, porch, balcony or small yard yield a bounty of vegetables, herbs and flowers. And look good doing it. The pictures alone will leave you inspired….like incorporating an old child's tricycle in your patio planting…..too cool.

Pour Your Heart Into It ... There’s only so many herb books one wants to read, so my "spare time" reading rarely deals with them. Instead I look for books that are either uplifting or beneficial to business. One of my favorites lately is Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO of Starbucks (Hyperion Press, 114 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10011; 1997; softcover; 351 pages; $14.95; ISBN: 0-7868-6315-3). Whether you like Starbucks Coffee or could care less, this is an incredible story in marketing and growing a business from a small regional company to one known world-wide. You’ll learn how to take your love of what you’re doing and translate it to a business philosophy that can transform your business if you have the courage to think big (and make a plan). I was so impressed that now I’m only buying Starbucks coffee.

Proceedings from the Medicines from the Earth Symposium ... Buy this book!!! If you're interested in medicinal herbs you HAVE to get this one. It's the Proceedings from the Medicines from the Earth Symposium in Black Mountain, NC, in May. Excellent, excellent, excellent (and there are tapes too!) Papers on ADD, migraines, TCM treatment for breast cancer, lower back pain, and from speakers like Tieraona Low Dog, Chanchal Cabrera, Amanda McQuade Crawford. You're not serious if you don't get this book. From Herbal Educational Services, PO Box 57, Swans Island, ME 04685; 800-252-0688.

Profits from Dream Pillows ... Jim Long, 1997, Long Creek Herbs (Rt 4 Box 730, Oak Grove, AR 72660); softcover; $9.95; 64 pages; 1-889791-12-1. Jim is one of the better herbalist/writers I know going back to his wonderful Ozark Herbalist days as well as the author of several little booklets on various facets of herbs. Whether it's as a crafter or as an herbalist that wants to include dream pillows as part of their remedy lines you'll find information here on not only making but on marketing and packaging (the HARD part). Lots of sources, information on pricing too. Recommended.

Psyilocybin Mushrooms Of The World ... If it’s a book on mushrooms and it’s by Paul Stamets I’d buy it.  Owner of Fungi Perfecti and author of one of the best books I’ve seen on medicinal mushrooms this identification guide on Psyilocybin Mushrooms of the World (10 Speed Press, 1996, softcover, 243 pages; $24.95; ISBN: 0-89815-839-7) will give you everything you’ve ever wanted to know on the “sacred” mushroom experience including cultivation (remember the legality of this while you’re “experimenting”)  Great information and excellent reference.  Sorry, can’t give any personal experience at this point.


Queen D's Fairy Recipe Book ... Cindy McGonagle, 1994, Botanic Reproductions, PO Box 40806, Portland, OR 97240; 92 pages; $13.25 ... Everything you need to draw faeries into your life and sell them to your customers…..spiritual teas, angel oils, fairy legends, fairy perfumes, loads of folklore. If a fairy festival is in your future, you should get this book.

Quick and Easy Topiary and Green Sculpture ... Jenny Hendy, Storey Communications, Schoolhouse Rd., Pownal, VT 05261; 1996; softcover; 128 pages. If you've ever seen the topiaries at Longwood or Sue Brung's creations near Cincinnati you might have thought I'd like to but….. Well, this book at least lets you believe that it's possible for us plant killers. From large to small you'll find ideas that will have your statement stunning in weeks instead of years. Sources for supplies and frames are included.


Recipes from Riversong: Using Herbs in Lean Green Cooking ... Pat Crocker, Moulin Publishing Ltd., PO Box #560, Norval, ONT N0P 1K0, Canada; $14.95US; softcover; 1996; 174 pages; ISBN 0-9697079-6-7. One of the best things for me about going to the Richter's conference was shopping at the Canadian bookstores and finding books not readily available in the US. And this book was one. There are some wonderful healthy recipes here with such interesting items as a herb bread pudding using a rhubarb-angelica compote, a wild spring salad with everything in the field, and a red clover salad with rose dressing. And even better, it's by season.

