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Ayurvedic Herbs

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Ayurvedic Herbs

AyurHelp....website launched with the sole aim of propagating the benefits of AYURVEDA through free consultations and descriptions about its constituents.

Ayurvedic Rasayanas...
Manufacture, retailer and wholesaler of strictly traditional ayurvedic
alternative herbal medicines, supplements and herbs of India produced in the U.S.A. For Impotency, Weight loss, bronchitis, asthma, Heart and Liver disease, Menstruation, PMS, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Colds,
Ulcer Healing, Digestion, Anxiety, Stress, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Kidney, Arthritis, Aphrodisiacs, impotency, Infertility, Hypertension

Ayurveda Holistic Center
... Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha is the founder of the Ayurveda Holistic Center and the Swami Narayan Tirtha Math (a non-profit tax exempt ashram) ... his articles have been published throughout the world, he has published two books on Vedanta spiritualism and has written and published a forthcoming book on Ayurveda ... Swamiji has developed his own line of Ayurvedic products and offers international consultations and certification programs in Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology

Trade Technocrats Ltd. ... an importer and distributor of over 300 botanical herbs and spices