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Manufacturing Equipment & Supplies

Eden Labs - Coldfinger Home Page ... source for laboratory glassware and information on the revolutionary new Coldfinger herbal extraction units ... herbal extracts and pure essential oils can be made inexpensively and easily ... units ranging from ones small and simple enough to use in your own kitchen to full size commercial units designed for high volume factory use ... the basic unit can even utilize a simple stove top range as a heat source

grndot.gif (211 bytes)Sponsor Essential Supplies ... Containers: bottles, jars, vials, closures, boxes, bags, labels ... Specialties: prescription packaging, herb and essential oil containers and measuring supplies, personal care and gourmet food containers ... huge selection stocked ... wholesale with low minimums

Herbal Tincture Press ... powerful mechanical herbal press ... delivers 30-60% more product than other methods ... designed by home herbalist for do-it-yourselfers and small volume professionals ... ideal size for those doing batches of one pint to a gallon or more ... heavy duty, industrial quality, all steel construction press is only 10" tall, 6" diameter base, weighs just under four pounds

Longevity Herb Company Herb Tincture Presses - all original designs - from $28 to $788 handling up to 1.4 gallons of marc with 285-318 pounds per square inch of pressure. Easy to operate, all stainless herb contacts, and easy cleanup with smooth powder coated surfaces. Our customer service works with you to ensure that you are pleased with your press.

Sayfer Botanicals,   Lab equipment for herbal medicine making projects large and small.  Glass and stainless steel equipment available.  Turn key projects; technical consulting.

The Saket Poly Bag Company ... Low cost poly bags, small and large quantites, great for packaging your herbs.