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This is just the beginning of HerbNET's SOURCE list -- we'll keep adding more herbs and sources.
These businesses offer retail for sure and some offer wholesale pricing.

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Crimson Sage Nursery
5.  Well-Sweep Herb Farm
6.  Companion Plants
7.  Herbal Advantage

Genus Species Common Name Bulk Oils Plants Seeds
Ballota pseudodictamnus False Dittany        
Barbarea verna          
Belamcanda chinensis Leopard Flower, She-Gan, Blackberry Lily     2,  
Berberis vulgaris Barberry        
Berlanderia lyrata Chocolate Daisy        
Bidens pilosa Bur Marigold     2  
Borago officialis Borage        
Boswellia sp. Frankincense 6 6    
Brassica nigra Black Mustard        
Bryonia dioica White Bryony     2  
Buddleia alternifolia Fountain Bush        
asiatica Winter Flowering Lilac        
crispa Himalayan Butterfly        
davidii cv. Black Knight Butterfly        
davidii cv. Dwarf Blue Butterfly        
davidii cv. Golden Butterfly Bush        
davidii cv. Pink Butterfly Bush        
davidii cv. Royal Blue        
davidii cv. Royal Red        
davidii cv. Twilight        
davidii cv. Harlequin        
davidii cv. White Profusion