Richter's Conference Proceedings ... Another publication that came from Richter’s conference are the transcripts from the 2nd Annual Conference held in 1997. What makes these proceedings so unique is that they are edited from the tapes of the speakers and include copies of all the slides that the speakers used. More work than I would do, but they’re an excellent resource for growers. Available from Richters, Goodwood, ONT L0C 1A0 Canada; 905-640-6677; softcover; 189 pages; ISBN: 1-894021-01-0

Rodale's Pest & Disease Problem Solver: A Chemical-Free Guide to Keeping Your Garden Healthy ... Linda Gilkeson, Pam Peirce, Miranda Smith; Rodale Press (33 E Minor St., Emmaus,m PA 18098); 1996; hardcover; 384 pages; $27.95. Great guide for ridding your garden of those unwanted vermin without using chemicals. Listed by individual plants with lots of herbs. An excellent reference book.

Rosemary Remembered; A China Bayles Mystery ... Susan Wittig Albert; Berkley Publishing Group, 200 Madison Ave., NY, NY 10016; 1995; hardcover; $19.95; 304 pages. Now I have to admit that I'm a China Bayles fan and with each book I become more of one. Susan's writing is such that I believe China does exist. And the fact that she and I are experiencing similar emotions in our personal life, I find I'm more interested in her growth than the story itself. I even asked Susan where China was going next to give me a clue as to where I might be going :-)....Susan's books get better with each one.

A Russian Herbal ... Igor Vilevich Zevin, Healing Arts Press, 1997; softcover, $14.95; 250 pages; ISBN: 0-89281-549-3 I find books like this fascinating since we so often only see books on herbs that are westernized. You'll find the Materia Medica covers many herbs you're familiar with along with some like Clinker Polypore and Restharrow that you don't come across in most herb books. There's plenty of medicinal information along with preparation and dosages.


Sacred Flowers ... I saw this lovely book at Borders and decided it was too charming not to review. Sacred Flowers (Roni Jay, Beyond Words Publishing, 20827 NW Cornell Rd Ste 500, Hillsboro, OR 97124; 1997; hardcover; $14.95; 56 pages; ISBN 1-885223-54-4) is filled with profiles and beautiful illustrations of flowers that have a history of healing on many levels. Narcissus, Poppy, Rose are only a few of those described. This would make a wonderful addition to a gift basket that had some flower essences in it or some essential oils.

Scarecrows ... I do believe Storey is rapidly becoming the herbalist’s publishing company with the wide range of books they’ve been releasing. Here’s another that isn’t herbal but does fit with the gardening side we have. Scarecrows by Felder Rushing is truly inspiring (softcover; 1998; $19.95; 103 pages; ISBN: 1-58017-067-6). After scanning this one, even I am ready to create a yard creature for my garden. You’ll find ideas on making felt crows, pot people, tin men and scarecrows as art forms. And to bring more customers out to your business try holding a community scarecrow contest…..details are all here. A must have whether you have a garden centered business or just love to garden.

Scarlet Music ... I admit to not knowing much about Hildegard of Bingen. I mean I know who she is, her importance to herbal medicine but not much more. Finding this book has made me interested in learning a lot more. Scarlet Music (Joan Ohanneson, The Crossroad Publishing Co., 370 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017; 1997; softcover; 265 pages; $14.95; ISBN: 0-8245-1646-X) brings this amazing woman to life in a fictional format that will have you wanting to learn more as well. Woven throughout the book are Hildegard’s own words from her visionary prophecies. Written by a woman that has studied this amazing herbalist extensively you’ll quickly become caught up in her life and the history of her time. Very enjoyable.

Scented Geraniums ... Jim Becker & Faye Brawner, Interweave Press (201 East 4th Street, Loveland, CO 80537-5655); 1996; 1-883010-18-7. Have you become addicted to Scented Geraniums yet? If not, pick up a couple and get this book. There is everything you need to know about becoming an expert on them as well as picking up the addiction J And what's even better is a brief description of all the various varieties with photographs. Really useful.

  The Season of Advent is upon us and this book by a wonderful herb person Don Haynie (Buffalo Springs Herb Farm, softcover, 2000, 135 pages) is filled with the lore of Advent as well as projects and recipes that will take you through the pre-Christmas season.  As delightful as the author this book will give you lots of ideas to personal holiday season or incorporate in bringing customers into your business.  

Seasoning Savvy : How to Cook With... by Alice Arndt (Haworth Herbal Press, 1999, softcover, 265 pages) is one of my favorite types….lots of detailed information about individual spices and culinary herbs.  It not only covers common herbs but the unusual ones like mastic.  And you’ll find exotic information about common plants as well.  Did you know that soapwort is used in cooking in the Middle East.  Good reference book.  

