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Seeds -- (also look in HerbNET's SOURCE)

Borghese Gardens ... online seed catalog of a growing selection of seeds for unusual and hard to find plants, herbs, flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables ... they will "search the globe for any of your seed requests"

Exhibition Seeds ... high quality vegetable and herb seeds for gardeners, growers, and for the trade

Good Seed ... a retail seed company in Northern Washington state specializing in heirloom, open-pollinated and northern acclimated seeds ... a full catalog on line along with growing tips and descriptions of seed varieties

Harris Seeds,...We are a catalog firm selling herb, flower and vegetable seed to the home gardener and the professional grower.  Mail order or call Customer Service staff.  We also carry a full line of gardening accessories and greenhouses.

Chas C. Hart Seed Co...the company is owned and operated by members of the third, fourth, and fifth generations of the Hart family. The Hart's oversee the production and distribution of packet seeds, bulk vegetable and flower seed, lawn seed, fertilizers and other landscape products to independent dealers, farmers, golf courses, and landscape professionals throughout the Northeastern United States.

 Johnny's Selected Seeds ... International mail order herb, vegetable, and flower seed company.  Servicing the fresh market grower for over 25 years.  Extensive line of culinary and medicinal herbs.  Professional staff available for your inquiries.  Free retail and WHOLESALE catalogs.  Open year round.  Trial fields open to the public during the growing season.

Nicky's Nursery...Nicky's Mail Order Seeds over 100 herbs by seed, secure shopping, for
flower, wild flower species and mixtures, herbs and vegetable seed, large
online catalogue with cultural information, flower seed sowing calendar.

Park Seed
... flower seeds -- meticulously chosen seed varieties from around the world ... vegetables -- the tastiest vegetables on the web, or anywhere else ... plants -- peerless ornamental plants for your home, business or institution ... bulbs -- beautiful flowering specimens from Holland and throughout the world

Renee’s Garden, . The very best seed varieties chosen by and for gardeners. WHOLESALE 

grndot.gif (211 bytes)Richter's Growing herbs since 1969.   Extensive color catalog.

SBE's Seed Catalog ... seeds ... seeds ... seeds

The Victory Seed Company ... a family owned and operated small packet seed company ... they strive to provide their gardening friends with high quality, open-pollinated varieties of herb and vegetable seeds