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Herbalists' Supplies/Services


grndot.gif (211 bytes)Dorothy Biddle Service, L WHOLESALE/retail: Flower arranging equipment, cutting tools; gardening accessories. A family business since 1936. 

Lavender Lane, Turkey Red Oil, perfume base, soap making kits, vinegar bottles, syrup, spice, dressing, cream/salve, canning jars, lip balm jars, plastic squeeze bottles & containers, empty tea bags, glass vials, fancy perfume bottles, fine mist sprayers, essential & fragrance oils, how-to-books, more.  And "Potpourri Magic", the allergy-free orris root alternative for long lasting scents, emulsifying wax, Cobalt Blue bottles, Kaolin (China clay).  Mail order catalog $2, outside US $4.

Longevity Herb Company, Herb Tincture Presses - all original designs - from $28 to $788 handling up to 1.4 gallons of marc with 285-318 pounds per square inch of pressure. Easy to operate, all stainless herb contacts, and easy cleanup with smooth powder coated surfaces. Our customer service works with you to ensure that you are pleased with your press.

grndot.gif (211 bytes)Roth Glass Company Inc., Diane Roth-Chatham, 171 Steuben Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15220; 412-921-2095; FAX: 412-921-8003;email: Rothglass@aol.com Manufacturers of glass dropper assemblies since 1928. We cater to the smaller and medium size accounts. Very low minimums, low pricing on droppers(glass & plastic), amber and blue tincture bottles, vials, caps. WHOLESALE