Serious Gardener: Reliable Roses (New York Botanical Garden) ... Christine Utterback and Mike Ruggiero, Clarkson Potter, 1997; softcover; 192 pages; $23 (rather steep I admit). If for no other reason I would have included this book here because one of my closest friends Chris is the primary author. But there's more reason than that. Here are all the detailed steps in cultivating roses of every description with regional guides for every part of the country. Learn pest cultivation techniques, pest and disease control, designing and maintaining your own rose garden. Also a directory of rose nurseries and a guide to public rose gardens. Great resource.

The Shaker Herb and Garden Book ... The Shakers used herbs long before they became media’s recent darling, and you’ll get a perspective on that from The Shaker Herb and Garden Book, (Rita Buchanan; Houghton Mifflin, 222 Berkeley St., Boston, MA 02116-3764; 1996; hardcover; 160 pages; $27.95; ISBN: 0-395-73325-1). Filled with color photographs, you’ll learn about an important part of this country’s herbal history including ideas on bringing herbs into your life in a different way. A really nice addition to your library and perhaps a stimulant for a new winter class.

Shaker Medicinal Herbs ... by Amy Bess Miller (Storey, 1998, hardcover, 215 pages; $35; ISBN: 1-58017-040-4) is a compendium of the various herbs used by the Shakers as well as a beautifully illustrated history of the medicinal herbs used by them and the plants’ importance in Shaker history. Whether you’re a Shaker enthusiast or a student of the history of herbs, you’ll find something worthwhile in this book.

Shiitake The Healing Mushroom ... Kenneth Jones; Healing Arts Press, One Park St., Rochester, VT 05767; 1995; softcover; 120 pages; $8.95. Have your customers asked you about Shiitake and you really didn't know what to respond? This little book might be of some help. It discusses the research on using this mushroom for protection against cancer and chronic fatigue in great detail. Very helpful in answering questions.

The Soap Book: Simple Herbal Recipes
The Natural Soap Book: Making Herbal and Vegetable-Based Soaps ... Sandy Maine, Interweave Press, 201 E 4th St., Loveland, CO 80537; 1995; softcover; 94 pages; $9.95 and Susan Miller Cavitch, Storey Publishing, Schoolhouse Road, Pownal, VT 05261; 1995; softcover; 182 pages; $12.95. My first question is: where were all these soap books all the years I was making soap? And in the last year they're coming into the marketplace every month. Could it be because of that writeup about Barbara Bobo in Martha Stewart Living last year? Whatever the reason these two books need to go on your soapmaking bookshelves. They're both different and they're both good. There's a lot more information in Cavitch's book including more addresses of suppliers. But Maine's book has many more recipe suggestions and once you make one type of soap you want to keep trying new varieties. I've taught soapmaking since 1983 when Barbara Bobo first taught me and I sure wish these had been around.

Soap Recipes : Seventy Tried-And-True Ways to Make Modern Soap With Herbs, Beeswax and Vegetable Oils ... Elaine C. White, Valley Hills Press, 1864 Ridgeland Road, Starkville, MS 39759; 1995; softcover; 224 pages; $23.95 (gulp). Soap making seems to be the craft of choice these days with classes filling up and new books on the subject coming out monthly. This book has 70 interesting recipes that will help you in making your own and teaching classes in the subject. It includes filled soaps, aromatherapy soaps and more. My only complaint is the price. Way too high for a paperback this size when there are so many competitors out there. But the material is good.

Spirit Medicine: Native American Teachings to Awaken the Spirit ... Wolf Moondance, Sterling Publishing, 387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016; 1995; softcover; 160 pages; $12.95. Herbs are only one form of healing. Many other aspects take place inside us…..healing the spirit often leads to miraculous recoveries of the physical form. Here are teachings and rituals that incorporate Native American spirituality to awaken the spirit. I've got hundreds of books in this vein and I think this is one of the easiest to not only understand but accomplish the rituals suggested.

Step-By-Step Outdoor Stonework : Over Twenty Easy-To-Build Projects for Your Patio and Garden ... Mike Lawrence, Storey Publishing, 1995, softcover, $18.95; 96 pages. Well your yard is full of plants but it's still missing something…..could be you need outdoor rooms. And this book will give you over 20 ideas to create them with stone. Easy projects for paths, walls, fountains, sundials and more. Take your garden to the next level with the information you'll find here.

