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Herbs for Health

Apollo Herbs,  Apollo Herbs is a business dedicated to the art & science of herbal medicine. By growing, harvesting, & extracting healing plants, we seek to provide the community with the highest quality herbal products available. Apollo Herbs offers tinctures, oils, salves, syrups and natural bodycare products.  All of our products are made in small batches using the highest quality organically grown or wild ethically-harvested plants available. Apollo Herbs are skillfully formulated and produced by botanist and pharmacognosist, Michael Ford, M.S. In addition to manufacturing excellent products, it is also our goal to provide quality herbal education to the community.  We offer apprentice programs- levels I & II, advanced herbal studies, seminars and herbal consulting for both industry and individual clients.    WHOLESALE/retail.

Blessed Maine Herb Co  Teas, extracts, massage oils, salves, body care,  all made from certified organic or wild gathered herbs.  Catalog available, classes, apprenticeships. 

Desert Herbals..Complete line of Herbal Formulas and Protocols originally derived from the renowned Native American herbalist and physician, Tieraona Low Dog MD . Selling direct to the public and wholesale to Health Stores and Heath Practitioners with the best pricing and higher specifications than most of our competitors. The formulas are backed though over 15 years of clinical experience. All our formulas use the finest organic or wild crafted ingredients and the products are correctly dosed according to the latest scientific research. Materia Medica's Professional line is known for their custom blending of complex formulas made to order by Doctors for their  patients. We also carry one of the largest selections of fine Aromatherapy Oils.View the complete Catalog of Herbal Formulas, Teas ,Essential Oils,Salves ,Creams on line

Dragonmarsh, ... We have moved to a larger facility! Retail/WHOLESALE: bulk herbs; potpourri; medicinal products; teas; essential oils; herb blends; Chinese herbs; apothecary supplies; herbal and gardening books; hard-to-find cooking spices and extracts; historical herbal blends; Native American herbs; spinning, weaving & fiber dyes.  Long SASE for mail order price list.  

Earth Elders...Earth Elders is dedicated to helping people reconnect with the Earth. As an herbalist and a naturalist, my specialty lies in the local plants, both native and introduced species. Many of the so-called "weeds" are actually useful herbs that have been waiting a long time to be remembered and honored through their use. 

EarthWays ... a premium line of herbal and essential oil topicals ... practical herbal information
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Elementals Herbs LLC, .....   Elementals Herbs is a community resource for customized herb formulas including medicinal herb teas that are available at retail store in NY, MA and CT.  Pam Leahy, owner, is a medical herbalist and maintains a clinical practice in classical Chinese herbology and nutrition at The Healthy Living Center in Norwalk, CT.  Pam lectures in the tri-state area at colleges, health care institutions and the Oxford Health Insurance Company in NYC.  She is a primary instructor in a one year certification program for health care practitioners in Chinese Herbology offered at Norwalk Community College and The Open Center in NYC.  WHOLESALE customer herb formulas for health-care practitioners. 

Elk Mountain Herbs....
Specializing in medicinal tinctures and teas made from hearty Wyoming plants, wildcrafted and organically grown.  Also provide salves, liniments and flower oils.  Retail/WHOLESALE: bulk herbs; tinctures. Everything is wildcrafted.  Price list available.  

Fibrofree...This program deals directly with the causes of the Fibromyalgia syndrome instead of covering up the symptoms. With six all-natural products, all taken in three stages, it boosts your immune system's ability to function, decreases muscle and joint pain, promotes restful sleep, and improves your heart and circulatory function.

God’s Green Earth, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Stevia, Trace Minerals, Natural Shampoo, Aluminum Free Deodorant, Fluoride Free Toothpaste, Skin Treatment,  and so much more at your finger tips. God's Green Earth brings quality health supplements to your door!  

God’s Herbs, High quality botanical formulas for Detoxification and Tissue Regeneration. 

grndot.gif (211 bytes)Herbally Yours, Cameron Richards, 110-64 Queens Blvd #505, Forest Hills, NY 11375-6347; 718-415-2971; FAX: 888-205-2971; email:    URL: www.herballyours.com  HerballYours is wellness tea and an online herbal company based in Forest Hils, NY.  We're a small family run business that pride ourselves in excellent customer service along with quality products.  We strive to bring you products that we swear by because we don't just sell these products but members of our family are also users.  Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.  We hand blend and custom craft the world's finest teas and botanicals.  Our teas are carefully selected directly from the growers, each one offering a unique story.  We want each customer to feel welcome at HerballYours! We truly want your experience with us to be result driven and educational.  We are dedicated to helping our customers make informed decisions about our wellness teas and to ensure tat you are 100% confident in us.  Our first responsibility is to provide high quality products that you can trust.  We love happy customers, and we haven't found a better way to accomplish this than to start off with guaranteeing that you'll receive great teas to help with your conditions.
         We sincerely thank you for visiting our website and inquiring about our company.  We hope that you give us the opportunity to impress you with our products.  Any questions please contact us at 718-412-725. 

