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HerbNET is happy to trade reciprocal links with you if you are an information only site at no charge (check the Potpourri section for types of free links we're open to). Please link to HerbNET using the URL http://www.herbnet.com . If you include a description with our link, please use: "HerbNET is the most comprehensive site on the NET for everything herbal!" Just send your URL to our email address  along with a short (50 words or less) description of your site. If you would like to use a gif for your link to HerbNET, use either of these. You may resize them keeping the same aspect ratio, but no other alterations please.  

 If you are a business site that wants to be in our Herb Shoppe area we do so on a reciprocal link basis for nonmembers of our Network.  (Network members don't have to reciprocate, but we do appreciate it.)  We monitor the links monthly to maintain our credibility and will remove listings (after 1 warning) that are not reciprocating. We do NOT accept links from multi-level distributors.  Too many of them, though we will create a link to the home company on the "multi-level" page (this does not hold for network members). .  As of 12/02 we are no longer doing reciprocal links with sites that have pop-ups on entering.  It irritates me and I know it irritates other visitors.  I also do not believe in linking to any and everyone and really dislike link generating software.  We only link to herb related businesses and if I get a "form letter" telling me about the benefits of linking to improve our mutual search engine status, it will probably get trashed.  For all linking purposes, your link page has to be listed on your home page, not buried within the site.


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HerbNET brings in over 50,000 visitors each month.  These are people interested in natural health and/or herbs.  We encourage businesses that are interested in this market to consider advertising with us.


Size: Standard banners are 468 x 60 pixels. Non-standard sizes can be accommodated but may be an additional cost.

Setup/Design: There is no charge if you provide the static or animated banner file (GIF or JPG). $35 charge for us to create the banner.  Animated banners from your logo or our artwork are $35.

Monthly Fee: $35 a month for members of The Herb Growing & Marketing Network, $50 for nonmembers.  3 month minimum.  Multiple banners get special discounts.  No banners on site index page or would have to be exceptional programs for me to consider them.

Payment: Payment must be in US dollars and may be sent by email, snail mail or phone. We accept plastic (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover -- please include the number, expiration date, SEC code and billing name) and checks. Payment can be sent via email or our snail mail address is: HerbNET, PO Box 245, Silver Springs, PA 17575, USA. The phone number is 717-393-3295.

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Description: Listings in this section are free to members.  Not accepting listings for nonmembers at this time unless you can convince me otherwise. 

Web Site Design / Web Site Hosting

HerbNET can also offer virtual domain hosting, secure server transactions, encrypted credit card number ordering, JAVA and ActiveX programming, active server pages -- in short, we can offer you very basic services, an enterprise solution, or anything in between.  You can find all our details at www.HoldMyHandHosting.com including information on our special membership/hosting package...$300 for a year's hosting with deluxe shopping cart and full membership.....a savings of $95 a year over monthly deals.

Please call 717-393-3295 or send an email  to discuss your specific needs. We will provide your with a firm, detailed cost proposal for your approval before starting. And after your approval, we won't stop until you are 100% satisfied.

"No job too big, no job too small -- HerbNET can do it all !!!"