Stevia Rebaudiana: Nature's Sweet Secret ... David Richard, Blue Heron Press, PO Box 544, Bloomingdale, IL 60108; 1996; softcover; 60 pages. I love books on a single herb because you get a lot of information that's not in general herbal books. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about Stevia including recipes using stevia as a sweetener and ……sources of stevia extract, powder, etc. A handy book to have in your library to answer questions from customers like "Is stevia safe?" and "How do I use it?"

Succulent Wild Woman ... I don't know about you but I recently got into the Sark books and think every woman should have at least one of these books laying around to browse through when you're in need of a boost. One of my favorites is Succulent Wild Woman (reminds me so much of Rosemary Gladstar when I saw that title). And the inside lives up to the promise…..learning how to live juicy…..which is the name of another of Sark's books. And if you really get into Sark's way of living you'll want to subscribe to her newsletter as well……(Fireside Books; softcover; $15; 1997; ISBN 0-684-83376-X). Pick this one up….along with the rest….read a few pages a day and soon you'll realize that deep down you're a Succulent Wild Woman too.

Sunset Northeastern Landscaping Book  Landscaping is always a good way to take your herb growing business and here’s a book loaded with ideas: Sunset Northeastern Landscaping edited by Ken Druse (Sunset Books, 2000; 416 pages, softcover; ISBN: 0-376-03520-X) offers a wealth of ideas for garden design in the Northeastern U.S..  Specific plants and ideas are covered for the Coastal areas, Great Lakes, cities and suburbs.  Plenty of photos and plant suggestions for each eco-niche. 


Tea Gardens: Places to Make and Take Tea ... by Ann Lovejoy (Chronicle Books, 1998; hardcover; 120 pages; $17.95; ISBN: 0-8118-1905-5. With the tea craze in full bloom, this book will give you a wealth of ideas on enjoying it in your home as well as bringing it into your business. Whether you only have room for a container tea garden or want to explore the serenity of a Japanese tea garden, you’ll find pictures and design elements to help you create the perfect spot. A few tea recipes round out the book. This is one book that could lead to some new classes for spring and summer.

 Thymely Activities for the Young Herbalist ... Joyce Ellenbecker; Foundation House Publications, 5569 No Country Road 29, Loveland, CO 80538; 1997; softcover; 20 pages; ISBN: 0-934427-05-8. Here’s an activity book for children that can lure many into a life long interest in plants. Recipes, projects, games and a unique coloring project (looks like stained glass for your window when completed) would be great for class ideas, your own children or perhaps an introduction into schools. Good book for your shop.

Tonics ... (Robert A Barnett, Harper Collins, 10 East 53rd St., New York, NY 10022; 1997; softcover; 336 pages; $15 (though I found it much cheaper); ISBN: 0-06-095111-7) There is truly something for everyone here. And it’s food and not just drinks. How about an Energy-Boosting Asian Fish Stew with codonopsis, astragalus and Siberian ginseng? Or a Horseradish-Honey-Garlic tea to clear out your breathing passages? And even ideas of what to do with fresh kudzu. I haven’t tried too many yet but this one will definitely stimulate your digestive system

Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology of...  of Herbal Products, Edited by Melanie Johns Cupp, (Humana Press, 2000, hardcover, 325 pages; ISBN: 0-89603-791-6) may answer your clients’ questions on whether an herb is safe.  Though only 28 herbs are covered there are multitudes of references to research and reports of possibly toxicity. For the professional….not easy reading but an excellent reference book for your medicinal library.


"The Unlikely Lavender Queen: A Memoir of Unexpected Blossoming " by Jeannie Ralston, Broadway Books, 2008.  After my recent stroke I really didn't know if I could even read a book, let alone review one.  "The Unlikely Lavender Queen" was the perfect choice for me.  I needed a book about taking on a challenge and Jeannie Ralston took a big one when she moved to Texas from Manhattan and started a lavender farm.  In this industry, it's a story I've heard often enough, but very few so charmingly written.  And a lavender farm was simply the setting for the growth in a woman.  And a good setting it is.  If you've ever thought having an herb farm was the perfect life, read this book.  It ain't all fun and games.  In fact, you may want to look for some easier endeavor.   From building a house in a rural area to dealing with post-partum depression to creating a lavender business, this book will have you identifying often with the author.  Well written, you cheer the author on and want to know what's next for her (Mexico).  Very recommended.

