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Herbs for Pets

Annie’s Herbals, Annie Roach, 1076 Mt Gilead Church Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27312; 919-542-4649; email: azroach@mindspring.com  Holistic alternatives for companion animals.  Information and consultations on holistic pet care including herbs, homeopathy, vaccination discussion and alternatives.  Topical treatments compatible with homeopathic prescriptions

CatSu Herbal Health,....  Mother Nature's Best in natural, herbal products for your cats and dogs.  Get answers & expert advice for the care of your pet.  Shop for wonderful natural, herbal products and unique gifts for pets and pet lovers everywhere.  We ship worldwide!  

Cattoyz....WHOLESALE and retail catnip cat toys made with certified organic catnip, no fillers, free sample    

Equilite Inc.,  Holistic equine herbs and natural horse supplements and essences       

Herbs for Horses ... offers the equine and human market a unique and broad range for nutritional and health maintenance products

  grndot.gif (211 bytes)Herbs of the World, Inc... Horses eat plants and plants provide vital nutrients and medicines that may not be in your hay when your horse needs them. Canadian herbalist and racehorse owner Loryhl Davis has developed a line of herbal formulas to meet the needs of race, show, and endurance horses based on herbal traditions from all over the world. We offer 25 established formulas for common concerns such as muscle soreness, lung bleeding, urinary system problems and building muscle mass. Our formulas contain herbs and nothing else; we use no preservatives, fillers or other chemical additives. Liquid herbal blends include cough syrup, brace and salve.  Herbs of the World sells several versions of the immune system boosting preventative Garlic n' Roses, a blend of pure venetian garlic with rose hips, one of nature's richest sources of vitamin C. Added Parsley helps the urinary system. Astragalus and shizandrae berries are used to strengthen the immune system. Rose petals help to calm skittish animals. We also offer bulk herbs and homeopathic, aromatherapy, flower essences, and other hard to find alternative health care products. 

Meadowsweet Acres ... complete source for natural, herbal blends for all your horse and other pet needs ... hand mixed just for you, made with certified organic herbs when available, and can be easily changed or adjusted to suit your individual needs at no extra charge ... creams and ointments are all made with sun infused herbal oils, pure beeswax pearls from Australia, and Vitamin E ... only pure essential oils are used--no perfumes or preservatives

Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals ... a USA based company dedicated to the use of safe, all natural medicines without side effects ... each Natural Veterinary Pharmaceutical is manufactured in strict accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and the FDA ... a National Drug Code (NDC) number is assigned to each Natural Veterinary Pharmaceutical

Only Natural Pet Store.com....your source for healthy supplies for dogs and cats