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grndot.gif (211 bytes)Herbs by Sarah LLC,  Manufacturer of a line of herbal bread and  spread mixes featuring authentic flavors of Louisiana.  Mulling  spices, dried herb blends, potpourri, etc.  WHOLESALE and retail sales.  Experienced professional  teacher/speaker offering programs, classes, and workshops on growing and using herbs for cooking, fragrance, and decoration as well as herb gardening for persons with disabilities.  Consulting services include herbal and culinary research, writing, and editing.

Jaguar Yerba ... markets a wonderful South American Herb Yerba Mate -- a healthy coffee alternative with 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and lots of other wonderful benefits

Kava King ... manufactures an all natural kava herbal drink and has been in business since 1997 ... they purchase kava in root form only, from growers in Tonga

Mistaponics ... automatic sprouting, wheatgrass & seed germinator ... homemade vitamins detox & rejuvenation with 100% organic produce ... you can now harvest all your vitamins, minerals & enzymes organically at home ... sprouts are the "forgotten foods of the kings" and maybe the fountain of youth ... the contents of this web site contains information on nutrition, balanced diet, and the health value of eating sprouts