Water Magic: Healing Bath Recipes for the Body, Spirit, and Soul ... Mary Muryn, Fireside Books, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 1002; 1995; softcover; 223; $11.00. Herbs and water are an amazing combination….for drinking as teas or to soak languidly in to heal the spirit and the body. Lots and lots of ideas here using herbs, homeopathic remedies and flower essences. A book I'd definitely carry in the shop surrounded by lots of product ideas.

On a more clinical note is the book Weeds Heal: A Working Herbal by Isla Burgess (Viriditas Publishing, PO Box 439, Cambridge, New Zealand; email: waikherb@hn.pl.net; softcover; 128 pages; 1999; ISBN: 0-473-05355-1).  Though it covers only 13 plants, it goes into great depths on what are often considered “unwanted weeds”. Good color identification photos (for those that for some reason have never seen weeds) along with plant songs and meditations.  Both well-written and charming.

What Herb is That? ... John & Rosemary Hemphill, Stackpole Books (5067 Ritter Rd., Mechancsburg, PA 17055); 1997; hardcover; 287 pages; 0-8117-1634-1; $32.95. A nice basic book that gives a page, sometimes 2, to a large number of herbs. And there are some odd herbs covered that you don't see in many other books (like Melokhia and Kiffir Lime). And you get a little something on the various uses of each herb described (though I've never seen valerian listed with "cosmetic" uses before). There are a lot more recipes than in other books. I'll have to play with it a little more to see how necessary it could be.

Why We Garden: Cultivating a Sense of Place ... Jim Nollman, Henry Holt (115 West 18th St., New York, NY 10011; 1994; softcover; 312 pages; $14.00; ISBN: 0-8050-4561-9 When I first received the review copy it took me a while to get into the book, but once I did it was a joy to continue. It’s a year in the author’s garden on the Puget Sound and each month focuses on a different type of garden: remedy, semi-real, sacred, weed, predator. It’s a mixture of gardening techniques, philosophy and stories that real gardeners (& those that wish they were) will read slowly and savor. If you believe the garden is sentient, you’ll enjoy this book.

The Wild Food Gourmet ... Anne Gardon, (Firefly Books, PO Box 1338, Ellicott Station, Buffalo, NY 14205; 1998; softcover; 174 pages; $24.95; ISBN: 1-55209-242-9). I admit I’m a sucker for cookbooks….and the more exotic the better. Well, I wouldn’t call this "exotic" for most herbalists but for the general public eating "weeds" isn’t the norm. When was the last time you whipped up "Lamb’s Quarters Flan" for the family potluck? Or served "Cattail and Ham Rolls" to the kids? If you’re already chewing on weeds as you garden try taking them "gourmet" with these beautifully illustrated recipes. Actually, the photography alone will make "Curried Cattail Soup" look really yummy.

The Wild Onion Cookbook ... Northern Illinois Unit of The Herb Society of America, 1997; spiral bound (easily removed for copying); 377 pages; says order form in the rear but I couldn’t find one. A different herb cookbook in that it’s specializing on the alliums: onions, garlic, chives, shallots, leeks, scallions and any other wild ones out there. Just lots of really interesting recipes that help you get your daily dose a allicin. Come on, you need another cookbook!

Wisdom from a Shaker Garden ... Kathleen Mahoney, Penguin Putnam (375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014); hardcover; 1998; 90 pages; $14.95; ISBN: 0-670-87365-9. A little gift book with very basic information on medicinal plants and inspirational passages Shaker writings. Photographs and some recipes round it out. Would be a nice addition to a gift basket

A Witch's Brew; The Art of Making Magical Beverages ... If you liked A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook, then you'll love A Witch's Brew by Patricia Telesco (Llewellyn Publications, PO Box 64383, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383; 1995; softcover; 268 pages; $16.95). And you don't have to be a witch to enjoy it. There are beers, cordials (medicinal, of course), teas and coffees, wines….using herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers. Add some new punches to those summer and fall festivals and get this book.

Writing from Life: Telling Your Soul's Story ... Susan Wittig Albert, Putnam Books, 200 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016; 1996; softcover; 233 pages. And you thought all she could write was herbal mysteries…..Journals are one of the best ways to resolve issues and begin a period of self-discovery. Susan will take you step by step through the process with exercises, meditation and other women's journeys. And if you've been thinking of writing a book yourself this will put you on the path to finding the words to express yourself. Recommended.




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