Herbs from the Labyrinth LLC,  A small, woman-owned herb garden and herbal products business in southeastern Pennsylvania.  All of the herbs in my garden are lovingly tended with guidance from plant and spirit allies, using organic methods, and are harvested by hand.  A few herbs are wildcrafted with integrity.  A few others are purchased from reliable organic sources.  All of the herbal body-care products, herbal healthcare and wellness products, and herbal ceremonial products are made by hand and in small batches, with an awareness of lunar and seasonal cycles.    

Lily's Garden,  Holistic Health Consultations. Offering herbal and nutritional consultations for chronic or acute health concerns in the  Western herbal tradition.  Phone consultations are also offered.  Lily's Garden Herbal Products for better health-aromatherapy products, cleaning products,  herbal tinctures and teas.  Visit the Lily's Garden website for details.

Living Earth Herbs ...Owned and operated by herbalists, Living Earth Herbs carries a full line of tinctures, organic and ethically wildcrafted bulk herbs, essential oils, and more.  We are dedicated to providing quality natural healthcare, educational opportunities, and sound advice to our community.  Also available for private herbal wellness consultations!

Majesticearth-minerals.com  This site features organic colloidal  mineral supplements from Dr. Joel Wallach, author of the famous "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" audio tape.  

Mama Priestess Herbals...(also known as Green Delight Apothecary) is a home-based, woman owned and run herbal business. We produce all of our own extracts from our organic garden in new Brunswick, NJ. Ae also produce delicious and beneficial herbal beverage (tea) blends, as well as soaps, oils and incense.

More Of Everything ... distributes a full line of nutritional and health care products ... they believe in using natural resources to provide a healthier and stronger life and provide everything from A to Zinc ... they welcome all communication and have a commitment to quality products and excellent customer relations

Mountain Rose Herbs The Catalogue of Herbal Delights since 1987. Large selection of organically grown herbs and tea blends; supplies for herbalists including beeswax, clay, oils, bottles, jars and bags.  Aromatherapy-quality essential oils; medicinal herb seeds; handcrafted herbal products for bath, body and hair including lotion, massage oils, bath salts, body powders and toothpowder; medicinal extracts, salves and oils; special herbal products for women, children and their animal companions; unique gift items, books, candles, herbal tools and much more! 

Natural Medicinals, Ronnie Taylor, PO Box 760, Felda, FL 33930; 863-674-1499; FAX: 863-675-2448; email: palmetto@strato.net   Location:  450 Church Rd..  Bulk botanicals and essential oils.  Saw palmetto our specialty.  As a grower we can provide  CO2 and ethanol oils and powder of saw palmetto in bulk.  

grndot.gif (211 bytes)Ojibwa Tea of Life,  and www.holisticoptions.com Ojibwa Tea of Life™: Primary supplier of “essiac” (Native American remedy), in the form of (Traditional) Ojibwa Tea of Life Herbal Formula, Ojibwa Tea of Life Tincture, Ojibwa Native Healing Balm (slave), Ojibwa Native Healing Soap, Bloodroot Tincture.  Additional Holistic Health Products offered. Custom formulations available.  Product may be used for pets.
             YAMOA Powder/Capsule.  Nature’s Gift for Relief of Asthma and Respiratory Conditions.  We are Importer/US Distributor for YAMOA, available WHOLESALE/retail. Product may be used for pets.   

O’Malley & Potter,  Do You Hurt? Try this...All-natural aroma-therapy products formulated and made by me, Claudia O'Malley (ex-victim of fibromyalgia -- read my “short” and “long” stories written within our newly-revised web site). We now make products that may help pain and symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, stress, injuries, eczema, colds, flu, allergies dry/cracked skin, bug bites and much more. Visit our web site for detailed information.

Stony Mountain Botanicals ... products for health, beauty and good living ... over 300 bulk herbs & spices, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and select books ... special emphasis on the health care needs of women and children ... don't miss the free recipes for making herbal preparations and natural cosmetics

Taos Herb Co... We have been in business since 1981. We retail and WHOLESALE our own line of herbal extracts & extract combinations and wild craft many local plants. We are a family run operation and are incorporated. In our retail store we carry commercial bulk herbs, wild local bulk herbs, herb capsules, extracts, essential oils, salves, aromatherapy, natural cosmetics, vitamins & supplements, packaged teas, books, and posters. We have a growing mail order business. Our catalog is currently being available for $2

Two Ravens Herbals....Two Ravens Herbals is dedicated to bringing you quality handcrafted herbal products, as well as bulk herbs, both fresh and dried.  Our products are made with herbs almost exclusively ethically wildcrafted or organically grown by us.  Our company is small enough to ensure that we have our hands into every step of the way;  from planting our own seeds to harvesting, processing, and formulating our own herbs.  We have a full line of tinctures, salves, oils, lotions and other body care products, herbal tea blends, along with high quality fresh and freshly dried bulk herbs.  We are available to lead herb walks, workshops, and herbal talks.  Work-study program available.  Free mail-order catalogue.  WHOLESALE and retail.