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Genus Species Common Name Bulk Oils Plants Seeds
Ocimum americanum         4
basilicum Basil; Sweet Basil 6 3,6,7 1  
basilicum Anise          
basilicum crispum Cinnamon Basil       4,8
basilicum Citriodora Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil     1 4,8
basilicum cv. Greek Basil        
basilicum cv. Painted Basil        
basilicum Genovese        1 4
basilicum Italian large leaf Large Sweet Italian Basil       4,8
basilicum Mammoth         4
basilicum minimum Spicy globe         4
basilicum Osmin Purple         4
basilicum Purple Ruffles        1 4
basilicum purpurescens cv. Red Rubin Basil        
basilicum Rubin         4
basilicum Sweet Thai         4
basilicum Thai 'Siam Queen'        1 4
gratissimum Clove Basil, East Indian      1  
horapha v. Hun Que       8
kilimandscharicum Kilimanjaro Basil, African Blue Basil     1, 2  
officinalis Sweet Basil 5      
tennuifloum (formerly sanctum) Holy Basil, Kaprao, Tulsi     1, 2 4,8
Oenothera biennis Evening Primrose       4,8
biennis 'Saguin' Evening Primrose     2  
Origanum cv. Mounding Marjoram        
cv. saso Dwarf Pink        
dictamnus Dittany        
laevigatum Hopley's Purple        
laevigatum cv. Herrenhausen        
libanoticum Pulchellum        
majorana Sweet Marjoram     1 4
x majoricum Oregano, Turkish     1  
maru Syrian Oregano        
onites Cretan Oregano     1  
rotundifolium. cv. Green Flowering        
rotundifolium cv. Kent Beauty        
rotundifolium. x dictamnus Woolly        
sipyleum Showy Pink Oregano        
sp. Greek         4
sp. Italian Oregano 6    1  
syriacum Syrian Oregano, Za'atar, Bible Hyssop     1  
tyttanthum Khirgizstan        
vulgare Marjoram, Oregano 6 6   4,8
vulgare aureum Creeping Golden        
vulgare hirtum Greek     1  
vulgare humile Creeping